Top DFS Picks, Sleepers, and Lineup for USFL – Week 1, 2022

| April 15, 2022 3:33 pm PDT

The wait is finally over after 37 long years. The United States Football League (USFL) has made its official return and Week 1 is this weekend.

There is so much to be excited about for the new football league this year, as it fills the gap between the Super Bowl and the beginning of the NFL season. We are going to get a whole new football season between those times, with more football stars to watch and bet on.

With that being said, we need to make our DFS lineups for Week 1 of the USFL season. We have a breakdown of Saturday and Sunday’s slate with top picks, sleepers, and overall lineup for each. If you want to bet on this weekend’s games, be sure to check out my week 1 USFL betting picks. For now, let’s dive into this DFS slate.

Best USFL DFS Picks for Week One

First things first for our top USFL DFS picks, we want to make sure we are putting players in our lineup who have high chances of putting up big fantasy points.

We will be breaking down each slate individually including the one starting on Saturday and the other starting on Sunday. Let’s get right into each slate and the top picks.

Top Plays for Saturday

  • QB: Alex McGough (BHAM) $8.7k
  • RB: CJ Marable (BHAM) $5.4k
  • WR/TE: Victor Bolden Jr. (BHAM) $9.4k
  • DEF: Birmingham Stallions $3.8k

How about a clean sweep for all the top positions for the Birmingham Stallions? The Stallions are one of the top picks for the USFL games in Week One, and that translates to DFS.

No. 4 overall pick Ben Holmes (Generals) was going to be the starter for the game, but he broke his foot. That automatically changes the Generals offense for the worse.

McGough is the safer quarterback option than whoever New Jersey will start, so he seems like the must-have for Saturday’s game.

With the Stallions’ offense more likely to put up points, their entire offense could have an increased chance at scoring. That means Marable, Bolden, and Angeline could all get in the endzone in the opening game.

Top Plays for Sunday

  • QB: Jordan Ta’amu (TB) $10.4k
  • RB: Stevie Scott III (MICH) $7.4K
  • WR/TE: Shawn Poindexter (NO) $9.1k
  • DEF: Michigan Panthers $4.7k

Sunday’s slate has 3 games on the schedule, and there’s a lot more options here. First off is Jordan Ta’amu at the quarterback position. Ta’amu has a chance to be the best quarterback in the USFL with tons of big play potential.

He can be the Patrick Mahomes or Josh Allen of the USFL with his dual-threat ability, which makes him a lock for our top pick of Sunday’s slate.

I love the matchup for Michigan against the Houston Gamblers. Stevie Scott III could be in for a monster game and doesn’t come as expensive as other top options.

Shawn Poindexter’s 6’5 frame should mean a lot of red zone targets this year. He could be a threat to score 1-2 touchdowns per game, making him a great pick for Week 1.

Michigan is going to keep Houston off the field with their running game, which will force the Gambler’s offense to try and catch up quickly. Mistakes could be made and maybe a pick six or a ton of sacks could be in store for the Panthers.

USFL Sleepers for Week One

That brings us to our sleeper values for Week One. Sleepers are huge in DFS, as they allow you to afford those more expensive top options above, while also providing good fantasy points as well.

Top Values for Saturday

  • QB: De’Andre Johnson (NJ) $7.4k
  • RB: Darius Victor (NJ) $3.6k
  • WR/TE: Braedon Bowman (NJ) $3.1k
  • DEF: Birmingham Stallions $3.8k

For my top picks for Saturday’s slate I went with all Stallions. Now I’ll take basically all Generals for my sleeper picks.

De’Andre Johnson will be an incredible rushing quarterback, which is always great for fantasy. The biggest thing here is making sure he’s the one lining up under center.

General’s starting running back (Mike Weber) is always in danger of missing Week 1, so his backups make for great sleeper bets. You can go with Victor or Williams in this spot, or you can even go with both as they project to be very run heavy.

I can’t get away from Birmingham’s defense though, as the Generals’ offense could make tons of mistakes.

Top Values for Sunday

  • QB: Bryan Scott (PHI) $9.2k
  • RB: Jordan Ellis (NO) $4.8K
  • WR/TE: Devin Ross (MICH) $3.3k
  • DEF: Tampa Bay Bandits $4.1k

Sunday’s slate has a lot of interesting sleeper options as well. At quarterback, tons of people are going to run Ta’amu. You can pivot in another direction and go with a lesser owned quarterback in Bryan Scott.

He’s flying under the radar at the 4th most expensive quarterback, but his head coach (Bart Andrus) says he’s got potential to be a superstar.

Ellis comes at a very good price considering the Breakers backfield. He’s 5’11, 215 pounds, which means he could be their goalline back with heavy TD scoring chances.

My Favorite Week 1 USFL DFS Lineups

Now it’s time to plug in all of our top picks and sleeper picks into our official DFS lineup for the USFL’s Week One.

Feel free to mix this lineup around if you want. There could be someone on your radar that wasn’t talked about and could very well have a big day.

Free Lineup for Saturday’s Slate

  • QB – De’Andre Johnson (NJ) $7.4k
  • RB – Darius Victor (NJ) $3.6k
  • WR/TE – Victor Bolden Jr. (BHAM) $9.4k
  • WR/TE – KaVontae Turpin (NJ) $7.4k
  • FLEX – CJ Marable (BHAM) $5.4k
  • FLEX – Tony Brooks-James (BHAM) $6.3k
  • DEF – Birmingham Stallions $3.8k

We are probably going to have an unpopular lineup with this one, but that could give us the edge when it’s all said and done. Lots of people will have McGough, but Johnson should have a ton of value here with his rushing ability.

I also grabbed the top Birmingham weapons to combat not having McGough on my roster. As long as Bolden, Marable, and Brooks-James play a big role in their offense, I should be fine without McGough.

Turpin and Bolden could both be in for big plays with Johnson’s scramble ability. Of course, be sure that Johnson is the actual starter here.

Free Lineup for Sunday’s Slate

  • QB – Jordan Ta’amu (TB) $10.4k
  • RB – Stevie Scott III (MICH) $7.4k
  • WR/TE – Shawn Poindexter (NO) $9.1k
  • WR/TE – Rashard Davis (TB) $8.0k
  • FLEX – Garrett Groshek (PIT) $6.2k
  • FLEX – Devin Ross (MICH) $3.3k
  • DEF – Michigan Panthers $4.7k

A player like Devin Ross could be a very big reason why we can afford top options like Ta’amu and Poindexter. They might be popular plays, but they should both be in for big weeks to kick off the season.

We grabbed Davis as well, which would be great if he and Ta’amu hooked up for a touchdown. He projects as Ta’amu’s No. 1 receiving option for the Bandits.

Groshek seems like a great mid-range pick here too, as the head coach Kirby Wilson said the Maulers will rely on the run game in Week 1.

Be sure to check out our football betting guide and updated USFL Week One odds below for more.

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