Best Underdogs to Bet on for Week 14 of the 2021 NFL Season

| December 9, 2021 9:19 am PDT

Welcome back for another week of underdog betting! This week features a brand new list of underdogs for this week of NFL action. As always, I am going to preface this with a general tip when betting on underdogs.

Betting on the underdog is riskier than your usual bet. Sportsbooks know that these teams have a lower chance of winning these games, so they entice you with their very profitable odds. It is important to know how much risk you are taking when betting on underdogs.

With that being said, here are this week’s picks for underdog bets of the week. These 4 teams have a shot to win their respective matchups, despite their plus odds offered.

Baltimore Ravens (+115)

The Ravens are rarely underdogs, so this might be a great chance to hammer their moneyline. They are on the road against the division rival Browns, but still have a chance to be an upset winner for this week.

The Ravens are in the mix for the top seed in the AFC and are sitting at the top of the AFC North at 8-4. They took on this exact Browns team just two weeks ago and were able to sneak out a 16-10 victory.

In that game, Lamar Jackson was not playing his best. You could actually say he played one of his worst games of his young career with a whopping 4 interceptions. Even though he did throw those 4 interceptions, the Ravens were still able to win the game.

That itself should bring the spotlight to the Browns. I would have not been surprised at all to see if the Ravens were actually the favorites for this game. It is odd to see the last place Browns favored over the first place Ravens.

I do not expect Lamar Jackson to throw another 4 interceptions in this one, giving the Ravens an even better shot at winning this game. With that being said, the Ravens have struggled in the past 4 weeks offensively. Lamar Jackson did miss one of those games, but the Ravens offense has failed to score more than 20 points in 4 straight weeks.

The Ravens offense needs to prove they can have a big day against a tough defense. The Browns defense is very solid and held them to 16 points in their last game.

The defense on the other hand matches up very well with the Browns. The Browns love to run the ball with their strong offensive line and talented running backs. The Ravens are tied with the Buccaneers for fewest rushing yards allowed per game at a mere 84.3.

That means more of the pressure shifts to Baker Mayfield, who has not been impressive so far this season. The Ravens defense should be able to have a solid day in Cleveland for Week 14. They just need Lamar Jackson to get back to his usual dominant self.

Atlanta Falcons (+126)

The Falcons have an opportunity to be upset winners for this week’s matchup against the Panthers. The Panthers have been one of the most inconsistent teams in the NFL this season and are vulnerable as favorites.

Carolina will be coming off a bye and will be in their home stadium, but they still aren’t too impressive. Carolina has a 2-4 record at home so far this season and this is a divisional game. The Falcons should have a strong chance to be in this game. Atlanta is going to have to ride their offensive hot hands and maybe get a couple turnovers out of their defense.

In Carolina’s last game against the Dolphins, they turned the ball over 3 times (Cam Newton 2 INT’s, P.J Walker 1 INT). Cam Newton was absolutely terrible in that game as well, only completing 5 out of 21 passes.

The Panthers will also be without Christian McCaffrey for the rest of this season yet again. It is awful to see one of the league’s most exciting players have to battle with multiple long term injuries in the past couple years.

The Falcons have had some players provide valuable roles for them this season. Cordarelle Patterson is the ultimate swiss army knife and Kyle Pitts is a young tight end star. Matt Ryan needs to get the ball to his playmakers and take care of the ball as well.

The Panthers have no business being a favorite to any game, so this gives us an opportunity to bet on the Falcons as the underdog.

New York Jets (+195)

Feel free to steer clear of this one. The Jets are one of the most frustrating teams to watch and bet on. With that being said, it is not completely out of the picture for them to be able to upset the Saints this week.

Everyone saw Taysom Hill play against the Cowboys last week on Thursday Night Football. His 4 interceptions were absolutely terrible and he just seemed to be chucking it left and right every play.

Hill has some serious flaws as a quarterback outside of his big rushing ability. He should not be a long term option for the Saints at quarterback and that leaves an opportunity for the Jets to stay in this game.

The biggest x-factor in this potential upset would be the Jets offense. They have some players that they are building around and they could prove themselves in this week’s matchup with the Saints.

Zach Wilson and Elijiah Moore are going to be the future QB to WR connection for the next couple of seasons barring a disaster. They have shown flashes of their high ceiling so far this season, but have been up and down overall.

If the Jets offense can show some more flashes of their potential, they can pull off an incredible upset in their home stadium this week.

Houston Texans (+275)

Another team that is frustrating to watch and bet on is the Houston Texans. They tend to have a slight chance at some points throughout the game, and then completely fall apart. This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to some people, because they are in a bad spot with their roster breakdown.

With that being said, they take on the Seattle Seahawks this week and have a chance at their third win of the season. Seattle has been very up and down since Russell Wilson came back from his finger injury.

Seattle has scored 15 points or less in 3 straight games since Wilson came back from injury. They did have a great game against the 49ers last week with 30 points, but they still have a chance to put up a dud against the Texans.

The Texans aren’t terrible on the defensive side of the ball. They actually have the 5th most interceptions so far this season with 14. Their run defense has been abysmal on the other hand with 4.6 yards allowed per carry and 20 rushing touchdowns allowed (second most in NFL).

That might not be a bad thing in this game against Seattle, because the Seahawks have not been very good at running the ball this year. The Seahawks rushing yards per game rank 24th in the NFL with just 97.0 per game.

The Texans aren’t a great team to bet on, but the Seahawks just might be dysfunctional enough for them to get their third win of the season. Their profitable odds can be found at BetOnline if you wish to place a bet on them this week.

Betting on Underdogs in the NFL

Underdog betting can really make you some big return on investment. It also comes with greater risk, which makes sense. You shouldn’t always place a bunch of bets on underdogs, but they still have a chance to win.

As we have seen this year, any team is capable of winning any given game. These 4 teams all have a chance to upset their opponents and just might do so.

Be sure to head back to our NFL picks page for more betting advice.

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