Warriors vs. Lakers – NBA Opening Night (Game 2)

| October 18, 2021 9:27 am PDT

The NBAs opening night continues after the Nets and Bucks game with the Warriors heading to LA to face the Lakers. This game is going to be another star filled game, as one of the best rivalries face off once more between Steph Curry and LeBron James.

The Lakers are coming into this game as the favorite to win the NBA Finals this season, and opening night will be our first look at their new lineup. The Warriors are looking to get back into their dominant form, but the return of Klay Thompson can’t come soon enough.

Let’s break down the odds, my pick for the game, and where you can bet along on the best betting sites for the NBA.

Odds for Warriors vs. Lakers

  • Golden State Warriors +4 (-110)
  • Los Angeles Lakers -4 (-110)
  • Warriors to Win (+150)
  • Lakers to Win (-170)
  • Over/Under 228.5 (-110)

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The Lakers open as favorites for this one and that is probably how it is going to be for the majority of their games. They come into this season with even more firepower than last year, with Russell Westbrook being their latest big addition. They also got a ton of depth over the offseason as well, which will help their league oldest roster get some rest and avoid injuries.

The Warriors will be without Klay Thompson for this one and possibly the majority of this season, so the burden falls to Steph Curry and the others.

Curry remains one if not the most dangerous scorer in the entire league, making him the key to the Warriors win or loss in their first game of the season and probably even the rest of the games. Curry will be complemented by Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins in the starting lineup, but the return of Thompson would make this team much better.

Sportsbooks are estimating this game to be around 112-116 in favor of the Lakers, bringing the point total to 228, which would be a higher scoring game compared to a typical game.

Why the Warriors Will Win

Steph Curry can drop 40 points in any game with ease. If the Lakers don’t have a strong gameplan to stop Curry, he can punish them big time. If Curry can have a big game, he can keep the Warriors in this one and potentially lead them to a win.

Another reason why the Warriors can win is if the Lakers can’t find their groove with their new lineup. Russell Westbrook is a different type of point guard that LeBron hasn’t really played with before. Westbrook demands a lot of the ball and isn’t a great 3 point shooter, which means him and LeBron might struggle with some chemistry on the offensive side.

The Lakers being older and filled with bigs in their lineup, the Warriors would be wise to play fast and create open looks for Curry and the rest of the team.

Why the Lakers Will Win

The key to the Lakers win would be shutting down Curry and their bigs dominating the paint. The Lakers can have a huge starting lineup with DeAndre Jordan/Dwight Howard at center, Anthony Davis at power forward, and LeBron James at small forward. The Warriors just do not have the size to match those three and they could be exploited for it.

The Lakers could dominate this game in the physical aspect and maybe tire out the Warriors shooters.

The Lakers also have a ton of bench depth now with their other additions over the offseason, so they can keep someone on Curry for every second that he is on the court. You have to be right in his face because he has unlimited range and can hit a three with inches of separation.

Even though Westbrook and LeBron may struggle to find a groove, this combo in transition can be absolutely electric. Both of them can attack the rim and posterize any defender that dares to step in their way. The Warriors not having a big solid defending big can mean easy buckets for the Lakers.

My Pick for Warriors vs. Lakers

I am very interested to see how Westbrook and LeBron will play together this season, and I am picking the Lakers (-170) to get a win on opening night. The Lakers will be at home and their fans will be excited to watch their team try and win another ring behind their powerful lineup. I think the spread is pretty reasonable at -4, but the money line is an even safer bet.

The Warriors will struggle to stop LeBron, Davis, and Westbrook if they attack the paint and play physically. Their top ranked defense last season will also make it hard for the Warriors to score a lot of points.

The Lakers have a significant size advantage in this one, so if they keep someone on Curry 24/7, they can start their season off on the right foot.

  • Lakers to Win
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