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After Night Falls Slot Machines

Detective Rousseau is on the case. It’s late at night and the city is quiet … until his phone rings. Then Granny tells him she has been robbed. There are suspicious characters loitering aroundher apartment. And her cat is missing!  Our friendly neighborhood French detective heads out to keep an eye on things and to investigate the crime. If he is sharp he may notice the villainkeeps coming back for more loot.

After Night Falls is one of Betsoft’s more imaginative 3-D slot games. Released in 2012 it quickly caught the attention of slot gamers for its stylish animations, brilliant soundtrack, and theantics of Detective Rousseau and the other characters in the game.  He swears no one will make a monkey out of him but he has no problem applauding when the thief makes off with a bag ofloot every now and then.

There are faint echoes of the Pink Panther’s Inspector Clouseau in the loveable Rousseau. He wears a trench coat, sports an ornate mustache, and always seems to be doing the wrong thing at thewrong time. The music is a slinky jazz theme that could easily have been used in the soundtrack for one of the big budget crime comedy movies of the late 1950s or 1960s, the era when the original“Pink Panther” series first hit the silver screen.

You’ll become mesmerized by this game’s well-orchestrated 3-D graphics as much as by the soundtrack. Be careful, though, because you don’t want to let greed spin those wheels for you. Keep an eyeon your progress. It will take a while to hit all the cool features Betsoft packed into this game.

Rules of After Night Falls Slot Game

After Night Falls is a 5 reel, 3 row 3-D video slot game using 30 pay lines. All prizes pay from left to right and are multiplied by Bet Per Line, except for Scatter wins which pay for anycombination and pay in credits and/or free spins. This game also features Stacked Collapsing Wins. Whenever a symbol fills an entire reel a 3X credit payout is awarded for that symbol and thenthe two top tiles drop into the bottom tile, allowing 2 new symbols to drop in to place.

Wild Symbol

The Magnifying Glass symbol is a moving Wild. The symbol substitutes for all other paying symbols in the game except the Scatter.  When the Magnifying Glass appears it plays a brief videoshowing the Detective inspecting clues. The Magnifying Glass then leaps out of his hand and becomes larger. Whichever symbol is underneath it receives a temporary Wild label. More than oneMagnifying Glass can be active at a time.

In addition to the substitution the Magnifying Glass also moves left 1 position after each spin, awarding a free spin. You get a free spin after it moves off the playing reels area. So if theMagnifying Glass appears on reel 3 it acts as a Wild for that spin, then moves left and gives you another spin, acts as a Wild in the results, moves left and gives you another spin, acts as aWild in the results, then moves off the playing reels and gives you one last free spin.

Scatter Symbol

The Scatter symbol is a picture of a gloved hand grasping a case file on a desk. When 2 Scatters appear you are awarded 60 credits. When 3 or more Scatters appear you are awarded the creditsplus free spins. See below for details. The Scatter symbol plays a brief animation of the Detective picking up the telephone in his office when this symbol forms part of a winning combination.

The Criminal symbol triggers the 5 Rooms Click Me bonus game. See below for details.

Other Symbols in After Night Falls Slot Game

  • The Detective

    pays 250 times Bet Per Line for five of a kind, 100 times Bet Per Line for four of a kind, and 25 times Bet Per Line for three of a kind. The tile plays a brief animation where the Detectivepokes his head out of Granny’s window when this symbol forms part of a winning combination.

  • The Alley Cat

    pays 150 times Bet Per Line for five of a kind, 50 times Bet Per Line for four of a kind, and 20 times Bet Per Line for three of a kind. The tile plays an animation showing the cat jumping upon top of a trash can when this symbol forms part of a winning combination.

  • Granny’s Jewelry Box

    pays 100 times Bet Per Line for five of a kind, 40 times Bet Per Line for four of a kind, and 15 times Bet Per Line for three of a kind. The tile plays a brief animation showing the Criminalabout to steal the jewelry when this symbol forms part of a winning combination.

  • The Security Camera

    pays 50 times Bet Per Line for five of a kind, 25 times Bet Per Line for four of a kind, and 10 times Bet Per Line for three of a kind. The tile plays an animation showing the Criminalspraying the camera lens with paint when this symbol forms part of a winning combination.

  • Granny’s Television Set

    pays 25 times Bet Per Line for five of a kind, 10 times Bet Per Line for four of a kind, and 5 times Bet Per Line for three of a kind. The tile plays a brief animation showing Grannyadjusting the television set when this symbol forms part of a winning combination.

  • The Bag of Loot

    pays 25 times Bet Per Line for five of a kind, 10 times Bet Per Line for four of a kind, and 2 times Bet Per Line for three of a kind. The tile plays an animation of the Criminal stealing theloot from Granny.

How to Play After Night Falls Slot Game

There are two game controls at the top of the screen. However, the betting controls are all positioned below the playing reels area.

The “Options” button in the upper left hand corner of the screen activates the Game Settings window. Here you can adjust slider controls for Game Audio (On / Off), Turbobplay (On / Off), DisableExpandicon animations (On / Off), Skip Splash Screen when you load the game (On / Off), and Quality (High / Medium / Low).

The “View Pays” button activates the help screens for the pay table subsystem. There are five screens in all.  Use the “Next” and “Prev” buttons to slide from screen to screen.  Clickon “Return to Game” when you are done browsing the pay table screens. You can also turn the sound on or off by clicking on a control in the upper right hand corner.

There are 15 knobs running down both sides of the playing reels area. These are anchor points for the pay line highlights. You see the highlights when a winning combination appears on a pay lineor when you adjust the number of active pay lines.

Betting Controls

The betting controls are arranged on a transparent dashboard running across the bottom of the screen. The widgets are cleverly attached to various objects on the game’s background screen.

  • Double Up

    activates the “Double or Nothing” game. This control only becomes active after any paid spin where you win a prize. The control is positioned on the back side of the Criminal’s van. Clickon the words “Double Up” to activate the game. See below for details.

  • The Choose Coin widget

    cycles through all the available coin values for the game. They range from 0.02 to 1.00. The widget wraps around from 1.00 to 0.02 so just continue clicking until you find a coin value youlike. This widget is positioned on a saw horse sitting on the sidewalk beside the Criminal’s van.

  • The Pay Lines widget

    is positioned on the building wall just above the sidewalk. It shows you in large digits how many pay lines are active. You use the Minus and Plus buttons to adjust the number of active paylines. As you click on this widget the playing reels area is painted with highlight lines showing you which pay lines you are activating or de-activating.

  • The Bet Per Line widget

    is positioned above a trash can and lids sitting on the sidewalk. Use the Minus and Plus buttons to adjust the number of coins you wager per line on each paid spin. Values range from 1 to5, and they are displayed as large digits atop the widget.

  • The Total Bet widget

    displays the maximum number of Coins you wager per spin (active pay lines times bet per line). This may be confusing to some players because adjusting the Coin value does not affect thenumber shown for Total Bet.

  • The Spin and Bet Max Spin buttons

    are both positioned on the green trash dumpster. Click on Spin to initiate one paid spin at the current number of active pay lines and Bet Per Line settings. Click on Bet Max Spin to setthe number of active pay lines to 30, the number of coins Bet Per Line to 5, and to initiate 1 paid spin.

  • The Auto Play button

    is located in the far right corner by the Detective’s feet. Click on this button to activate a dialog with controls for setting the number of lines, coin value, bet per line, and number ofspins to be automatically played for you. Click on “Okay!” to initiate the automatic spins. The game continues spinning the reels for you until you win a bonus, you interrupt the spins, youexit the game, the last scheduled spin plays, or your available balance drops below the value of Total Bet times Coin value. You can click on “Cancel” to exit the Auto Play screen if youdon’t want to use this option.

How the After Night Falls 5 Doors Pick Me Bonus Game Works

When 3 or more Criminal symbols appear this game is triggered. The Criminal tiles play a brief animation showing him climbing onto the fire escape outside of Granny’s apartment.

The bonus begins with a short full screen animation that shows the Criminal on the rooftop of Granny’s building. He throws a bottle to distract the Detective, who runs after it to investigate thenoise.

The Criminal then jumps down to the fire escape outside Granny’s window. Five doors beneath him become active.

You click on a door to find a prize, which the Criminal takes as loot. He jumps down, opens the door you click on, and robs the apartment. Then he returns to the fire escape.

You continue either until you have click on all the available doors or you see a “Collect” after the Criminal opens a door.

Upon finding a “Collect” the Criminal makes his escape and the Detective returns to his position outside the building.

How the After Night Falls Free Spins Bonus Game Works

When three or more Case File Scatter symbols appear the free spins game is triggered. You are awarded 60 credits plus a certain number of games based on how many tiles triggered the bonus. Oneach spin a random multiplier adjusts your prizes by 2 to 10 times their normal amounts. The multiplier spins for each free game.

You are taken to the Detective’s office where he sits resting behind his desk. The game multiplier sits on a stack of files on the left side of the screen. The free spins counter sits on theDetective’s desk on the right side of the screen. The playing reels are mounted on the wall behind his desk. This game uses its own set of reels because at the very least Granny does not appearon them.

  • Five Scatter symbols award 25 free spins.
  • Four Scatter symbols award 15 free spins.
  • Three Scatter symbols award 10 free spins.

How the After Night Falls Granny Pick Bonus Game Works

When Granny’s symbol appears on reels 1, 3, and 5 she smiles and looks expectantly for the Detective. You are then taken to a short video where he pounds on the door to her apartment and shecomes out to welcome him.

The game begins when the Detective enters the apartment. You are shown a list of six places where you can have him look for clues. Each location reveals a prize.

You choose up to three places to search for clues. Prizes can be moderate to substantial, adjusted for number of coins per bet.


This is an amazing game for 2012. Although a lot of 3-D slots were released that year After Night Falls stands out because you can piece together an entire story from the game’s elements. TheDetective is looking for a burglar in his precinct. He gets a break when Granny calls to report a suspicious character in her neighborhood. The Detective takes up station outside her apartment towait for the crime spree to begin. Only random chance determines if the Criminal (and you) will make off with a lot of loot.

While you spin the reels the Criminal occasionally slinks around the van looking for an opportunity to get to work. The Detective occasionally catches a glimpse of him but does not give chase. Hespends his time wistfully playing with the cat, standing lost in thought, or picking up his police radio whenever he drops it. He watches the reels spin with you and applauds when you win a goodprize.

The incidental sound effects are a little less than amazing. The reels click and clatter almost as if an old 8 mm film projector were spinning. The tiles for the game symbols do seem to slightlyresemble film cells but the resemblance is either coincidental or simply not well developed.

The game’s information bar sits between the playing reels and the betting controls. It’s easy to read but the values change whenever you adjust the Coin, Paylines or Bet Per Line widgets. You maybecome confused on just how much money you really have left. Set the Coin value to 1.00 to see your “full dollar” credits but remember you’ll be betting 30 dollars (times Bet Per Line) per spin.The information display could be optimized better.

The theoretical return to player is 97.27%, which is very good for a slot game, even the online slots that tend to have better RTP than land-based slot games.  But the bonus games are fewand far between. Based on limited play we found you’re most likely to see the Magnifying Glass appear. The Criminal edges out Granny and the Detective for frequency of occurrence but this is aslightly stingy game.

Our Thoughts:

There is nothing wrong with stinginess. It makes the bonus rounds more desirable. At the same time if you want to increase the risk you can use the Double Up feature whenever you win, but witha 50 / 50 chance of being correct you’re really better off just spinning the reels.

Moderate bets may be acceptable if you have a sizeable bankroll. Aggressive betting is not recommended unless you have a lot of money. Maximum bet is $150 per spin. This game is designedfor relaxed, patient players who are willing to wait for the good things but if you play conservatively your money should last a while.

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