Upset Picks for Week 7 of the 2021 NFL Season

| October 19, 2021 4:14 pm PDT

Upset picks are always difficult to predict and are often risky, but they still happen all the time. Picking the upset winner is always a great way to give a nice boost to your parlays or just to win some extra money. These teams all have decent shots to win their matchups, making for good upset bets.

Let’s break down the best upset pick for Week 7 of the NFL season with the odds courtesy of BetUS.

Indianapolis Colts (+165)

The Colts got off to a slow start to begin their season, losing 4 of their first 5 games. Their last 3 games however have been two wins and a near overtime loss to the Baltimore Ravens. They have been improving their level of play recently and they can upset the 49ers in Week 7. Here is the results from their past 3 games.

  • 27-17 – Win over Miami
  • 25-31 – Overtime Loss vs. Baltimore
  • 31-3 – Win Over Houston

The Colts have a strong run defense, which matches up well with the 49ers. If the Colts can limit the 49ers rushing attack and force their quarterback to throw, they can have a shot at winning this game.

Jimmy Garoppolo figures to be the starter for this game as he looks to be the healthiest of the two at this time. Kyle Shanahan also said he is the starter when healthy, so Trey Lance will be back on the bench when his health gets better as well.

The constant QB shuffling in San Francisco is not great for any offense. There might be some games where you do well, but if you can’t find a solid rhythm in your offense, you won’t win as many games as you’re supposed to.


Carson Wentz has struggled mightily with turnovers in the past couple years and that is a big reason why he has fallen off his level of play. This season, he has just one interception and two fumbles in 6 games. If the Colts can win in the trenches, they can beat the 49ers on Sunday Night Football.

Tennessee Titans (+175)

What an exciting Monday Night Football game between the Bills and the Titans? Derrick Henry steam rolled their defense, Julio Jones made a trademark insane catch, and A.J Brown finally had a good game despite battling an illness. This was what we were all envisioning when Julio Jones was traded over here, making the Titans a Super Bowl dark horse.

The Titans defense has not been their strong suit and this game came down to a 4th and 1 QB sneak that Josh Allen slipped on and their left tackle got blown up, narrowly saving the Titans but a win is a win.

This week will be an even bigger challenge for the Titans, as they take on Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs offense ranks 5th in points per game, but 1st in points per drive. They have been a little shaky, but they are still as explosive as ever and will be very difficult to stop.

The Chiefs have had a terrible season so far on the defensive side, making for another potential very high scoring game. Derrick Henry can have another monster game and carry the offense to another win against a Super Bowl contender in this one.


This game is going to come down to the Titans defense, like most games will. The Titans defense has not been good and you could make the argument that they got lucky in their last game when Josh Allen slipped. Nonetheless, every week is a new week and they could use that game as a confidence booster moving forward.

Miami Dolphins (+120)

Now after losing to the winless Jaguars in London last week, you probably are going to stay away from the Dolphins. I would agree with that logic, but the Dolphins have a chance to beat the Falcons in Week 7. First of all, the Jaguars needed two 50+ yard field goals to win this game, while the Dolphins needed to make some other plays to win.

You might be thinking, what happened to this team? They were 10-6 last season and now are 1-5? Yes, it looks bad on paper, but there are some reasons for that. So far, they have played; the , , Colts, , and Jaguars.

  • Patriots (2-4) – W
  • Bills (5-1) – L
  • Raiders (4-2) – L
  • Buccaneers (5-1) – L
  • Colts (2-4) – L(OT)
  • Jaguars (1-5) – L

They haven’t had the easiest schedule exactly,facing a couple of the best teams in the league as well as some other decent ones. Tua Tagovailoa was also coming off an injury this week, but he looked pretty decent in London. He will look to build on his performance against the Falcons, who have 31st ranked defense in terms of points allowed, worse than the Dolphins.

This game does not look like an interesting one to watch, as both of these teams can be very inconsistent and frustrating, but that is a reason why the Dolphins can sneak out of this one with a win.

Cincinnati Bengals (+220)

The Bengals have been playing pretty well so far this year. Joe Burrow is having himself a great season with his former LSU teammate Ja’Marr Chase and the Bengals defense has been performing well too.

They do not have an easy task this week against the Ravens on the road, but they do have the tools needed to beat them. The Bengals are going to have to stop the rush, while limiting big plays in the passing game in order to give the offense a shot.

The Bengals defense actually ranks 2nd best in the league in terms of Expected Points contributed by rushing defense. They also have some decent secondary players, who can help limit the big plays.

The Ravens have looked very good on their 5 game win streak, most recently with a dominating win over the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 6. They did have a near loss against the Lions, needing a record breaking kick from Justin Tucker to win that one.

I would hesitate to pick the Ravens to beat the Bengals, as the Bengals can definitely put up a strong fight in this one. If you don’t trust the Bengals to win, maybe take their spread instead.

My Favorite Upset Pick for Week 7

My favorite upset pick of this week has to be the Bengals (+235). They are given the best odds on this list and they have a strong chance of upsetting the Ravens. They have the tools and the means to pull off the upset here, so I am rolling with them.

Upset picks always carry a lot of risk and you shouldn’t bet on the underdog every game, but upsets do happen a decent amount of the time. Anything can happen in an NFL game, so make sure you place your bets on the best betting sites for the NFL.

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