KBO Predictions and Best Bets (Round 112) – Friday, September 11, 2020

| September 10, 2020 6:37 am PDT

We’ve seen plenty of high-scoring games in the KBO recently and Thursday was not an exception. There was galore of runs across several fixtures and the best South Korea baseball teams will return to face the same opponents on Friday.

I share my KBO predictions for September 11 in this post. They cover every single game and there’s a section with my top picks at the end. It will be empty initially, but I will add my KBO best bets as soon as the top KBO sportsbooks release their odds. I plan to use the following trusted baseball betting sites.

Here’s a list of all games covered in my KBO betting predictions for Friday, September 11.

  • KT Wiz Suwon vs. NC Dinos
  • Doosan Bears vs. KIA Tigers
  • SK Wyverns vs. Hanwha Eagles
  • Samsung Lions vs. Lotte Giants
  • Kiwoom Heroes vs. LG Twins

KT Wiz Suwon to Beat NC Dinos

Both sides made late changes to their starting pitchers and sent weaker players than expected. The result was a wild shootout that saw plenty of runs for both teams. The Dinos managed to win by 13-8 and that should give them some confidence.

They are also expected to put Drew Rucinski on the field on Friday and he’s been solid for most of the season so far, leading his side to 13 victories already. And yet, his stats in the past month have been on a decline, while KT Wiz will use a guy who has been pitching like a madman lately.

I believe that Suwon can bounce back on Friday and that’s what I expect to see.

Doosan Bears to Beat KIA Tigers

The opener between the Bears and the Tigers was close, but the reigning champions kept their composure to win by 5-4. It’s impressive that they overcame the opponent despite sending the weaker pitcher from the start.

That won’t be the case on Friday when Doosan will rely on a guy that’s unbeaten in eight starts. That should ease the pressure off the offense and I believe that the Bears will win the second game of the series.

It must be mentioned that the Tigers will start a solid pitcher as well, but he hasn’t been at his best in the past month or so.

SK Wyverns to Beat Hanwha Eagles

You would rarely see the Wyverns contain the opponent to only one run, but I guess that makes sense against the worst offense in the league. SK’s batters scored five on the other end and that was more than enough for a comfortable victory in game one.

The Eagles will once again have to rely on a pitcher with terrible stats, while the Wyverns are sending one of their better starters out there. That’s why I prefer backing SK in my KBO predictions for Friday, September 11.

Lotte Giants to Beat Samsung Lions

The Samsung Lions led for a long time in the first game against the Giants, but they again collapsed late in the clash. Lotte scored nine runs in the seventh inning to turn it around, so it was another defeat for the Lions.

Based on the starting pitchers for the second game of the series, I don’t think anything will change dramatically. The Giants will once again have plenty of opportunities to find runs. Unless Samsung’s offense brings something extra special, it should be another win for Lotte.

Kiwoom Heroes to Beat LG Twins

The Twins won the opening game against the Heroes with ease, but that was to be expected. LG’s starting pitcher was much better and the team won’t have that advantage on Friday. In fact, I like Kiwoom’s choice more based on the past month or so.

That should provide the offense with more breathing room and put the Twins under pressure. I believe that the Heroes can bounce back on Friday and win the second game of the series, so that’s my prediction for this clash.

Best KBO Bets for Friday, September 11

Here are my top KBO bets for Friday, September 11.

  • KT Wiz Suwon to win; +140
  • Doosan Bears (-1.5) vs. KIA Tigers; +115
  • SK Wyverns to win; -140
  • Kiwoom Heroes to win; +100

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