Predictions for Gervonta Davis vs. Rolando Romero with Top Bets – May 28, 2022

| May 26, 2022 5:42 am PDT

Looking to bet on the odds for Gervonta Davis vs. Rolando Romero? Great. I’ll certainly be able to help with that. 

The fight is scheduled for Saturday, May 28 at the Barclays Center in New York. Unbeaten WBA (Regular) lightweight champ, Davis (26-0, 24 KOs), has a tough task ahead of him. The promising Romero (14-0, 12 KOs) is not one to be dismissed. Even if the Davis vs. Rolly odds available at BetUS are a little generous for the challenger. 

In addition to analyzing the line for the fight, I’ll be making betting picks for Davis vs. Romero. In doing so, I’ll be isolating the best bets you can place on Saturday’s lightweight title fight. But before that, let’s start with my Gervonta Davis vs. Rolly Romero predictions. 

Predicting the Davis vs. Romero Fight – Who Wins?

  • Predicted Winner: Gervonta Davis
  • Method of Victory: KO/TKO
  • Round: 5

If you’ve found this piece looking for free Davis vs. Romero predictions, you can see what I’m going for.

Davis is a step above Romero and is due a big performance. He’s up for this one, for sure. Furthermore, there appears to be a lot of bad blood between these two, and I believe that will favor the more experienced man inside the ropes. While “Tank” Davis will need to play smart and avoid trying to get things done too early, I honestly don’t envisage that being a problem.

Stick around for a more detailed Gervonta Davis vs. Rolly Romero prediction. Before we get there, let’s see what the oddsmakers are saying on the best boxing betting sites.

Latest Odds for Davis vs. Romero

  • Odds for Tank Davis to Win -1000
  • Odds for Rolly Romero to Win +600

I mentioned the odds that were available on the BetUS sportsbook a little earlier. These are the ones I’m going to share with you today.

If you’re looking to make fight picks for Romero vs. Davis, it’s a good time to think about who has your vote. As you already know, Tank is who I’m going for. But the price is not doing it for me, if I’m to be completely honest. 

You would need to wager $1000 on the champ to see $100 in return. While that is a testament to how good this guy is, you’re also coughing up for the privilege of having a few avenues covered. First, the win. Second, the win by any means necessary.

I’m picking Davis to beat Romero by KO/TKO in the fifth, so I don’t need that blanket protection. 

Now, before I get into the Davis vs. Romero prop bets, where I’m sure to find much better value, note that I’m not completely writing the challenger off. He is a good fighter and one that you can make a $600 profit from, against a $100 stake. But this fight has come a little soon for him and I don’t see any reason to risk money on his cause. 

Best Prop Bets for Davis vs. Romero

  • Davis to Win by KO/TKO (-400)
  • Davis to Win in Rounds 4 to 6 (+220)
  • Davis to Win in Rounds 1 to 6 (EVEN)

I’m not going to spend much more of your time here on the props for Gervonta Davis vs. Rolly Romero.

The Davis vs. Romero odds above are straightforward. First, you can cut the moneyline odds down from -1000 to -400 by backing Tank for the KO/TKO. But there is more to choose from.

As with my prediction for the fight, I see Tank winning in Round 5. But it would be a dangerous game to play backing the exact round. Therefore, you have the option to take him to win in Rounds 4 to 6 or the safer choice in betting on Davis to beat Romero at any point in the first half of the fight.

With the predictions and Davis vs. Romero odds covered, it’s time to break the fight down. Buckle up!

Why Gervonta Davis Beats Rolly Romero 

When I made Gervonta Davis vs. Rolando Romero predictions, I briefly touched on a very important point.

Experience. Or, to be more precise, the experience of handling high-pressure in major bouts. That is something that Davis has done on several occasions, always finding a way to win. Whether it was against Leo Santa Cruz, Mario Barrios, or Isaac Cruz, Tank has delivered. It hasn’t always been pristine, such as in his labored victory over the latter, but he came away with the decision.

Although a promising fighter, Romero hasn’t been tested in the deep end. While that is not a prerequisite for any fighter at this stage, it can be an obstacle to overcome. Unlike Davis, Romero hasn’t been in the spotlight. Nor has he faced the scrutiny and adversity that his opponent has been through. This mental fortitude can make a big difference when it comes to the crunch. 

Before I close out with my betting pick for Davis vs. Romero, I want to emphasize a couple more points. First, although Romero has a 2.5″ height advantage over his man at 5’8″, he can boast just a half-inch in reach at 68″.

Anyone selling size advantage as a reason to bet on Romero’s odds to beat Davis clearly doesn’t know what they are talking about. Davis has fought taller men with greater reach advantages and looked impressive in the process. Barrios is a case in point.

As long as Davis is defensively acute when going to the body to soften his man up, I see no reason to fear an upset. He’ll be patient and use his opponent’s aggression against him. When that initial bout of uncertainty hits home for Romero, expect Tank to put his foot on the gas and get him out of there within the first five rounds. 

Betting on Gervonta Davis vs. Rolly Romero 

That should explain all you need to know about betting on Saturday’s fight from New York. 

I’d recommend signing up with one of the top boxing betting apps or sites to get your wagers down. More importantly, by using our recommended sites, you’ll be able to bet safely in the knowledge that you’ll get paid if you pick the right wagers!

If any of the information above doesn’t make sense — whether it’s the betting odds for Davis vs. Romero or how to wager on the fight — give this piece another read. Alternatively, if everything has clicked but you want to know the science behind my predictions and picks, I have a few top tips for you below.

Good luck with your bets!

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