Premier League Predictions and Betting Tips for Gameweek 15 Games on Saturday, December 4

By Zarko Naric in English Premier League
| December 2, 2021 12:44 pm PST

A brand-new round of the English Premier League kicks off on Saturday, December 4. Gameweek 15 brings us five games that day, some of which look pretty good from a perspective of a bettor.

So, which games are those? I think the following three come with a lot of betting potential:

    • West Ham vs. Chelsea
    • Wolves vs. Liverpool
    • Watford vs. Manchester City

If you would like to know which teams to back, you’re at the right place. I will now analyze all three of those, discuss betting odds, and reveal my betting picks.

Chelsea to Beat West Ham

The EPL Round 15 opener is a London derby. It might not be the fiercest of London derbies, but the rivalry between West Ham and Chelsea is a long-standing one. The first time these two locked horns was in the 1923-24 season.

Almost a century later, Chelsea and West Ham meet for the 115th time. Ahead of Gameweek 15, both teams are flying high in the Premier League. Chelsea is at the very summit, while West Ham is sitting in fourth place, with nine points separating them.

Chelsea might be safe from West Ham, but there are two teams that could overtake the top spot if the Blues don’t win on Saturday. One of those is Manchester City, a team that that’s trailing behind by just one point. The other team is Liverpool, with two points fewer.

What all this means is that beating West Ham is on Chelsea’s agenda. The question is do the Blues have what it takes to win at Olympic Stadium, which is where the Hammers are without a loss since early October.

The answer is yes. It’s because Chelsea has some phenomenal players on its roster. This team is strong in all aspects of the game, even though their attack hasn’t been too lethal lately – they scored just 12 goals in the previous six games.

I say “just” because I think Chelsea would’ve done much better offensively if it weren’t for the injuries of Romelu Lukaku and Timo Werner.

The two strikers had to sit out several games, but their absence didn’t stop Chelsea from getting points. Now, when both of them are back, this team is ready to shift up a gear.

Liverpool to Beat Wolves

Just three days after the Wolves vs. Liverpool game, the Reds travel to Italy to take on AC Milan in the Champions League. Does this mean their minds are already set on that matchup? Absolutely not.

Their Italian trip is going to be a fun stress-free adventure. Why? Because Liverpool has already secured a place in the Champions League knockouts. Regardless of what happens in Milan, the Reds will stay in the top spot in their group.

What this means is that Liverpool can focus entirely on Saturday’s game. Winning against Wolves is a must if they wish to keep up with Chelsea and Manchester City in the race for the Premier League title. Doing that shouldn’t be a problem.

After all, they’ve done it each time in the previous five games against Wolves. Plus, Liverpool is coming to Wolverhampton on a superb streak with four straight wins.

Liverpool’s amazing run could’ve been even more impressive if it weren’t for the mishap with West Ham. The Reds lost that game after everything went wrong for them – missed opportunities, an own goal, and so on.

Such things happen, but not very often. We probably aren’t going to see Liverpool being unlucky against Wolves. And even if Lady Luck tries to make Liverpool fall, Mo Salah and Co. will lift the team back on its feet.

Manchester City to Beat Watford

Manchester City is close to the top of the table; Watford is sitting in almost the opposite end. Still, despite being close to the bottom of the table, Claudio Ranieri’s boys have been playing decent soccer lately.

Sure, their form suggests otherwise. They’re 1-4 in the past five games. However, we did see them giving their opponents a run for their money in each of those matches.

Let’s take the game with Chelsea as an example. Played on Wednesday, the game saw the table leaders winning 2-1. The Blues did win, but the Hornets had more goal chances than them.

Something similar happened in the game with Leicester, in which they lost 4-2. Watford also played relatively well in the games with Arsenal and Southampton, both of which finished 1-0 in favor of Watford’s opponents.

Then, there’s the game with Manchester United which cost Ole-Gunnar Solskjaer his job. Watford won 4-1 at home.

Can they repeat all over again against the other team from Manchester? Probably not.

The thing is that the Sky Blues have much better players than them. Plus, Man City also has a fantastic coach in Pep Guardiola, who’s famous for his meticulous approach to every single game.

Considering that the Premier League race has just started, you can be sure that Guardiola isn’t going to allow his boys to get complacent. Instead, he’s going to push them to another win.

Picks for the Other Two Premier League games on Saturday

  • Newcastle and Burnley to Draw
  • Southampton and Brighton to Draw

We’re fourteen rounds into the 2021-22 Premier League and Newcastle is still without a single win, with a 0-7-7 record. Luckily for the Magpies, their next opponent has won just one game so far.

Burnley is 1-7-5 on the season, meaning that they too are hungry for points. Sharing the points seems like the best possible scenario for both of them.

I think the same will happen in the South Coast derby as well. Even though Brighton has been playing better than Southampton, the thing is that the two are very similar in terms of player quality.

Best Premier League Bets for Saturday’s Gameweek 15 Games

Chelsea to Beat West Ham1.75
Liverpool to Beat Wolves1.365
Manchester City to Beat Watford1.176

If you agree with my betting picks, why not place some bets? You can do it at 888sport, which is the sportsbook whose odds I used in the list above.



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