Best Parlay for Week 18 of the 2021-22 NFL Season

| January 4, 2022 1:55 pm PDT

And just like that the NFL regular season is in its final week. This is a historic week considering that it is the first ever Week 18. The extra week this season opens the door for records to be broken and basically a single season record reset.

Besides the potential records for this weekend, we have ourselves a full slate of NFL action. We have two Saturday games, but no Monday night games. With tons of teams still battling for the playoffs, we are in for an exciting week.

Let’s get into our 4 leg parlay that can get us a huge payout before we head into the NFL playoffs.

Cowboys vs. Eagles Over 42.5 (-110)

The two top teams in the NFC East will be facing off for their final week of the season. This should be a good matchup and there’s a chance for a high scoring game. I like the over to hit for a couple of reasons.

First of all, most Eagles’ games this season have hit the over. The over has hit in 9 out of their 16 games this season. Their last game with Dallas also had a whopping 62 total points scored in it.

The Eagles have been impressive given the circumstances. They have a bunch of young players as their core right now and they still managed to grab a Wild Card spot. Not to mention their 3 potential first round draft picks for next season.

Even though they are young, they can put up points. The Cowboys’ defense has been incredible so far this season, but I think the Eagles can put up around 17-24 points realistically.

As for the Cowboys, they put up 41 points on this Eagles team in Week 3. Now neither team is the same as they were from that Week, but another great offensive game out of the Cowboys is certainly possible.

I expect the Cowboys to do the heavier lifting in this bet, putting up between 27-35 points. They are one of the most dangerous teams heading into the playoffs and a big game in Week 18 can end their season the right way.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers -8 (-110)

All of the news surrounding Antonio Brown should come to an end this week. He is an incredible player and was going to play another big role for the Bucs in the playoffs, but they can survive without him.

This week the Bucs take on the Panthers for the second time in 3 weeks. They just played them in Week 16 and won 32-6. Another easy win is very possible for the Bucs, as the Panthers are scrambling for a new quarterback, head coach, and who knows what more.

Tom Brady and his other receivers behind Evans, Brown, and Godwin are starting to click. Evans was able to return to the lineup last week against the Jets, so he should be able to play a solid role in this game. Cyril Grayson is also becoming quite the playmaker over the past two weeks, scoring the game winner against the Jets last week.

Everyone knows how solid Rob Gronkowski and Brady’s connection is, while Cameron Brate and O.J Howard can make some plays as well. I think this Bucs’ offense is going to be fine without Brown and Godwin for now.

On Carolina’s side, nothing seems to be going right. They are on a 6 game losing streak and there is a strong chance they end the year with 7 straight losses. They are only better than one team in the entire league (Jacksonville, 4-12 ATS) against the spread with a record of 5-11.

The Bucs are not as healthy as they would want to be, but they should still be able to beat this Panthers team by 8 or more.

Seattle Seahawks +7 (-115)

Seattle’s season has been down in the dumps since Russell Wilson’s injury earlier this season. Even though their playoff hopes are gone, they didn’t let that get them down in their game against Detroit.

Now I know it is the 2-13-1 Lions, but they have actually been very good against the spread this season. Detroit is one of the top teams in the league against the spread (10-6) and the Seahawks blew them out of the water.

Everything was going right for the Seahawks as they were able to put up an incredible 51 points on the Lions. This week will definitely be a tougher challenge, but they should be able to cover their spread.

They take on the Arizona Cardinals on the road and are 7 point underdogs. I don’t necessarily trust them to pull off an upset, but keeping it a one possession game seems very doable for them.

Another thing I like comes with the odds. The best NFL betting sites are slightly favoring the Seahawks to cover rather than the Cardinals -7. The Seahawks’ spread is (-115) odds-wise, while the Cardinals’ spread is (-105), slightly better odds. That means that they think the Seahawks have a slightly stronger chance to cover the spread than the Cardinals.

Arizona was once the most dangerous team in the league, but some injuries and poor play have knocked them down a few notches. They are coming off an impressive win over the Cowboys, but they still could be vulnerable like they were on their recent 3 game losing streak.

San Francisco 49ers (+175)

Now if you have been catching our weekly parlay, you would know there is about one underdog pick per parlay. The underdog pick is a really nice way to boost your final odds and get that big payout.

You could very well swap the underdog moneyline for the 49ers spread if you wish, but you won’t get as good of odds.

This week they take on their division rival Rams, who they beat earlier this season 31-10. I don’t feel great about the 49ers quarterback situation since Jimmy Garropolo missed last week, but the quarterback is not the 49ers biggest selling point.

The 49ers are basically built to beat a team like the Rams. They have a great pass rush, which matches up well with a heavy passing team like the Rams. Matthew Stafford threw 2 interceptions and didn’t have the best completion percentage in their game earlier this season.

If the 49ers can execute that same game plan, Stafford and the Rams’ offense can struggle yet again. San Francisco can grab a lead and run the ball effectively to keep the ball out of their Rams’ possession.

The 49ers are a great value pick for this week, but if you feel like it is too risky, go ahead and take their +4 point spread.

The Best Parlay for Week 18 of the NFL Season

Cowboys vs. Eagles Over 42.5-110
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -8-110
Seattle Seahawks +7-115
San Francisco 49ers+175

With all 4 of these selections combined into a parlay, you can turn a $100 bet into a $1,773.81 payout on Bovada. If you want to play a bit more safe and swap the 49ers’ underdog moneyline for their spread, the payout drops to $1,200.83.

Parlay bets are always a great way to get a huge return on a bet. It is important to keep the leg total under 5, as it becomes increasingly difficult to hit. 4 legs is a solid sweet spot, while 2-3 legs won’t have as huge of a return.

Hopefully all 4 legs can hit this week and we can head into the playoffs with a huge win. Head over to the best NFL betting sites to place your bets along with me.

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