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Brazilia Slot Machines

Brazilia is a 5 reel, 30 pay line slot machine that was developed by High 5 Games and is licensed by IGT.

Despite what the name suggests, Brazilia isn’t one of the multiple slots that deals with Brazil and its famed carnivals. Instead, this is a fantasy themed slot that takes you inside of abeautiful palace.

It’s not immediately clear what’s going in the palace, whether it’s a suave prince trying to woo over one of the beautiful princesses, or if the prince is holding these ladies captive – he doeslook somewhat evil.

No matter the case, this is another original slot machine from High 5 with an interesting atmosphere.

Let’s cover this atmosphere below along with Brazilia’s animations, symbols, graphics, and bonuses. We’ll also discuss how Brazilia compares to a couple of other High 5 fantasy themed slots.

Brazilia Slot Machines Overview

Atmosphere / Background

The background of this game takes you inside a luxurious palace, where you look through columns to the beautiful mountain scenery below. You’ll also see trees towards the top of the screen, whichcomplete the picturesque view.

One aspect we like is that some of the symbols are transparent, allowing you to get a better glimpse of the mountains and sky. The columns frame the reels and do a nice job of using thebackground artwork to support the gameplay.

Music and Sound Effects

The music that plays when you spin the reels is a generic tune that High 5 uses in many of its slots.

When you form winning payouts with character symbols, you’ll hear various high energy tunes, depending upon which character is involved.

Music plays throughout the duration of free spins, but it doesn’t fit the theme. Instead, the music sounds more like it could be from a circus or game show slot machine.


This game offers several animations during winning payouts, most of which consist of the background moving behind characters when they form wins.

These animations include: the prince’s castle background spinning around, the game icon flipping over to reveal that it’s wild, the snake darting its tongue out, the golden bird amulet raisingits head, the blue butterfly lighting up, a fire burning behind the blue princess, wind blowing in front of the purple princess, a waterfall rushing behind the green princess, and coins shootingout from the bottom of the reels during big wins.

Brazilia Pay Table and Graphics

Brazilia features single and double symbols, with the latter counting for two symbols in a single space. Due to the double symbols, some of the icons offer 8 payouts.

Here’s a closer look at this game’s symbols and payouts:

  • Brazilia Icon Wild

    The game icon is wild and substitutes for all symbols to form winning payouts. The Brazilia icon also pays 1,000 credits for 5 symbols, 250 for 4 symbols, 50 for 3, and 15 for 2.

  • Waterfall Bonus

    Appearing only on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5, the waterfall triggers free spins when it appears 5 or more times anywhere on the reels. Getting 5 waterfalls in one spin might sound hard, but thedouble waterfalls help in this matter.

  • Purple Princess

    This princess pays 300 credits for 10 symbols, 150 for 9 symbols, 50 for 8 symbols, 30 for 7 symbols, 15 for 6 symbols, 12 for 5 symbols, 10 for 4, and 8 for 3.

  • Prince

    The prince pays 250 credits for 10 symbols, 125 for 9 symbols, 40 for 8 symbols, 20 for 7 symbols, 15 for 6 symbols, 10 for 5 symbols, 8 for 4, and 6 for 3.

  • Blue princess, Green Princess

    These two princesses pay the same, offering 175 credits for 10 symbols, 100 for 9 symbols, 30 for 8 symbols, 18 for 7 symbols, 12 for 6 symbols, 9 for 5 symbols, 8 for 4, and 5 for 3.

  • Snake, Bird Amulet, Blue Butterfly

    These three symbols pay 10 credits for 5 symbols, 6 for 4, and 4 for 3.

  • A, K, Q

    These three letters offer 8 credits for 5 symbols, 5 for 4, and 3 for 3.

Symbol Graphics

All of the main symbols are high quality and mesh well with the background graphics. The best looking symbols include the prince, all three princesses, game icon, bird amulet, and blue butterfly.

What’s interesting about the character symbols is that they all feature their own background. We assume that the backgrounds represent the land where each main character comes from.

Brazilia Slot Bonus Features

The only true bonus in Brazilia is free spins, but this game also features stacked symbols and Super Stacks. Here’s a brief look at the free games and stacked features.

Free Spins

The bonus is triggered whenever you get 5 or more waterfalls anywhere on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5.

5 waterfalls award you 5 free spins, 6 symbols award 7 spins, 7 symbols award 10 spins, and 8 symbols or more award 15 free games.

When the free spins start, the screen turns to nighttime and you’ll hear music playing while you spin the reels. We’ve seen more impressive free spin theatrics in other High 5 slots, but at leastyou get to see another screen.

The big perk to these free spins is that every character appears as a double symbol. This differs from the main game, where characters appear as both single and double symbols.

Stacked Symbols

Any symbol in this game can appear stacked on the reels, which helps you form more frequent and bigger wins.

But do note that even with stacked symbols in adjacent reels, wins must start from the leftmost reel.

Super Stacks

If you get 3 or more stacked symbols in adjacent reels, beginning with the leftmost reel, you’ll form a Super Stack win.

When this happens, you get large payouts on multiple pay lines. You’ll also see a giant animation of the winning Super Stack symbol.

Betting Options

You can use 1, 5, 9, 15, or 30 pay lines on each spin. Your coin denomination can be adjusted from $0.01 to $10.00 per pay line.

This makes for a minimum bet of one cent and a max wager of $300.00 per spin. Given the wide betting range, Brazilia is a good game for both low and high rollers.

Other Options

You can use the auto play feature to automatically spin the reels with your preferred betting options for between 5 and 25 spins.

Another option is the ability to click the Replay button and re watch the previous spin. This is helpful if you hit a large payout and want to relive the moment a time or two.

Win Frequency

You’ll win often in Brazilia when you play 30 pay lines. Considering that it costs $0.30 to use all of the pay lines, we recommend that you do so because you’ll frequently get money back.

The stacked symbols are crucial to boosting the win frequency in this game, and you can usually expect one or more wins when getting a stacked symbol in the first reel.

We like how this game has stacked symbols, Super Stacks, and a wild symbol because this all combines to make for interesting payout possibilities on any spin.

You can also expect to trigger free spins more often than the average High 5 game. In fact, we triggered free games twice within 5 spins at one point.

Return to Player RTP

RTP for Brazilia is 94.9%, which is below average for an online slot.

The below average RTP surprises us because of how often you win in this game. Given the high win frequency, don’t let the 94.9% RTP scare you away from Brazilia.

But just know that your long term prospects of winning money aren’t as good as the win frequency would make it seem.

Game Rules

Brazilia’s rules are standard for a 5 reel slot, and you can see the main rules below:

  • Line wins only count in active pay lines.
  • All line wins must appear in adjacent reels and start with the leftmost reel.
  • Only the highest win is paid when two or more wins occur in the same pay line.
  • Wins are multiplied by the credits per line.
  • Free spins are played automatically, although you can speed them up by manually pushing the spin button.
  • Free games are played at the same credit size and number of pay lines as the triggering spin.

Comparison to Other Fantasy Slot Machines

Most of the slot machines designed by High 5 Games incorporate a fantasy element into the theme. High 5 has even produced other games that feature one guy surrounded by beautiful women, includingAncient Arcadia and Ravishing Beauties.

Below you can see how Brazilia compares to these online slots.

Ancient Arcadia

This 5 reel, 40 pay line slot is based on Greek Mythology and features one satyr along with 3 lovely ladies.

From the way things seem, the dashing satyr is trying to woo one of the young women. The concept looks and feels much like Brazilia, where a young prince is involved with three ladies.

The graphics and symbols also look similar to Brazilia, although we give the latter an edge here because it has a few more original symbols. We like Brazilia’s background better too since AncientArcadia merely features leaves and water behind the reels.

The only edge that Ancient Arcadia has is a Scatter Bucks feature, where different multiplier amounts appear as symbols and award you a prize based on your triggering bet. Ancient Arcadia alsooffers free spins as a bonus, just like Brazilia.

In comparison, we like Brazilia more because the graphics and background are better, but Ancient Arcadia does have the unique Scatter Bucks feature.

Ravishing Beauties

This 5 reel, 40 pay line slot revolves around a man who’s become the object of female monsters, including a vampire, werewolf, Bride of Frankenstein, and undead Cleopatra.

Ravishing Beauties features the best background when compared to Brazilia and Ancient Arcadia. You’ll see a spooky stone door along with torches and spider webs behind the reels.

An eerie sound plays whenever you spin the reels, which beats the generic tune offered in both Ancient Arcadia and Brazilia. We also like Ravishing Beauties’ graphics the best out of the three.

The only bonus in this game is free spins, which falls in line with Brazilia and Arcadia. But due to the stellar graphics, background, and music, we give Ravishing Beauties the edge over bothgames.


Brazilia is worth trying due to a few likeable aspects, including a unique theme, solid background, good graphics, and adequate features.

The theme is open to interpretation, but the jest is either a prince pursuing three women or vice versa. The palace background does a good job of supporting this theme while offering nicescenery.

The symbol graphics are high quality, and we especially like the detail in the four characters’ backgrounds.

As for the features, this game won’t blow you away with second screen bonuses and huge multipliers. But you can look forward to free spins, stacked symbols, and Super Stacks, which mean thatyou’re always in the hunt for a big payout.

One more thing to like about Brazilia is its high hit frequency, meaning you’ll be able to sustain your bankroll while playing.

The only downsides that we see to this game include below average RTP and that free games are the only bonus you can trigger.

But in the end, these downsides aren’t significant enough that you should steer clear of Brazilia. And while this game may not have features that’ll keep you playing for days, it’ll offer you acouple solid hours of entertainment.

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