Current Best Bets to Win the 2021 AL and NL MVP Awards

By Dan Vasta in MLB
| August 13, 2021 1:11 pm PDT

The 2021 MLB season has been picking up steam since the trade deadline has ended. The second half of the season has been exciting, and teams have changed for the better.

The health of players and the amount of winning certainly is an ingredient that is needed to achieve individual accolades.

Key performers have already made an impact on their new teams. Some of them are worthy of those MVP-like discussions. The dog days of August are difficult to endure, but this is where the cream rises to the crop.

Here are your best bets for the 2021 MLB MVP awards entering the stretch run of the season.

Trea Turner – NL MVP (+800)

With present favorite Fernando Tatis (-110) banged up, Bryce Harper and other contenders stand out as interesting MVP bets. Insert Turner, who has a sparkling +800 price tag at the best baseball betting apps.

Bryce Harper is capable of stealing the National League Most Valuable Player award from a Dodger. However, the Phillies aren’t a sure thing to reach the postseason.

The Dodgers are getting in without any resistance from others.

It is just a matter of whether or not they grab the NL West or the top Wild Card spot.

Trea Turner has been a stud for years. He even had some October heroics when he won a pennant and World Series with the Washington Nationals in 2019.

Turner is one of the best baserunners in the game due to his exceptional speed. He can go first to third and first to home as well as any player in the game.

Many seem to forget the fact that Turner has hit for power this season. He’s climbed to 5th in runs scored on the year, too.

MLB Runs Leader 2020 2019 2018
Trea Turner (MLB Rank) 46 (Fifth) 96 (T-No. 37) 103 (T-No. 11)

The 2021 NL MVP race is wide open. Bryce Harper is on pace to fall well short of 100 runs driven home. Turner is going to hit 20-plus home runs with well over 100 runs scored.

Leading off or at least hitting towards the top of the lineup in one of the more talented offenses in baseball is a bonus. The Dodgers are the defending world champions, and that is an advantage. The fact that no other player having great numbers also makes this selection far from a lock.

Unlike the American League, where several players have had exceptional seasons, nobody has shown MVP-caliber performances consistently. I love the value of Turner and feel the odds will continue to shorten as the season winds down.

Fernando Tatis Jr. – NL MVP (-110)

The face of the game will always have an edge versus the rest of the competition. The wide-open race of the NL MVP this season is absurd to ponder. The entire league has not had a player run away with anything.

Ever since Jacob deGrom was injured, the awards have all been up for grabs. Tatis has been the logical replacement, though, and presently holds the top spot at BetOnline with -110 NL MVP odds.

The crazy part will be if Fernando Tatis Jr. comes back and plays in the outfield. He’s hurt his shoulder twice now, which put his place as the NL MVP favorite in jeopardy.

Based on these tweets, it appears he’s on track to return soon, however.

The spectacular athlete has several plays, which he has pulled off, but he has made plays all over the field. Keeping him healthy for the stretch run will impact their chances of reaching the postseason.

The Reds are on the Padres’ tails for the second wild card. That will impact the MVP race. Joey Votto has caught fire since the All-Star break, but Tatis Jr. has the award if he continues to rake when he is on the field.

He means so much to San Diego. Despite the amount of offensive production in their lineup, the shortstop is pivotal for the franchise. The young superstar can carry them towards their first pennant since 1998.

Whether we see that this postseason or shortly after is where the excitement lies. Tatis Jr. is the favorite due to numbers and flashy play in the field and at-bat.

He has put the San Diego faithful in a frenzy during all home games. Plus, there is a difference when he has not played. It is not just his bat that the team misses, but the confidence he has given the team is next level.

Many are hoping Tatis Jr. has a great final month of the season. Fans want a postseason featuring the top shortstop in baseball. Can you imagine another series against the Dodgers?

Being the favorite heading down the stretch at even money is solid value even though he has not been healthy. Earlier in the season, he was a consensus favorite, so this is a time to jump on board before he starts slugging his way towards history.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. – AL MVP (+600)

Picking anybody other than Ohtani to win the 2021 AL MVP may not be wise, but his power may come down to earth a bit. I can’t argue well against Ohtani, but I certainly can try.

The Angels haven’t been close to a playoff spot at any point during the season. There are plenty of other great players in the league having stellar seasons that would be heavy favorites in any other year.

Vlad Jr. has been hitting missiles out of the yard for a team fighting in a pennant race. The production from Guerrero Jr. has been astonishing due to the team’s pitching woes before the trade deadline.

There is also a chance for Vladdy to win the AL Triple Crown!

Vlad’s AL Ranks HR RBI AVG
Through 8/8/21 35 (Second) 87 (Leads) .318 (Fourth)

The rankings are not going to change much at all from August to September. Health would be the only factor. The depth and flexibility of the Blue Jays have been impressive. Going against the top slugger on a potential premier playoff team is not wise.

Overall, the value could be worth a shot if Ohtani falters. Keeping the hot bat is a realistic possibility, but clearly, Ohtani’s production will need to falter when the summer concludes.

Regardless, Vlad stands out as one of the best bets to win the AL MVP, as he’s really Ohtani’s lone challenger.

Shohei Ohtani – AL MVP (-1200)

The odds aren’t alluring, but regarding the likelihood of winning, Shohei Ohtani remains one of the best bets to win the 2021 AL MVP. Actually, he’s the bet to win.

Similar to what Tatis has meant to baseball for San Diego in the senior circuit, Ohtani has done the same for Los Angeles.

We have never seen a pitcher and batter-like this caliber dominate since Babe Ruth. Many were not pleased with Ohtani starting the All-Star game. However, he was worth the price of admission that the majority of fans wanted to witness.

Nobody thought we were going to come close to this type of season entering the year. The Angels were a sleeper pick to reach the postseason, but Ohtani had early-season struggles as a pitcher. The hitting power has ballooned this season despite the absence of Mike Trout and Anthony Rendon.

Everything that has needed to happen for Ohtani to steal the show has occurred. It has been a blessing to see him send baseballs to orbit. The number of moonshots without Trout or Rendon is tough to fathom.

Here are his homers by month this year.

April May June July
8 7 13 9

Ohtani is a monster at the plate, and he also is a lethal presence on the mound. That combination makes him the most obvious choice to win the AL MVP award.

The value is not there to wager on Ohtani in the final month-plus of the season, but there isn’t much else worth a wager. The Halos slugger is the unanimous choice for the 2021 AL MVP, and the value has been gone since July.

Betting on AL and NL MVP Winners in 2021

If you’re looking for the best bets to win the 2021 MLB MVP in the AL and NL, it’s down to Tatis and Ohtani.

Ohtani is priced egregiously as the massive AL MVP favorite, so looking to someone like Vlad for value does make sense.

Turner stands out as an elite value for the NL MVP, but all roads lead to a healthy Tatis. He is presently the face of the game, and his numbers rival anyone else’s.

When looking for the bets MLB MVP bets, you want an option that is going to win, has some value, or both.

Ohtani makes betting on the AL MVP race difficult. You can’t get much back for him, but betting on anyone else is probably a waste of time.

The value resides in the NL MVP race, but you also can make money betting on baseball other ways.



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