Top NFL DFS Picks and Lineup for 2022 Conference Championship Week

| January 27, 2022 3:09 pm PDT

NFL DFS as we know it is gone until next year. You can still compete in daily fantasy football until the Super Bowl is over, but the big slates are no more.

This week’s NFL Conference Championship games offer one last glimpse at normalcy, but you’re dealing with a tiny two-game slate. Sunday features all of the action, though, and there are still lineups to be built and money to be made.

I have a lineup I like, and some key NFL DFS picks I prefer. Let’s go over this week’s slate and see how you may want to attack things over at DraftKings.

Top NFL DFS Picks for Sunday, 1/30

  • Patrick Mahomes, QB, Chiefs ($7.4k)
  • Cam Akers, RB, Rams ($5k)
  • Ja’Marr Chase, WR, Bengals ($6.7k)
  • Travis Kelce, TE, Chiefs ($6.5k)
  • Los Angeles Rams Defense ($3.2k)

Much like last week, the writing may be on the wall as far as which game you will want to get exposure to.

The Bengals vs. Chiefs game has a spread that is nearly 10 full points ahead of the NFC title game, and not getting players from that game could prove to be a mistake. The top NFL betting sites list it with a gaudy 54.5 total, after all.

I think it starts at quarterback, and I don’t see much of a way around Patrick Mahomes. The guy predictably went nuclear last week against the Bills.

  • 378 passing yards
  • 69 rushing yards
  • 4 total TDs
  • 43.02 fantasy points

Yes, he’s the chalk, and he’s the priciest. But he also has the best projection, the best matchup, and comes in with the best floor and ceiling. I see Joe Burrow and Matthew Stafford, but the savings doesn’t feel that necessary here. I’ll eat the Mahomes chalk and get different elsewhere.

Akers chalk tastes good, too.

This guy is unreal. His role is massive and he’s getting it done, and he’s not even a full year removed from a torn Achilles.

He did fumble last week and the 49ers are a tough matchup, but Akers is an elite value on this slate. I won’t be turning away from him now.

Wide receiver is without a doubt the most stacked position on this slate. The value isn’t amazing, though, so you’ll be fading an elite option, one way or the other.

They’re all in play, but Chase may be the best value. Remember what he did to the Chiefs not too long ago?

Stephen A. Smith sure does.

Chase will be needed in this one. KC has proven vulnerable defensively lately, and Cincy could take it to the air while in catch-up mode.

Kelce also stands out as the best tight end. He went crazy in week 15 (44 fantasy points!!) and has been rock solid ever since.

Defense is a toss-up on this slate. I like the Chiefs and Rams to win, though, and L.A. faces the worst offense on the table. They make sense up top.

Fantasy Sleepers for Conference Championship Week

  • Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, 49ers ($5.4k)
  • Sony Michel, RB, Rams ($4.6k)
  • Tyler Boyd, WR, Bengals ($4.2k)
  • Tyler Higbee, TE, Rams ($3.7k)
  • San Francisco 49ers Defense ($2.5k)

Jimmy G is the cheapest DFS option, he has the lowest projection, and he will be low-owned. He’s probably of the “getting too cute” variety, but if there’s a sleeper pick at QB, he’s it.

It’s not that insane, of course. He dropped 316 yards on the Rams in a win in the regular season finale, and the 49ers are 2-0 against L.A. this year. Maybe he plays a bigger hand in continuing that than anyone expects?

There isn’t a ton of value at running back, but Michel does stand out. The Rams are favored to win, and if they do, the odds are good they eventually find some success on the ground.

Michel really would just need a short touchdown to pay off at this price. Besides, after showing fumbling issues last week, it’s always possible Akers gets benched if his struggles continue.

Boyd is constantly the forgotten man in Cincy. He’s not consistent, but he’s a good receiver who can pop off without warning. Last week snapped a four-game scoring streak, and I wouldn’t be too shocked if he started it up again.

If I wasn’t so bought into Kelce this week, I’d make sure Tyler Higbee was in every lineup. I love his price, as he’s been a mismatch for the Niners, and came to life with 23.5 fantasy points the last time he saw them.

Defense isn’t the way to get different, but the 49ers do stand out. They’re supposed to carry the second lowest ownership, and they’ve been dominant through two playoff games. That isn’t nothing.

Free NFL DFS Lineup for January 30th

  • QB: Patrick Mahomes – Chiefs ($7.4k)
  • RB: Eli Mitchell – 49ers ($5.9k)
  • RB: Cam Akers – Rams ($5k)
  • WR: Tyreek Hill – Chiefs ($7k)
  • WR: Ja’Marr Chase – Bengals ($6.7k)
  • WR: Tyler Boyd – Bengals ($4.2k)
  • TE: Travis Kelce – Chiefs ($6.5k)
  • FLEX: Tyler Higbee – Rams ($3.7k)
  • DEF: Los Angeles Rams Defense ($3.2k)

Here’s my favorite NFL DFS lineup for the AFC and NFC title games this Sunday. It is a stack job, with a major focus on the first game of the slate.

It will be contrarian to stack up the second game, but I’m not sure I need to embrace that one a two-gamer.

Instead, I want the top plays, and I’ll get contrarian with guys like Mitchell, Boyd, and Higbee.

Rolling out the Chiefs stack with two Bengals is good chalk. I’ll take my chances and fade Kupp, Samuel, and Mixon, however.

Hopefully these NFL DFS picks and sleepers treat you well. If you want more skin in the AFC and NFC title games this week, check out our betting preview with a look at the latest odds below.

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