Sunny Edwards vs. Muhammad Waseem Predictions and Picks – March 19, 2022

| March 15, 2022 11:58 am PDT

An exciting flyweight title battle goes down this Saturday at the Aviation Club Tennis Centre in Dubai.

England’s Sunny Edwards takes on Pakistan’s Muhammad Waseem in what should be a very intriguing battle in the United Arab Emirates. Edwards defends his IBF flyweight title for the second time since defeating the legendary Moruti Mthalane in April 2021.

If you’re betting on Sunny Edwards vs. Muhammad Waseem, but are not too sure who to pick, I’ll explain all below. In addition to breaking down the Edwards vs. Waseem odds, I’ll be putting my neck out with a few bold predictions for this weekend’s boxing in Dubai.

Let’s start with the gambling line for Edwards Saturday’s clash.

Latest Odds for Edwards vs. Waseem 

  • Edwards to Win -210
  • Waseem to Win +160

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So, as you can see, Edwards’ odds to beat Waseem come in at -210. That’s a fair price for what should be a fight that comes down to who can get their game plan fired up and keep that flame burning until the final round. 

The odds for Muhammad Waseem to win are +160, making him a moderate underdog. 

Although he is a very solid fighter, it’s clear to anyone with a remote knowledge of the sport that his best chance of bringing the title home to Pakistan lies in his ability to get inside and cause damage.

The Englishman is such an admirable talent, especially when it comes to playing to his strengths.

So, with the odds out of the way, I’m going to predict the winner of the Edwards vs. Waseem fight. Additionally, I have also provided the method of victory to help you with your wagers.

Predictions for Sunny Edwards vs. Muhammad Waseem

  • Predicted Winner: Sunny Edwards
  • Method of Victory: Decision

The Brit appears to have the advantages in this fight. Hence my predictions for Edwards vs. Waseem. 

Unlike some western fighters, Edwards should not be overawed by the occasion in Dubai. His last win inside the ropes came in the Coca-Cola Arena, just over a ten-minute drive up the road — and over Dubai Creek — to Saturday’s venue.

That night, he beat Jayson Mama — no, not the hairy fish-man dude — in a whitewash points decision which was aided by a knockdown in the 10th. This Saturday, I don’t expect him to have it all his way, but he should take the win on all three judges’ scorecards.

More on that later. Let’s move on to the best Edwards vs. Waseem bets to place on Saturday’s bout.

Edwards vs. Waseem Top Picks

  • Edwards to Win (-210)
  • Edwards to Win by Decision (TBC)
  • Fight Over 9.5 Rounds (TBC)

Although you can find odds for Edwards vs. Waseem on the top apps for betting on boxing, the props for the fights are not live as I write this.

To be honest, I don’t envisage there being much point in chasing big props in this one, anyway. Edwards to win by decision is probably your best bet.

But if there is no discernible advantage to be gained by taking the additional risk in going for a decision — or even the over/under bets for Edwards vs. Waseem —  stick to the moneyline.

If you want to win money on Edwards vs. Waseem wagers, but are a little hesitant to dive right in with your bets, our boxing betting strategy is a good way to pick up some quick hints and tips. 

Why Edwards Beats Waseem

I’m not going up too much of your time explaining why betting on Sunny Edwards to win this Saturday makes sense. 

But I will provide some details to substantiate my predictions for Edwards vs. Waseem. After all, if I can’t explain why Edwards beats Waseem in clear terms, I obviously have no idea what I’m talking about.

So, first up is the style Edwards takes into the ring. A classic outside fighter, Edwards likes to box on the back foot while keeping his opponents at bay. With a 17-0 record, he is undefeated as a professional, having used his elusive and defense-oriented game plan to keep his opponents at bay. 

The diminutive Englishman will look to take rounds from the backfoot with smooth, lateral movement and a crisp jab. In this fight, I would be surprised if he moves too far away from what has been a successful style thus far.
That said, he might have to hit the trigger and up the volume in certain rounds.

Of course, that is a dangerous game to play. But Edwards’ class and superior skillset should be too much for his Pakistani opponent, providing that air-tight defense is at its best. 

Edwards by unanimous decision is my prediction for Saturday’s fight. If you’re not sure about betting on this one, why not check out the other fights to gamble on in boxing this month? 

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