New York Knicks vs. Washington Wizards Betting Preview – NBA, February 12, 2021

By Dean McHugh in NBA
| February 11, 2021 2:30 pm PDT

Both of these teams occupy last place in their respected divisions, but it’s the Knicks who are five places higher in the Eastern Conference.

However, they should be wary of the Wizards, having lost four of the last five matches against them.

The last ten games between them have been a tale of two halves. The Knicks have a six-point higher average score at half time, but the Wizards have a six-point higher average at the end of the match. One key area that the Wizards have displayed immense ability in these matches is they have been impeccable at stealing the ball against the Knicks. Therefore, the Knicks will have to be better in possession if they are to win this one.

Here is my Knicks vs. Wizards betting preview.

Knicks vs. Wizards Odds

Knicks +1.5-110
Wizards -1.5-110
Knicks To Win+105
Wizards To Win-125
Over 221-110
Under 221-110

As expected, the betting is close between these two, with the Wizards probably the slight favorites due to being at home and perhaps their better record of late. The points total looks a couple of points higher than anticipated but nothing too out of the ordinary. Therefore, we will need to scrutinize these teams to come up with a selection.

The Wizards have not enjoyed the pressure of being the betting favorites this season as they have won only one of the six games that they entered as such.

Knicks News

The Knicks have alternated back-to-back defeats with back-to-back wins over the previous six games, and they will be hoping that the trend continues tonight and they can pick up the win. They will have been disappointed to lose a doubleheader against the Heat recently, but they did put up a good fight in the second game losing narrowly 98-96. However, they did lead by six going into the final quarter of the game, so perhaps the narrow loss was not as decent as first thought.

They have spent longer on the road this season than any other team in the Eastern Conference. They have a negative record of 6-9 from their 15 games played to date. Although this isn’t the worst record, their form recently has been one of the worst on the road, if not the worst, as they have only won once in their last six away games.

Here are the latest betting trends for New York:

Against The Spread

  • They have lost 12 of the previous 17 games against the Wizards.
  • The Knicks have a record of 5-2 when playing against teams in the Eastern Conference.

Points Total

  • Four of their last five games have gone under the betting total.
  • This trend has continued on the road recently as only one of their previous six away fixtures has gone over the points total.

Other Pointers

  • They have only won three of their last ten matches.
  • The Knicks have been spellbound by the Wizards losing 14 of the previous 17 games against them.
  • New York has lost seven of their last ten games against teams based in the Southeast Division.

The Knicks have the very worst offense in the NBA right now, averaging only 102 points per game.

Thankfully they have the number one ranked defense to rely on to get them out of jail. Although it is the best defense in the league, they are still conceding on average 103 points per game, which is more than they are scoring. That shows you just how bad their attack has been this season.

So, where is it going so wrong for them up top? Where do I start?! They have the worst field goal percentage in the league backed up by the worst three-point percentage, so basically, they can’t shoot! Luckily, they have a good rebounding game, which helps at both ends of the court. 

They don’t make any assists, but that is also largely down to their poor shooting rather than their passing abilities.

Their attack needs as much help as they can get, and perhaps the news that a small number of fans will soon be able to attend games at the Garden might spur them on.

They work immensely hard to close down their opponents, but that occasionally means that they run out of steam at the end of their matches, as they did against the Heat last time out.

The Knicks only have one player listed as doubtful to miss this game, and that is their point guard Ntilikina who is currently in quarantine.

Wizards News

The Wizards season has failed to take off as they have only won six of their 22 games. Three of those wins came in the last seven games, so perhaps things are improving slightly for them. However, they have lost three of their previous four games, all by large margins, as they appear to throw in the towel quite easily recently.

Oddly they have been better on the road this season, and they have only won two games at home so far. Those two wins did come in their last five home fixtures against the Suns and the Nets, so again things are on the upwards curve.

Here are the latest betting trends for Washington:

Against The Spread

  • They have only won three of their previous 11 games.
  • The Wizards have an excellent record against teams in the Atlantic Division, losing only three of their last 13 games against them.

Points Total

  • Four of their last five games have gone under the betting total.
  • Seven of their previous nine matches against the Knicks has followed this trend and gone under.
  • However, their games at home have been far more entertaining, with six of the last seven going over the points total.

Other Pointers

  • They have lost 11 of their last 15 games.
  • The Wizards have only won three of their previous 11 games in February.

The Wizards have a good offense that uses quick ball to catch their opponents on the hop. If they could improve their three-point shooting, I am confident that they would have a top ten offense in the NBA.

Their attack has been nearly perfect at home this season, and there is only one team with a higher point average than them. They are averaging seven points more at home than they are overall, so why are they not winning more games? Have they been unlucky?

No is the short answer to that. Just look at their defense, and you will find your answer. They have the worst defense in the league, conceding on average 120 points per game. This increases to 126 points when you solely look at their home games, which is giving their offense an unwinnable target to reach.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what has gone wrong for them defensively this season, and they aren’t the worst team in any area. Well, perhaps one, which is their blocking, which is atrocious. They don’t seem to want to defend would be my answer as they have the capabilities in their line-up. This has to stem from the coaching staff, so they must do better to instill more discipline in their team.

Unsurprisingly Bradley Beal has been the main man for the Wizards, and he leads the league in points this season. The Knicks have been monitoring his situation as the rumors speculate about his departure from Washington.

Bryant will miss the game as he is out for the season with an ACL injury, but point guard Smith is likely to return following a nasty facial injury.

Knicks vs. Wizards Pick

  • Knicks To Win

As the betting would suggest, this is a tough game to call. However, the Wizards are far too inconsistent for me, so I will take a punt on the Knicks. New York has only struggled in attack this season, but coming up against a team that is averaging 126 points at home per game, even they will fancy themselves to trouble the scoreboard.



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