Upset Picks To Bet on for Week 5 of the 2021 NFL Season

| October 5, 2021 4:59 pm PDT

Now that you have read my safest picks for Week 5, it is time for the upsets. Betting on the underdog is risky for a reason; they are far from guaranteed, and many things can go wrong. But where is the fun in betting in the favorites of every game?

There are upsets every week in the NFL, a big one being the Jets getting their first win of the season over the Titans in Week 4. The Giants also pulled off an upset over the Saints, so who is going to be the Giants and Jets of Week 5? Here are some solid picks who could upset their opponent in Week 5 of the NFL season.

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Buffalo Bills (+120)

The Bills are not going to be underdogs a lot this season, but this one is against the mighty Chiefs.

The Bills and Chiefs’ most recent showdown was to determine who went to the Super Bowl last season, with the Chiefs winning 38-24. The Bills will have a chance to get back at the Chiefs in Week 5 on Sunday Night Football, which is on track to be another amazing matchup.

First things first, the Bills are going to have to stop Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce. Hill just torched the Eagles in Week 4 for 186 yards and 3 touchdowns, and he went for 172 yards against the Bills in their last matchup as well. Limiting Hill’s big plays will be a major factor in this game and could be the deciding factor.

Travis Kelce had an amazing game in their AFC Championship matchup as well, catching 13 passes for 118 yards and 2 touchdowns. Kelce can carve you up in the middle of your defense while Hill takes the top off, making it very difficult to stop even just one of them.

The Bills’ secondary is among the best in the league, so they are capable of doing better than they did in their 2020 matchup.

Hopefully, their two back-to-back blowouts over the Washington Football Team and the Texans don’t go to their head too much, or the Chiefs are going to make them pay.

On the other hand, the Chiefs’ defense has not been very good. They are giving up a terrible average of 31.25 points per game, which could lead to a high-scoring game. Josh Allen and company should be able to hang with Patrick Mahomes for a good amount of this game and could even pull off the upset and give the Chiefs their 3rd loss in 4 weeks.

Denver Broncos (+105)

Yes, there is a possibility that Teddy Bridgewater misses this game from his concussion in Week 4, but there is also a chance he is back for their matchup with the Steelers.

The Broncos suffered their first loss of the season to the Ravens, which could be a nice wake-up call for them at this point in the season.

The Steelers were able to upset the Bills in Week 1 of this season, but they have looked pretty terrible outside of that game.

The Steelers’ offense is led by their star trio of receivers, but the Broncos’ secondary matches up very well with them. The Broncos secondary is a big reason for me picking them this week, despite Teddy Bridgewater’s health status.

They will be able to go toe to toe with JuJu Smith-Schuster, Chase Claypool, and Diontae Johnson with Patrick Surtain, Kyle Fuller, Ronald Darby, and Bryce Callahan. Justin Simmons and Kareem Jackson will also play a big role in this game as the safeties for the Broncos.

With how inconsistent the Steelers are, I am targeting them to be upset by the Broncos this week.

I recommend waiting to place your bets until Teddy Bridgewater’s status is updated, but they could even win without him.

Philadelphia Eagles (+170)

The Eagles were embarrassed by Tyreek Hill and Patrick Mahomes last week, but the Panthers should not have as explosive of an offense as the Chiefs do. Christian McCaffrey will probably not be able to make a return this week, leaving the best playmaker on the Panthers to be receiver D.J Moore.

An interesting takeaway from their Week 4 matchup with the Chiefs is that the Eagles were capable of shutting down Travis Kelce–well, at least compared to what he usually does. It was clear that the Eagles wanted to focus their defense on shutting him down but maybe focused a little too much on him.

The Eagles should shift their focus to shutting down D.J Moore this week, while the Panthers don’t have another player of Hill or Kelce’s caliber that could take advantage of that gameplan.

That could be a reason for the Eagles to pull off a win here over the 3-1 Panthers.

The Eagles are currently on a three-game skid, but the Panthers offer them a chance to get off that bad streak. The Eagles were able to have their most offensive total yards in their latest game, which could mean that they are hitting their stride as a unit behind Jalen Hurts.

Hurts is capable of leading the Eagles to a win here by putting up some solid points on the Panthers’ defense. The Cowboys just shredded the Panthers’ defense in Week 4, which could mean that their weakness might have been shown. The Eagles should take a few pages out of the Cowboys book and try to do the same thing here.

Indianapolis Colts (+250)

The Ravens are not going to be an easy team to upset, but the Colts just might be able to pull it off. The Colts’ defense hasn’t played up to their usual level of play, but they could right the ship this week.

The Colts’ run defense is their main selling point, which matches up well with the Ravens offense. The more the Colts D shuts down the Ravens rushing attack, the more they are going to force Lamar Jackson to throw.

This could be a nice way for the Colts to pull off the upset on Monday Night, on the backs of their run defense.

The Colts’ offense is inconsistent, but the primetime games always seem to bring the best out of certain teams. Carson Wentz has been banged up all year, and the Colts will have to run the ball effectively to win. Luckily, they have one of the strongest offensive lines in the NFL and a couple of solid running backs.

The game plan for both of these teams is to make each other’s quarterbacks have to throw the ball, which is an unusual sight in today’s NFL.

This could also be one of the shortest games of the year, considering how both teams are going to want to run the ball.

If the Colts’ run D can hold up, they could pull off the upset on Monday Night Football.

My Favorite Upset Picks for Week 5

This seems like a challenging week to pick upsets for, but that is the fun part. All of these teams have a chance to win their matchups this week despite being underdogs, but my favorite pick of the week is going to go to the Broncos.

I really love the matchup surrounding their secondary and the Steelers’ receivers, which will put a lot of pressure on Big Ben on their offensive line. That combination has not been very good for the Steelers so far this season, which is why I think they have a good chance of being upset this week.

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