Best NFL Underdogs for Week 15 of the 2021 NFL Season

| December 15, 2021 12:49 pm PDT

The NFL season seems like it is flying by as we enter Week 15 of the 2021 season. This is where every team’s 2021 fate will be decided, as they will either clinch or be eliminated from the playoffs.

There seems to be no true top dog in the NFL, as every team has had their struggles at some point this season. There have been tons of upsets this season and there should be more in Week 15.

Let’s get into the best upset picks for this week of NFL action.

Houston Texans (+161)

Betting on the Texans is something I would not recommend doing on a regular basis. To counterpoint that, I would not recommend betting on the Jaguars either. This game is going to be a battle of incompetence and an absolute headache to watch.

With that being said, the Texans have a real chance to get their third win of the season here against the Jaguars. There seems to be new Urban Meyer drama every week as he is looking like a terrible hire for them over the offseason.

The Texans announced Davis Mills as their starter for the rest of the season, most likely to see if he is worth keeping around as their starter. He has had some decent games, but can realistically earn himself a starting job for next season if he does well for the rest of the season.

Mills’ last start was against the Seahawks, where he threw for 331 yards and a touchdown. He completed 33 out of 49 passes and had a decent day for a rookie. For this week, the Jaguars defense has allowed the third highest quarterback rating in the entire NFL at 101.6.

The Seahawks rank 12th in that category, so in theory, Mills could be in for a better game than last week. I think he can lead the Texans to a win here and continue the Jaguars extremely long streak of embarrassment going.

Cincinnati Bengals (+124)

This week the Bengals are taking on the Broncos in Denver after their overtime loss to the 49ers. Joe Burrow and the Bengals offense appears to be getting better and better every week, while their defense hasn’t been terrible either.

When facing the Broncos, it is important to be able to stop their rushing attack. Javonte Williams is a rising star in the NFL and Melvin Gordon is still very productive.

Luckily for the Bengals, their defense ranks 4th best in the NFL in terms of rushing yards allowed per game. That is a great thing to have when facing a team like the Broncos, who rely heavily on their rushing attack.

The Broncos’ defense is tough, but if the Bengals offense gets enough possessions, they should be able to put some decent points on the board. They have a very solid trio of wide receivers, a high end running back, and Joe Burrow in the middle of it. This team is looking at a bright future in terms of offensive playmakers.

Pittsburgh Steelers (+105)

We saw last week on Thursday Night football just how frustrating the Steelers are. They were getting gashed left and right and the Vikings were blowing them out in the first half. It was looking like a blowout game, but the Steelers managed to fight all the way back before coming up one play short of tying the score.

This week the Steelers take on the Tennessee Titans, who are coming off a 20-0 win over the Jaguars. Now the Titans rushing attack is sure to give the Steelers run defense another run for their money. But, the Steelers can do the same thing they did last week and make this game very close.

The Titans offense is not the same without Derrick Henry and their wide receivers are banged up too. It is very important for the Steelers to improve their run defense, because it has been absolutely terrible.

If they can get a couple of stops, the Titans shouldn’t be too far ahead of them. This is a winnable game for the Steelers in their home stadium. It is also looking like Big Ben’s second to last home start as he is closing in on retirement.

Washington Football Team (+230)

The Washington Football Team has the highest return out of anyone on this list with their moneyline price. They are seven point underdogs this week to the Eagles, but I think they have a chance to win this week.

Division games are always closer than usual, and this one can be one of those games. The Eagles are far from a reliable team to bet on every game and Washington was just on a 4 game winning streak before their loss to the Cowboys.

The WFT has a similar scenario to the Bengals this week. Their opponent is a heavy run team and actually leads the NFL in rushing yards per game (160.0 per game). Washington’s run defense is actually 5th best in the league in terms of rushing yards allowed per game (93.6 allowed per game).

That should force the Eagles to pass a bit more than they are used to, opening up some chances for mistakes. If Washington can force the Eagles to pass, they can find themselves with a win at the end of this game.

The Football Team has an absurd amount of players on their injury list, so this will be no easy task. If J.D McKissick suits up this week, he can help them put up some points on the Eagles. All in all, don’t count out the WFT in a division game against the Eagles this week.

The Best Underdog Picks for Week 15

These are my top 4 underdog teams to bet on for this week of NFL action. You can find their exact odds on BetOnline, one of the highest rated NFL betting sites. You can also check out more of the best NFL betting sites on our page as well.

Underdog betting always brings more risk to the table, but much more profit in return. Be sure to check out my Safest Picks of the week to help balance out your betting sheet.

You can also check out our NFL picks page for more recommended bets.

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