MLB Predictions and Best Bets – April 7, 2021

| April 7, 2021 7:33 am PDT

There isn’t a better time of the year than when baseball first starts back up.

MLB games are sounding off every day, and you have numerous opportunities to make money betting on baseball every time out.

Wednesday pushes out 15 more games to bet on. Let’s see who is in action on April 7th, 2021.

  • Atlanta Braves vs. Washington Nationals (DH)
  • Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Cincinnati Reds
  • Tampa Bay Rays vs. Boston Red Sox
  • Kansas City Royals vs. Cleveland Indians
  • Minnesota Twins vs. Detroit Tigers
  • Toronto Blue Jays vs. Texas Rangers
  • Milwaukee Brewers vs. Chicago Cubs
  • Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Oakland Athletics
  • New York Mets vs. Philadelphia Phillies
  • Chicago White Sox vs. Seattle Mariners
  • San Francisco Giants vs. San Diego Padres
  • Louis Cardinals vs. Miami Marlins
  • Baltimore Orioles vs. New York Yankees
  • Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Colorado Rockies

You’ll want to circle back and check out the latest MLB odds, as well as who all of the pitchers are. I count three games with no listed pitchers, while the Braves vs. Nats Double Header may be better off avoided.

There are still plenty of advantageous spots on Wednesday. To gauge the best bets for you, let’s break down my MLB picks and predictions for April 7th.

Atlanta Braves vs. Washington Nationals Predictions

  • Braves to beat Nationals
  • Predicted total: 8-8.5

I won’t go over both games here, as these two are making up a game with a Double Header on Wednesday.

The main reason why is twofold; the probable pitchers aren’t known yet, and Washington got hit hard with inactives.

Washington is at home, but the Braves are bound to show up eventually, and their roster hasn’t been tattooed like the Nats. I’d just hammer the Braves in both games.

Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Cincinnati Reds Predictions

  • Reds to beat Pirates
  • Predicted total: 8-8.5

Pittsburgh gets a nice park jump again on Wednesday, but they have to try to score runs on Luis Castillo.

The latter got lit up in his first start of the year, and it’s always dicey to pitch at Great American Ballpark. That said, he’s a very good pitcher, and the Pirates aren’t scary.

I think Castillo bounces back here, and the Reds make for a safe bet at home. The Over is a good secondary bet, simply because of the park.

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Boston Red Sox Predictions

  • Rays to beat Red Sox
  • Predicted total: 8-8.5

I loved the Rays on Monday, and I’ll go back to the well here. Yes, their lineup strikes out a lot, but they get a massive park boost, and today they’ll face Nathan Eovaldi.

Not only is that a winnable matchup, but Ryan Yarbrough is a solid lefty backing their offense, too.

Tampa Bay projects well here, but both sides have some pop, and this is a great park for homers. The Over is honestly the preferred bet in this one.

Kansas City Royals vs. Cleveland Indians Predictions

  • Indians to beat Royals
  • Predicted total: 8-8.5

This is one of the games with zero pitching information as I write this, so you won’t have much to go on.

I tend to lean toward Cleveland, as they’re at home, and they have the better pitching staff in general.

Minnesota Twins vs. Detroit Tigers Predictions

  • Twins to beat Tigers
  • Predicted total: 8-8.5

Minnesota hung 15 runs on the Twins on Monday, and they’re in a decent spot again on Wednesday. Don’t get me wrong, Matthew Boyd can miss bats, and he was sublime in his first start of the year.

The Twins have a lot of power, though, and Boyd is a hard contact, fly ball pitcher.

Kenta Maeda was sparkling in his debut, too, so something has to break here. I trust the sample size with Maeda and this Twins lineup.

Toronto Blue Jays vs. Texas Rangers Predictions

  • Blue Jays to beat Rangers
  • Predicted total: 8-8.5

I want to say more scoring is on its way when the Jays take on the Rangers, but I doubt that’s the case.

Both of these lineups can be a bit dicey, and Texas is likely running into serious trouble against an elite run prevention artist in Hyun-jin Ryu.

He will likely contain them here, and that’s about all I need to go after the Jays. Oh, and Kyle Gibson presently owns an impossibly bad 135.00 ERA after a devastating season opener.

I love Toronto here, but Ryu’s presence keeps me interested in the Under.

Milwaukee Brewers vs. Chicago Cubs Predictions

  • Brewers to beat Cubs
  • Predicted total: 7-7.5

I’m not very high on the Brew Crew these days, as they just do not have much pop in their sticks. That said, I prefer their side of the pitching matchup when Brandon Woodruff battles Kyle Hendricks.

The latter was dreadful in his first start of the season, although I’d imagine he enjoys a nice bounce-back effort here.

It all contributes to the best play here – the Under – but I do think the pitching edge helps Milwaukee get a nice road win.

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Oakland Athletics Predictions

  • Dodgers to beat Athletics
  • Predicted total: 7-7.5

The Dodgers have wasted no time reminding everyone that they’re the best team in baseball. On Wednesday, they’ll look to do so again, with Trevor Bauer making his second start for the team.

Some might get scared off by his 5.68 ERA, but his debut came in Coors Field.

He projects much better in a pitcher-friendly park against a regressing Oakland offense.

The Dodgers are the play here, but the Under is a nice secondary bet due to the park and pitching.

New York Mets vs. Philadelphia Phillies Predictions

  • Phillies to beat Mets
  • Predicted total: 8-8.5

The Mets blew a Jacob deGrom win on Monday and aren’t off to the best of starts in 2021. On Wednesday, they’re still at Citizens Bank Park, where they’ll try to get to Aaron Nola.

The latter was rock solid in his 2021 debut, and I tend to think he keeps it together here. Philly has to open things up offensively at some point, too, and they may explode on David Peterson.

The Phillies stand out here, but Nola’s presence keeps me glued to the Under as a viable second wager.

Chicago White Sox vs. Seattle Mariners Predictions

  • White Sox to beat Mariners
  • Predicted total: 8-8.5

Chicago has gotten off to a slow start, but they can begin to turn things around with Dallas Keuchel toeing the rubber on Wednesday.

He wasn’t great in his 2021 debut, but he has a terrific matchup in front of him tonight. I think he keeps the Mariners under wraps, and Chicago’s explosive offense does the rest.

San Francisco Giants vs. San Diego Padres Predictions

  • Padres to beat Giants
  • Predicted total: 7-7.5

Blake Snell dazzled in his Padres debut, as he fired in eight strikeouts in just over four innings. He’s in another terrific spot on Wednesday, as he hosts a Giants lineup he should be able to dominate.

San Francisco does have enough righties to potentially be sneaky here, but Snell is an elite southpaw I don’t enjoy betting against.

Kevin Gausman is an underrated arm on the other side, and bettors do have to factor in the recent Fernando Tatis injury.

Needless to say, Tatis being out for the year would put a damper on their 2021 World Series chances.

I still like the Padres, but the Under is a very good bet to target in this one.

St. Louis Cardinals vs. Miami Marlins Predictions

  • Cardinals to beat Marlins
  • Predicted total: 7-7.5

Jack Flaherty was not on point in his season debut, and he’ll carry a hefty 12.46 ERA into Wednesday’s battle with the Marlins.

It’s a road start, and Miami is a bit better than anyone ever cares to admit, but I prefer to get weird with them against lefties. This should be a bounce-back spot for Flaherty.

Pablo Lopez is on the other side, of course, and he’s looked good. I still prefer St. Louis, but the pitching and park make the Under stand out as one of the best MLB bets of the day.

Baltimore Orioles vs. New York Yankees Predictions

  • Yankees to beat Orioles
  • Predicted total: 9-9.5

The Yanks get to unveil Jameson Taillon on Wednesday, and he’s good enough to give the O’s some problems.

Just keep in mind Baltimore has been pretty good this year, and this is a tough park to pitch in.

The good news is the Yanks are still at home in that same park, and they welcome John Means into town.

Means was great in his season debut, and he is the best arm the Orioles have to offer. But he can be had by righty power, and that’s basically all the Yankees are.

I think Means is in trouble here. I love the Yanks and the Over.

Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Colorado Rockies Predictions

  • Diamondbacks to beat Rockies
  • Predicted total: 11-11.5

Lastly, we have a nightcap at Coors Field. Arizona has a great matchup against the hittable Antonio Senzatela, and pretty much any team has to be on your radar in this park.

The Over is forever in play here, and the pitching isn’t even great. Madison Bumgarner feels like just a name at this point, and Colorado still has some nasty bombers.

Picking the winner is a toss-up, but I like Arizona’s lineup a bit more. The best bet, understandably, is the Over.

Best MLB Bets for Wednesday, April 7th

As I write this, there are no live MLB odds. I prefer to get these MLB picks and predictions out very early, so bettors can get another perspective and plan from there.

The good news is you can track any line movement at the best baseball betting sites and then circle back for my MLB picks here.

I’ll look to update this section once odds become available. Whether you wait on my top plays or not, hopefully, my analysis above proves helpful.

Good luck, and enjoy the games!

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