Best Sleeper Picks to Win the Grey Cup – 2021 Canadian Football League

| October 1, 2021 3:04 pm PDT

The 2020 season came to an unfortunate end due to COVID-19 and was canceled. After the Winnipeg Blue Bombers took home the trophy in 2019, there has been a gap year and no trophy awarded for the first time in 100 years.

The gap year could mean that a sleeper team might have a strong chance of winning it all this year. Winnipeg does have the best record in the CFL as of right now at 6-1, but anything is possible.

Let’s take a look at which teams can pull off an upset and take home the Grey Cup in 2021.

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Hamilton Tiger-Cats (+550)

The Tiger-Cats (4-3, First in East Division) matched up with the reigning champs in Winnipeg in their first match of the season. They ended up losing the game 6-19 after taking the early lead.

They need to be perfect in order to beat Winnipeg, who has a great chance of being in the Grey Cup again this year.

They weren’t in their first matchup of the season, but maybe they will be better prepared the next time they face them.

Hamilton had another tough matchup against Saskatchewan in Week 2 and fell short again to a score of 8-30. They got a better matchup against Montreal after their Week 3 bye and earned their first season victory (27-10). They continued their winning streak in Week 5 against Toronto, who is tied for first in the East Division with Hamilton and were the only team to beat Winnipeg so far this season.

They had a rematch in Week 6 and sadly weren’t able to continue the winning streak that they started to build. They went on to beat Calgary and Ottawa in the next two weeks and are on another two-game winning streak before their showdown with Montreal, who they beat 27-10 in the regular season.

They have Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, British Columbia, Toronto, and Saskatchewan left on their schedule for the rest of this year. All of these games are winnable for the Tiger-Cats, but their last game of the year will be the most difficult against Saskatchewan.

Their schedule for the rest of the season is a big factor in them getting a good seed in the playoff picture. The easier their schedule is going into the playoffs gives them a better chance to make it to the Grey Cup and possibly win it.

Toronto Argonauts (+550)

Toronto was the only team to beat Winnipeg this year, which means they could beat anyone. Winnipeg is an incredible team and has good reason for being the most favored team at this point in the season.

This season, their only three losses came to Winnipeg, Hamilton, and Saskatchewan, who are all the toughest opponents in the league.

They’re capable of pulling off another upset as they did to Winnipeg in Week 3. They were able to get the best of them in their rematch of Week 2, and they don’t have to play Winnipeg for the rest of the season.

The two matchups at the beginning of the season can give the Argonauts some familiarity if they match up with them in the postseason. It can give them a better reference of how to beat Winnipeg again in the playoffs. It won’t be easy, but they are the only team to do it so far this season.

British Columbia Lions (+600)

British Columbia has flown under the radar this season. They sit behind Saskatchewan and Winnipeg, which might make them a sneaky bet to win the Grey Cup this year. They are in the same division as the two best teams in the league, which means they get to face them the most.

They lost to Saskatchewan twice this season but have kept the games very close. Their first matchup was a high-scoring game with the final score of 29-33. They matched up again in Week 8, falling to them again 31-24.

They have proven to be capable of hanging in there with Saskatchewan, which could be a huge factor in the playoffs.

They are likely to match up with them because Winnipeg is looking to be the favorite for the first seed. If BC can finally beat Saskatchewan, they can be on their way to the Grey Cup.

They do have the toughest path to the Grey Cup with Saskatchewan and Winnipeg in their division, but if they can make it to the Grey Cup, it might actually be an easier win for them than beating Saskatchewan and/or Winnipeg.

Betting on Sleepers for the Grey Cup (2021)

Winnipeg looks to be either the team you have to beat to get to the Grey Cup or beat in the Grey Cup. They are very talented and actually have a strong chance to repeat this season.

The biggest games of the year for these sleepers will be against Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Hamilton, Toronto, and British Columbia. Beating one of these teams proves you are capable of winning in the playoffs at the end of the year.

Something that impressed me was the fact that Toronto was able to beat Winnipeg earlier this season. That could be a strong indicator of their toughness and ability to beat tough opponents.

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