Bengals vs. Rams Pick for Super Bowl 56 – February 13, 2022

| February 9, 2022 5:58 pm PDT

The final game of the 2021-22 NFL Season is here. The Bengals and the Rams are facing off for Super Bowl 56 in SoFi Stadium. The Bengals finished the regular season at 10-7 and have made the tremendous journey all the way to the Super Bowl.

They had incredible upset wins and earned this Super Bowl. Bengals’ fans should be elated to have a franchise quarterback like Joe Burrow.

The Rams will be hungry to win the Super Bowl themselves. They have earned this as well, as they made big moves to build the talented roster they have today.

If you’re ready to bet on this game right now, feel free to check out the top Super Bowl 2022 betting sites. Need a bit more information? Let’s take a look at the odds for Super Bowl 56 and why each team can win.

Odds for Super Bowl 56

Los Angeles Rams -4-110
Cincinnati Bengals +4-110
Over 48.5-110
Under 48.5-110

The Rams will be favored to win the Super Bowl this year by 4 points. They have more superstars and have been all in on this year. They also get to play in their home stadium, which always helps.

Being a favorite can mean absolutely nothing in the Super Bowl. The Bengals were actually bigger underdogs in their last game against the Chiefs and they won straight up (7 point underdog).

The point total looks pretty modest at 48.5 points, but don’t just bet the over so quickly. Rams’ games this year have hit the over in 10 out of their 20 games. Bengals’ games typically hit the under more often than not at 8 out of their 20 games.

With that being said, it is the Super Bowl. The Rams were last in the Super Bowl in 2019 and that game was insanely defensive. The Rams only put up 3 points and were the league’s best offense that season.

The Bengals last Super Bowl was all the way back in 1989. They put up 16 points in that game, but it was an entirely different era.

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Why the Bengals Will Win Super Bowl 56

I highly doubt that you thought the Bengals were going to be here at the beginning of the year. Joe Burrow was coming off his ACL the year before and was actually in danger of missing the first couple weeks.

Burrow was able to overcome his major knee injury in a major way. The addition of Ja’Marr Chase to their passing attack has been incredible this year. Their LSU connection carried over to the NFL and has paid major dividends for the Bengals.

Their offense has taken a massive step forward and has been able to hang with the best of teams this year. They have their biggest challenge in the Rams for this game, but they have overcome every challenge thrown at them this year.

The Rams’ defensive line is the biggest mismatch in this game. The Bengals allowed 9 sacks just a couple weeks ago to the Titans. Burrow will have to get the ball out quick and effectively. That also means a successful run game and play action will be significant as well.

Defensively the Bengals are pretty underrated. They have stepped up to each task and have been able to keep their offense in the game. Their defense was getting toasted early against Kansas City, but were dominant in the second half.

They gave up 21 points in the first half, but held the mighty Chiefs to just 3 points in the second half.

The Bengals need to play lights out in order to win and they have been doing exactly that in the playoffs. If you need more of an argument for why the Bengals can win Super Bowl 2022, check out the post below.

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Why the Rams Will Win Super Bowl 56

In my eyes, this is the Rams game to lose. The Buccaneers were able to play the Super Bowl in their home stadium last year and were able to pull it off. The Rams should benefit from the home field advantage, which is huge in the Super Bowl.

The Rams absolutely need to win this game. They gave up a ton of their future assets in order to have top tier players right now. For them to lose to an underdog in the Super Bowl would be a huge embarrassment and could impact their team massively after this season.

Matthew Stafford finally made it past the first round of the playoffs and he did it in spectacular fashion. The Rams are basically a super team and have tons of weapons at his disposal. Everything from the Rams’ offensive line to their 5th receiving option is capable of producing in this game.

Stafford and Cooper Kupp have been impossible to stop this year and the Bengals will have to play out of their minds if they want to be the first ones to do so. They also can’t commit too much to Kupp, as the Rams have a deep receiving core as well as backfield.

Odell Beckham Jr., Van Jefferson, Cam Akers, Sony Michel, and more could step up if the Bengals show Kupp too much attention.

Aaron Donald could have himself an insane game here as well. He’s not satisfied with his current accolades because he doesn’t have a Super Bowl yet.

The Bengals’ offensive line does not compare to the Rams’ pass rush. They won’t win a lot of games if they are getting sacked around 9 times.

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Prediction for the 2022 Super Bowl

With the excitement around the Bengals, I just can’t seem to pull the trigger on them in any way. The mismatch between the trenches is too risky to bet against. I wouldn’t be surprised if Burrow goes down 5+ times in this game, which hinders their chances of winning significantly.

They love to take shots to their talented receivers as well, but the Rams have one of the best corners in the league to combat that. The Bengals don’t have a lot of areas where they are better than the Rams.

If you’re a Bengals bettor for this game, I wish you the best of luck. For myself and other Rams’ bettors, I am expecting them to hoist up the Lombardi Trophy in their home stadium by the end of this game.

They are the more desperate team here. Cincinnati should be thrilled to be in the Super Bowl this year, regardless if they win or not. Joe Burrow is a true franchise quarterback and their chances of making it back to the Super Bowl are high.

My Top Betting Pick for Super Bowl 56

  • Los Angeles Rams -4

With all that being said, I am submitting my bet with the Rams’ spread for this game. It should be a close game considering it is the Super Bowl, but sportsbooks are giving the Bengals more respect in this game.

There are just too many obstacles for the Bengals here. In enemy territory with a terrible matchup in the trenches. I expect the Rams to take a lead early and hang onto it throughout the remainder of the game.

Cincinnati is a solid team in the second half. They could make things interesting later, but I don’t think it will be enough. A 4 point spread is tricky to bet on and I think the Rams should be able to cover.

Here are 7 more Super Bowl 56 bets to take a look at as well.

Both teams are capable of huge games offensively, but the Rams’ defense could ruin the chances of the over here. If the Bengals can’t protect Burrow, they might have another game where they hit the under.

Go with the Rams’ moneyline (-195) if you want to play it more safely, but I think the spread is safe enough. Check out our guide to betting on the 2022 Super Bowl before you place your bets.

Super Bowl 2022 Betting Guide

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