Prediction and Pick for Dolphins vs. Jaguars in London – Week 6

| October 14, 2021 9:43 am PDT

The second game in London for the 2021 NFL season is between the Miami Dolphins and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Neither team is off to great start in their respective 2021 seasons, with the Dolphins being 1-4 and the Jaguars being 0-5.

The London fans got swindled here for the entirety of their NFL games in 2021, with last week’s matchup being the Jets (1-4) and the Falcons (2-3). That doesn’t mean this game can’t be exciting, as these teams may be desperate for their first or second win of the season.

Odds for Dolphins vs. Jaguars Week 6

  • Dolphins (-3.5) +100
  • Jaguars (+3.5) -120
  • Dolphins to Win (-177)
  • Jaguars to Win (+157)
  • Over 47 (-112)
  • Under 47 (-108)

As we can see from the odds at BetOnline, the Dolphins are coming into this game as the favorite, while the “home” team is the underdog Jaguars. If you are the type of person to favor home teams when betting, throw that out the window in this bet since they are both technically on the road.

The point total is set at 47.0, which seems pretty accurate considering how these teams aren’t very high powered on either side of the ball. Something to take into consideration is that these teams rank terribly in points allowed. The Jaguars are ranked 29th in points allowed (30.4), while the Dolphins rank right behind them at 30th (30.8).

Why the Dolphins Will Win

The Dolphins are the only one of these teams with an actual win on the year. Now that might not seem like a big deal, but they seem like the more competent team in this game. They were just blown out terribly last week, but that was against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tom Brady.

The Dolphins won their opener against the New England Patriots by a mere one point, and their losses have been against some tough teams.

Other than the Bucs, their other losses come from the Bills, Raiders, and Colts. I’m not saying they are a top team, but they haven’t exactly had the easiest schedule to deal with.

Tua Tagovailoa also returned to practice, so he should be able to get back into the lineup and give their offense a solid boost over Jacoby Brissett. Their offense has some solid players but they are still young, this could be a great game to show us what they are made of.

Why the Jaguars Will Win

Now this team is in shambles and I am not putting my money on them, but that doesn’t mean they can’t win this game. As we know in the NFL, upsets are very possible and this is another case. The Jaguars looked pretty solid against the Bengals two weeks ago, and maybe they come out guns blazing in London.

The Jaguars will be most effective when they establish the run with James Robinson and limit turnovers. The Dolphins offense could have a big day, but they could also be lackluster. That’s kind of the deal you get with a bunch of young players, they could boom or bust every week.

If the Jaguars can do those two things offensively and hang in there on defense, this game could be in their reach for their first win of the season.

My Pick for Dolphins vs. Jaguars in London

My pick for this game is going to be the Dolphins moneyline (-177). They aren’t too much of a favorite but they aren’t the most reliable team either. I would also lean more towards their spread, because Urban Meyer has seemed to have lost the locker room in his first year as coach and that can really take a toll on a team.

The Over/Under for this game is totally unpredictable. This game could be a shootout based on both teams playing poorly. There could be a bunch of turnovers, bad sacks, or a special teams or defensive touchdown to really balloon the score here. They could also suck so bad that they don’t even come close to the set total of 47.0.

Trust the Fins in this one across the sea as the Jaguars will continue their winless streak no matter what country they are in.

  • Dolphins to Win
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