Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. Predictions and Picks – November 28, 2020

| November 12, 2020 7:35 am PDT

A nostalgia-inducing exhibition for the ages, Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. goes down on Saturday, November 28 at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California.

Seriously, this is happening. It might feel as though some random kid has been messing with the Large Hadron Collider, blowing us into an alternate universe, but the Tyson vs. Jones Jr. bout is actually going ahead.

Tyson was a devastating puncher who would attain the status of the biggest star on the planet following an emphatic rise through boxing’s heavyweight division in the 1980s. Jones was a technical master at super middleweight and light heavyweight that was named the best boxer of the 1990s. The question is, who comes out on top?

Today, I’ll be taking a look at who wins this fight and why. More than this, I’ll reveal the odds and the best bets for anyone looking to bet on Tyson vs. Jones Jr. Hopefully, this content will come in handy for anyone looking to make money betting on the fight.

Let’s start with my prediction for Tyson vs. Jones Jr. before I get any deeper into this fight. 

Tyson vs. Jones Jr. – Who Wins?

  • Jones Jr. by Decision

Will Tyson beat Jones? I don’t think he will. And that might be going against the grain a little.

The former heavyweight wrecking ball has not fought since losing to Kevin McBride in 2005 and hasn’t won a fight since beating Clifford Etienne in 2003.

Jones’ last pro outing, in February 2018, ended in a win over Scott Sigmon. That was his 12th win from his last 13 fights as a pro.

I’ll dive a little deeper into why I’ll be backing Jones Jr. to beat Tyson a little later. First, here are those odds I promised you.

Latest Tyson vs. Jones Jr. Odds

Mike Tyson to Win -200
Roy Jones Jr. to Win +155

How about these odds for Tyson vs. Jones?

MyBookie has Tyson’s odds to win at -200, and the money will continue to be slammed on “Iron Mike” in the lead up to fight night. I believe that his odds will shorten closer to the fight, so it might be a good idea to get on Tyson now if you are backing him to win.

Of course, I’ll be covering a few of the best bets for Tyson vs. Jones under this section. You might prefer to wager on the fight via a couple of other markets, so stick with me and I will get to those very shortly.

Jones’ odds to beat Tyson are +155. The boxer of the 1990s might be far removed from his pomp, but he was the more recently active of the two. By 13 years, I should emphasize.

Can Jones Jr. beat Tyson? If so, how will Jones beat Tyson? Let’s take a look through the following bets before I give you my answer.

Best Tyson vs. Jones Jr. Bets

  • Jones Jr. to Win +155
  • Jones Jr. to Win by Decision/Technical Decision +300
  • Tyson to Win by KO/TKO/DQ +120

I believe Jones Jr. to Win (+155) is the best bet for anyone looking to make money on the Tyson vs. Jones Jr. fight.

Despite Jones claiming that Tyson could kill him in the fight, it’s not going to be the vicious war that some are anticipating. For a start, this is an eight-round exhibition fight with two-minute rounds. 

Therefore, Jones Jr. to Win by Decision/Technical Decision (+300) is a bet that could be the real money maker.

Nothing is certain in a fight, whether it is a world championship or an exhibition such as this. If Tyson cannot stop Jones early, he could be in big trouble by the time he gets to the midway point of the fight.

It’s not like the former behemoth had a great gas tank towards the final stages of his career. I doubt that will change for him as a 54-year-old.

But the bet that many will be targeting on the top sportsbooks for boxing will be Tyson to Win by KO/TKO/DQ (+120).

A major reason why this fight is so appealing to fans is that, well, the most exciting knockout artist in modern heavyweight boxing history is taking part. If he connects on Jones, “Superman” will be downed.

But in an exhibition fight, what are the chances that Tyson looks to knock Jones’ head off his shoulders? A one-punch KO is possible. Tyson whaling on his fellow veteran against the ropes will almost certainly result in a TKO if Jones cannot protect himself.

Tyson winning by DQ though? That would be crazy in itself. 

Here’s how I see the fight going.

Why Jones Beats Tyson

I don’t believe there is much point in treating this fight as if it is a 12-round fight for the heavyweight championship of the world.

Of course, I don’t want to burst your bubble by saying it’s going to suck, either. But the simple fact of the matter is that the California State Athletic Commission wouldn’t sanction this fight unless we certain that both men were going to be safe in there.

Another thing to consider is that this will be Tyson’s second post-retirement exhibition fight. You forgot about the Tyson vs. Corey Sanders bout in 2006, didn’t you? I wouldn’t blame you for that. It was far from memorable.

Tyson looked good in that glorified sparring session, but it was 14 years ago. Other than some short, explosive pad and bag work, we really don’t know the extent of his capabilities right now.

But with Jones Jr., we do. Kind of. As I mentioned earlier, Jones hung up his gloves in 2018, which isn’t that long ago. And while the fighters he was competing against were hardly world-beaters, they were professional heavyweights.

With all the above considered, my prediction for Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. is a victory for Jones by unanimous decision. 

Oh, and I’ll throw another prediction your way. If the fans approve of the fight, we’ll get a rematch in 2021. How does that sound for an amateur Nostradamus?

More Tyson vs. Jones Jr. Betting Content

Looking for more odds, bets, and valuable content for Tyson vs. Jones? Say no more, as I have you covered.

Whether you are asking if Tyson will KO Jones, or if Jones will outbox Tyson, you will hopefully find the answers to those questions in our dedicated Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. betting guide. That’s in addition to odds, picks, and the best sites for betting on the fight.

I’ll leave you with that to take a look over. I’ll also drop in a betting guide for a major fight coming our way, as well as an early preview of another we can hopefully look forward to in 2021.

Good luck with your bets!

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