Tulane Green Wave vs. Wichita State Shockers – College Basketball, February 3, 2021

By Dean McHugh in College Basketball
| February 3, 2021 6:23 am PDT

These teams have lived up to their names this season as the Green Wave has flooded their opponents, and the Shockers have been electrifying. Tulane currently sits in seventh place in an excellent and competitive American Athletic Conference. Wichita State is up in third but has some way to go to catch the runaway leaders Houston. However, a win tonight will see them leapfrog the Mustangs to take second place.

These two teams have only ever met on four occasions, with the Shockers winning all four games. They have met three times in Wichita, and the closets that the Green Wave have got to the Shockers is seven points, which was back in 2018 when they first met. Over those four games, the Shockers have won by an average of 12 points, and their average half time lead has been 15 points.

Here is my Green Wave vs. Shockers betting preview.

Green Wave vs. Shockers Odds

Green Wave (+11.5) -110
Shockers (-11.5) -110
Green Wave To Win +560
Shockers To Win -770
Over 137.5 Points -110
Under 137.5 Points -110

It’s clear to see that the bookmakers have used the average score between the two teams head to head games to set the handicap for this match. However, that doesn’t take into account the team’s form this season, and Tulane have been decent, so the Shockers may find it tough to cover this large spread. The total points mark looks very low, considering their combined average head-to-head score is 154, well over the amount set for this game.

The Shockers have won all four games this season that they entered as the betting favorite.

Green Wave News

Tulane ended their worst run of the season (where they had lost three games in a row) by dismantling Temple 64-81. This was undoubtedly sweet revenge for their loss to them just two weeks before. The run of three losses also included a couple of defeats against Conference leaders Houston, so they can indeed be forgiven for those.

They have only played three of their 12 games this season on the road and have only won one of those games. This was last time out against Temple at the weekend.

Here are the latest betting trends for Tulane:

Against The Spread
  • They have lost four of their last six games.
  • The Green Wave are 7-2 in their previous nine games played on a Wednesday.

There isn’t a great deal to go on here other than they haven’t played on many Wednesday nights recently. You could look into their poor record recently but given two of those losses were against Houston, I wouldn’t read too much into it.

Points Total
  • Eight of their last 12 games have gone under the betting total.
  • Only two of their previous nine games played in February has gone under the points total.

There isn’t anything substantial to go on here.

Other Pointers
  • Tulane has only won four of their last 20 games on the road.
  • Coincidentally they have an identical record in their previous 20 games against teams in the American Athletic Conference.

It’s clear to see that they don’t travel well. Their record against teams in their Conference is terrible, but it is a very tough Conference, so this must be considered.

The Green Wave has a terrible offense this season who only average 64 points per game. Their poor shooting from all areas of the court is a real concern. They also don’t rebound the ball well, which when you are missing as often as they are spells big trouble.

Their offense relies on getting the ball down the other end of the court as quickly as possible with very little build-up play or thought process behind their moves their making. This leads to them often forcing the shot, which is why their field goal percentage is so low.

However, they have a great defense that concedes, on average, 64 points also. They sit very deep and don’t allow their opponents much room to work around the key. This does leave them open against three-pointers often, but it’s a tactic that has worked for them this season.

It also forces their opponents to work the ball around the court much more than they would like, which leads to the Green Wave being able to make many steals.

The key to this style of defending is discipline, and Tulane has it in abundance. They have won all five of their games this season that they have held their opponents to 64 points or less, so they will be hoping for a low scoring game tonight.

Sophomore Jaylen Forbes leads most of Tulane’s rankings this season, and he will be hoping to continue his excellent form against the Shockers, having done well in his previous three meetings with them. He has scored 24% of his team’s points this season, so it is crucial he plays well.

Forbes is backed up by the aggressive Kevin Cross, who’s in your face style has got him plenty of notice this season. Here he is talking last month about what he wants to prove this season.

The Green Wave have no absentees listed for this game.

Shockers News

If it weren’t for Houston making the rest of the Conference look average, the Shockers would be involved in a lot more headlines this season. Regardless they are doing well, having won nine of their 13 games played to date. They have won three of their previous four games, but that statistic is very flattering when you see that the Knights took them to overtime, and they only beat Cincinnati by six points. Both of these teams occupy the bottom two spots in the Conference, so perhaps not everything is as it seems.

At home, they have been brilliant, winning six of their eight games so far this season. This includes winning the last five in a row, but in all honesty, Tulsa, we’re the only decent team that they beat in those five games.

Here are the latest betting trends for Wichita State:

Against The Spread
  • They have won six of their last eight games.
  • Wichita State is 2-4 in their previous six games played on a Wednesday.

Unlike the Green Wave, the Shockers don’t like playing on a Wednesday night. Could the key to this match be the day that the game is played on?

Points Total
  • Six of their last nine games played in February has gone under the points total.
  • The total has gone over in five of their previous six games when playing as the betting favorite.

There is nothing to go on here.

The Shockers have an okay offense that takes a high volume of shots and relies on great rebounding to make most of their baskets. It’s not incredibly skillful, but it is effective as they average 73 points per game, which is only one point less than the Conference leaders Houston average.

This also means they don’t make many turnovers as they don’t pass the ball much.

They will want to shoot well tonight, especially from deep, as they have won all five games where they have scored nine or more three-pointers.

When I looked at their defense, I was amazed that they are conceding on average five more points per game than their opponents tonight as they do so many things better than them. You would probably have to say that it’s the Green Waves’ organizational skills that tip the balance in their favor.

Tyson Etienne leads the majority of the rankings for the Shockers this season, and this is a highly anticipated matchup between him and Forbes. Etienne comes into the game in great form after equalling his career-high score recently.

Senior Alterique Gilbert also deserves mention as he does an awful lot of the leg work for Etienne, which can sometimes go unnoticed.

The Shockers also have no injury worries heading into tonight’s matchup.

Green Wave vs. Shockers Betting Pick

With these two teams having the lowest personal foul counts in the Conference, we can rest assured that this game will be all about the basketball played in it. And with that said, the way that Tulane plays suits the Shockers entirely, which is why they have such a good record against them.

I see this game following suit, especially given how poor the Green Waves are on the road, so take the Shockers to cover the spread.

  • Shockers (-11.5)



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