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50 Lions Slot Game Review

Aristocrat Leisure Limited was founded in 1953 in Australia.

The company soon began distributing slot machine games to the Australian market and by the 1970s had established itself as one of the world’s leading slot game designers and manufacturers.

In 2003 the company released a new type of slot machine, one with 50 pay lines.

The first game in the series was the now-venerable 50 Lions.

Background of the Game

Adopting an African theme, the game features super stacks of the iconic lions. By 2004 the game was popular in casinos around the world and players often kept an eye open for a 50 Lions machinethat was not being played.

African motifs are popular in art and music but only a sporadic basis. For example, Paul Simon featured African music and performers on his Graceland album and tour but despite the album’s hugesuccess none of the performers were able to springboard into international acclaim from the exposure.

The film industry has been more successful at building international interest in Africa. Audiences around the world have been entertained by movies featuring incredible footage of animalscharging across the savannas and through the jungles of the African continent. And there are a few iconic images of African sunsets that reappear in pop art.

50 Lions Theme

One such image made its way into the 50 Lions game. Aristocrat included a symbol based on the African Acacia tree which often grows in isolation in the open grasslands. The tree is framed by anoversized sunset.

The sunset motif serves as a pallet for the game’s soft graphics. The backdrop display features silhouettes of African elephants and several giraffes moving toward each against a colorful eveningsky richly painted with orange and red pastels.  The color pattern is repeated in a rainbow-like screen behind the playing area. The soft pastels fade into a dark area at the bottom of thescreen. The whole effect is soothing and calming.

Lions, of course, are anything but soothing or calming when people confront them. Although we often see lions depicted as resting or sitting in the movies, Aristocrat chose an in-tile animationof a lion charging through the grass toward the player. This imagery is exciting and chosen to enhance your excitement when the game pays a lion prize.

The game also features ambient background sounds that make you feel like you are in a casino where people are playing various games of chance. This is an unusual ambient sound selection but itadds to the general entertainment quality of playing a slot machine game when you know there are people all around you also enjoying the games.

Since 2011 slots enthusiasts have been able to enjoy Aristocrat games online, including 50 Lions. The remaining part of this review is for the online version of the game.

Rules of the 50 Lions Slot Game

50 Lions is 5-reel, 4-row video slot machine game that pays all prizes from left to right, including the scatter bonus wins. The game has three special symbols: the stacked Lion, the Wild (adiamond), and the Scatter (a protea flower blossom). Winning combinations must appear on an active pay line, except for Scatter combinations, which pay regardless of how many lines are active.Prizes are computed by multiplying combination credits times bet per line, except for Scatter wins, which are multiplied by total bet.

The Lion symbol sometimes scrolls down in a stack on any of the five reels. Although rare it is possible that the game will fill up the screen with stacked Lions. Five of a kind on a pay lineawards a prize of 1000 times bet per line. Note that there are no vertical pay lines so you don’t win anything if four Lions scroll down on any reel. Nor are the Lion symbols wild. Four of a kindpays 200 times bet per line, three of a kind pays 40 times bet per line, and two of a kind pays 10 times bet per line.

Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol (the Diamond) substitutes for all other symbols in the game except the Scatter symbols. The Diamond only appears on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5. During the Free Spins bonus game anadditional diamond symbol is added to each reel. That just means you are more likely to see diamonds during the Free Spins.

Scatter Symbol

The Protea flower blossom is the game’s Scatter symbol. You need three to trigger a Free Spins bonus game and only three pay a prize: four times your Total Bet. The Scatter symbols only appear onreels 1, 2, and 3.

Other Symbols in the 50 Lions Slot Game

The remaining symbols in the game are divided into high value, mid value, and low value groups. The two high value symbols pay prizes for two of a kind. The remaining symbols only pay prizes forthree of a kind or more. These symbols do not stack so you won’t see a screen full of anything other than lions.

The Zebra and Giraffe pay a maximum of 500 times bet per line for five of a kind. Four of a kind awards a prize of 150 times bet per line, three of a kind awards a prize of 40 times bet per line,and two of a kind awards a prize of 4 times bet per line.

The Singing Girls symbol and the Acacia Tree symbol both pay 400 times bet per line for five of a kind, 100 times bet per line for four of a kind, and 20 times bet per line for three of a kind.

Among the low value symbols the “A” and “K” both pay 400 times bet per line for five of a kind but their four of a kind drops to 50 times bet per line. The remaining symbols (“Q”, “J”, “10”, and“9”) pay a maximum of 200 times bet per line for five of a kind.

The “A”, “K”, “Q”, and “J” symbols have flourishes on them. If you look closely you will see that an emerald has been added to the “A” symbol’s tiles, both the “K” and “Q” are wearing crowns, andthe “J” carries a shield. Although these flourishes have no special significance for the game they do make the traditional “playing card” symbols more interesting.

How to Play the 50 Lions Slot Game

50 Lions is so named because it uses fifty configurable pay lines. There are numbered, color-coded bulbs lining the playing reels area, 25 per side. These bulbs are lit when their correspondingpay lines are active and they also connect to the lines that illustrate where prizes have been awarded after a spin.

All of the game’s controls, however, are positioned below the playing reels area. The Lines widget controls how many pay lines are active. By clicking on the plus or minus button you activate ordeactivate 10 pay lines at a time.

The Bet Per Line widget also uses plus and minus buttons to scroll through the available values, which are

  • $0.01
  • $0.02
  • $0.05
  • $0.10
  • $0.25
  • $0.50
  • $0.75
  • $1.00
  • $1.25
  • $1.50
  • $2.00
  • $2.50

The Total Bet widget multiplies the active pay lines by the bet per line to show you how much each spin will cost you.

The Win widget displays the total of the prizes awarded to you on the previous spin.

The Play control has an Auto widget attached to it. By clicking on the Plus and Minus buttons you can adjust how many spins the game will automatically play for you. Then just click on Play tostart the auto spinning. The game keeps playing until you win a bonus round, you exit the game, you interrupt the spins by clicking on the button again, or your available balance drops below thetotal amount of the bet. You can just click on the Play button to initiate a single spin, too.

You can see your available balance on an information bar below the game controls. The gear widget on the far right of the info bar brings up a menu for controlling game sounds or toggling on/offthe ability to use the space bar on your computer to initiate spins.

The Question Mark icon at the right-most position brings up the pay tables.

The Play button becomes a Stop button while the reels are spinning or the game is tallying up prizes. Use this to stop the animations. Clicking on the Stop button does not affect the outcome ofany game.

The game prompts you to begin the Free Spins round when you win a bonus game. A new set of reels is used but most of the symbols remain the same. You just get more Diamonds on reels 2 through 5,which increase your chances of winning prizes on every free spin. You can also retrigger the free spins one time and you’ll only receive five more spins.


It’s hard to say why this game remains popular. It has a non-descript free spin bonus feature that is nothing to write home about. The real excitement happens when you see the screen fill up withcharging lions. Then the prizes start adding up.

The ambient sounds can be a little nerve-wracking after a while. The ambient music is rather simple by today’s standards as well, given that it is all synthesized. A Big Win prize is accompaniedby a fully orchestrated synthesized piece that sounds like it was lifted from an amusement park arcade game.

Please Note:

When it comes to playing the game there is no strategy to speak of. You just click and watch the reels spin.

But if you feel like you are burning through your money you can adjust the amount of the bets you are making. It is better to reduce the coin value (bet per line) and leave the number of activepay lines at the maximum. That way when you get a stack of lions or multiple stacks you’ll get the full benefit of all those pay lines, and it can be substantial even on a small bet.

The “extra diamond per reel” rule for the bonus game is a bit misleading. Whereas in the regular game you see only one diamond symbol here and there in the bonus game you can get stacks of thediamonds, especially on the last two reels. It feels as though whoever wrote the rules for the pay tables screen was not aware of how the diamond symbols are used.  It is even possible tosee all four right reels fill up with diamonds.

The auto play feature is pretty intelligent. It doesn’t overwhelm you with options the way some games do and yet you can rest assured that if you get up and leave the game for a minute it won’ttake your balance all the way down to nothing. The way you ensure that is you look at the total bet and divided your balance by that. Only set as many auto spins as will leave you some money inthe worst-case scenario (you win nothing on every spin).

You can also reduce your bets to prevent the auto spins from depleting your balance.   The amount you bet has no effect on the outcome of any of these games. Nor do you need to bet aminimum amount in order to be eligible for a specific prize. For that reason alone the game’s simplicity appeals to people who don’t feel confident making large wagers on slot machines.



The super stack feature is a definite advantage with this game because when just reels 1 and 2 fill up with lions it doesn’t matter what the rest of the screen contains, you’re going to bepaid 50 prizes or 500 times your bet per line. That’s an amazing return for any slot machine considering just how few symbols you need to get that kind of prize. As you play the game you’llmore often see 1 or 2 lions on the first reel line up with 1 or 2 lions or diamonds on the 2nd reel but just knowing you can get a dozen or more prizes off such a small set ofsymbols does make the game very appealing.

50 Lions is not the most addicting slot you can play because sooner or later you will become bored just watching the reels spin even if you have been winning and your balance is high. This is agood “slow down” game where, when you feel like you have been emotionally wound up by more engaging games you just need a chance to sit and relax and let your mind melt. You can do that with 50Lions and not worry about how quickly you’ll lose your money. Just set the bet per line to 0.01, start 25 auto plays, and relax.

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