Picks and Predictions for Premier League Round 32 on April 9, 2022

| April 7, 2022 8:58 am PDT

There are five amazing Premier League games on the program on Saturday, April 9. Calling each of those a barnburner wouldn’t be an overstatement. It’s because each team needs to do its best to grab some points as there are only six weeks left before the end of the 2021-22 season.

With all teams willing to go far and beyond to win (or at least not lose), we could see some major surprises on Saturday. To see which games I think have the potential to upset bookmakers, make sure to check out my Premier League predictions.

But first, let’s talk odds! The betting odds show us what sportsbooks think, as well as reveal whether there’s value in putting money on certain bets.

Premier League Odds for April 9, 2022

  • Everton (4.50), Draw (3.75), Manchester United (1.77)
  • Arsenal (1.65), Draw (3.80), Brighton (5.50)
  • Southampton (4.00), Draw (3.60), Chelsea (1.91)
  • Watford (2.62), Draw (3.50), Leeds (2.60)
  • Aston Villa (3.20), Draw (3.40), Tottenham (2.25)

The odds you see above are from Betway Sportsbook, taken two days before the games in question. However, when they were first published, they looked a bit different.

The biggest odds move happened in the Southampton vs. Chelsea game. Just a week ago, Chelsea odds were somewhere in the ballpark of 1.75. They moved against the Blues after their debacle in the Champions League – on Wednesday they lost 3-1 to Real Madrid at home.

The odds also moved against Tottenham despite the fact that the Spurs are cruising on a three-game winning wave. A possible reason for this is that Aston Villa is looking to end its three-game losing streak.

For the other three games, the odds haven’t changed much over the last couple of days. Still, some of those look strange in my opinion. For instance, the odds on Everton look too long. Sure, this team’s been in horrific form, but it’s now or never for Lampard’s boys.

Also, the odds on a draw in the Watford vs. Leeds game are longer than the odds on either team. I think a draw is more likely to happen than the other two outcomes.

Arsenal vs. Brighton game, however, is one for which I completely agree with oddsmakers. The odds of 1.65 make Arsenal the favorite, yet they’re not too short for bettors to completely ignore them.

EPL Predictions for Saturday

  • Everton and Manchester United to Draw
  • Arsenal to Beat Brighton
  • Chelsea to Beat Southampton
  • Watford and Leeds to Draw
  • Aston Villa and Tottenham to Draw

There are only six teams that have never been relegated in the history of the Premier League. One of those is Everton. The question is how long will the Toffees stay in this VIP club? The thing is that they’re just one spot above the relegation zone, with only one point more than Burnley.

Speaking of the devil, Burnley is the team that beat Everton last Wednesday 3-2. It was this team’s eighth Premier League loss in the previous 10 rounds. With only nine more games left to play, Everton players need to give their utmost.

I’m sure they will, but will it be enough to grab point(s) from Manchester United? I think it might. After all, four of their previous five EPL duels finished in a draw.

Another team whose players are likely to give their utmost on Saturday is Arsenal. A win against Brighton would get the Gunners back in the Top 4 race. Ahead of Round 32, Arsenal is sitting in the #5 position in the EPL standings.

The Gunners have the motivation to win, as well as the quality to do it. Plus, their opponent is completely out of shape with a 0-1-6 record in the previous six Premier League rounds, scoring just one goal along the way.

Chelsea should also be able to win on Saturday. Sure, the Blues are struggling, and their mind is probably set on next week’s rematch with Real. Still, these guys definitely have the quality to outsmart Southampton.

In the duel between Watford and Leeds, I think we could see a draw. Why? Because that result would suit both teams in their effort to stay in the Prem for another season. Sure, each team would prefer to win on Saturday, but not losing is their priority.

Aston Villa has no relegation worries, but I’m sure the Villans will give the Spurs a run for their money. It’s because Steven Gerrard’s players are determined to end their losing streak. Meanwhile, getting at least one point from the trip to Birmingham is on Tottenham’s agenda.

Top Premier League Picks for Saturday, April 9

Everton (+1.5) Against Manchester United1.40
Arsenal to Beat Brighton1.65
Chelsea to Beat Southampton1.91
Watford vs. Leeds – Both Teams to Score1.61
Aston Villa vs. Tottenham – Both Teams to Score1.66

Those are my Premier League picks for Saturday’s Gameweek 32 games. If you like what you’re seeing there, why not put some money on it? Just choose one of the top-rated soccer betting sites and place your bets!

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