Brooklyn Nets vs. Detroit Pistons – NBA, February 9, 2021

By Dean McHugh in NBA
| February 9, 2021 3:51 am PDT

The Nets are currently third in the Eastern Conference, and the top three, which includes the Buck and the 76ers, are starting to pull away from the pursuing pack. The Pistons are having a miserable season and are bringing up the rear in the Conference.

Although the previous six games between these two have been relatively close matchups, it’s the Nets who have won five of those games as they seem to be able to get it done against Detroit. In Detroit, both teams have alternated wins in the previous eight games, and if that trend were to continue tonight, it would be the Pistons that would come away with a shock victory.

To echo how close the games have been between these two as of late, their average score per game over the last ten matchups is separated by a single point (Nets 106 and Detroit 107).

Here are my Nets vs. Piston’s betting preview.

Nets vs. Pistons Odds

Nets (-9.5) -110
Pistons (+9.5) -110
Nets To Win -405
Pistons To Win +333
Over 232.5 Points -110
Under 232.5 Points -110

It’s yet another big lead given to the Pistons in this one, as is the norm most nights nowadays. The most exciting thing to me is the points total, which appears to be set sky-high tonight. As mentioned, these teams are averaging a combined score of only 213 points per game, over 20 points short of the total set.

Nets Preview

The Nets are probably going through their worst spell of the season right now after losing three of their last four games. Therefore, it will have been a welcoming sight to have checked the schedule and seen that they face the bottom of the Conference Detroit next. However, it’s not all bad as their one win during that period came against the Clippers, which is no small feat. They trailed early in that much but dug deep to produce a 124-120 point victory.

Brooklyn hasn’t traveled well this season and has a negative 4-6 record on the road. They have lost back-to-back games three times this season, but they followed up those losses with a win each time.

Here are the latest betting trends for Brooklyn:

Against The Spread
  • They have only won three of their last ten games.
  • Brooklyn has won 14 of the previous 20 matches against Detroit.
  • The Nets have won five of their last six games played on the road against the Pistons.
  • They have lost seven of their previous eight games against teams in the Eastern Conference.

I think the above highlights their struggles as of late but shows them hope coming up against the Pistons.

Points Total
  • The total has gone over in 17 of their last 19 games.
  • Seven of their previous eight road trips have gone over the betting total.

This shows how high scoring and entertaining their games have been recently, as defense appears to be an afterthought on most occasions.

Other Pointers
  • They have won seven of their last nine games against teams based in the Central Division.

This is self-explanatory.

Having been involved in so many high scoring games, I think it’s no surprise to see that the Nets have the number one offense in the NBA this season. They are averaging a colossus 121 points per game, mostly down to their accurate shooting, which is just shy of 50%! They are also shooting well from range at 40% and the free-throw line at 81%, so they can hurt you all over the court. They pass the ball well and create clear opportunities to strike from. Imagine how frightening it would be if they improved upon their poor offensive rebounding record.

Despite their poor away record, they still have the best attack on the road, averaging two points more per game this season.

Their defense is non-existent, as you might expect, with all of their focus on going forward. With an attack like theirs, who could blame them.

They are conceding four more points per game on the road, making them the worst defensive team away from home in the league.

Despite this, they have rebounded well defensively this season, averaging 36 per game. So, what is going wrong? To start with, they are turning the ball over far too often, and you feel at times, they could do with slowing things down and composing themselves. Added to this, they have very little energy left to try and win the ball back after losing it can often make life easy for their opponents.

However, they are blocking well, so they certainly have this defensive game in them. They need to try and find a better balance to their game.

Their old guard of Durrant and Harden appears to be working better than anyone could have ever dreamed of when Harden recently moved to Brooklyn. However, Durrant was pulled from the game against the Raptors in confusing circumstances, which certainly upset the big guy.

It was reported that he had come into close contact with someone that had the Covid-19 virus. Durrant was tested, and it came back inconclusive. He then had a second test, and that came back positive, so he was pulled from the game and is expected to face some time on the side-lines. Harden spoke of his frustration and displeasure after the game, and he thought that the game should have been canceled.

The Nets will also be without Dinwiddie and Claxton, but Irving is hopeful of returning from a recent finger injury.

Pistons Preview

The Pistons have lost their last four games in a row, but they did show signs that a victory could be on its way last time out against the mighty Lakers. It took two extra periods of overtime to separate the two teams as the Pistons ran out of steam and lost 135-129.

Although the Pistons have a poor record at home this season, four of their five wins have come at the Little Caesars Arena, so they have performed better at home. They will therefore welcome the return to Detroit after losing all four games on their recent road trip. Before that trip, they had won back-to-back games for the only and only time this season. This is even more impressive when you see that they beat the 76ers and the Lakers.

Here are the latest betting trends for Detroit:

Against The Spread
  • They have won four of their last five home games.

This again highlights their improvements at home as of late.

Points Total
  • Eight of their last 12 games have gone over the betting total.
  • However, eight of their previous 12 games against the Nets have gone under the points total.
  • Their last six games against teams in the East have all gone over the betting total.
  • Four of their previous five matches against teams in the Atlantic Division has followed suit on gone over.

Their games have been high scoring, well that is until they play the Nets, it would seem.

Other Pointers
  • They have a terrible record playing in February, having only won one of their previous 11 games.

Nothing else to add here.

The Pistons have a poor offense, which is sloppy and doesn’t shoot well. There isn’t much else to say about their attack. My mother always told me if I don’t have anything good to say about something, don’t say anything at all, so I won’t.

Their defense is better but by no means is excellent. For a team that lacks ability, you would certainly expect more fight and hard work from them. In my eyes, they need to set their stall out to play defensively and ensure that they are harder to break down than they currently are. By doing this, they would be in a better position to improve upon their abysmal defensive rebounding figures, which is the worst in the league.

They commit many personal fouls, but it’s not down to aggression, which is what they need. It’s down to being caught out of position too many times or being so far behind in games that they commit fouls to regain possession. Long gone are the days of Denis Rodman when you came off the court with all sorts of bumps and bruises, and you knew you had been in a game.

The biggest plus for them is that their defense has functioned much better at home this season and is averaging six fewer points against them per game.

The Pistons have let their veteran guard Derrick Rose leave to join the Knicks in exchange for Dennis Smith Junior and a future second-round pick in the drafts. This, to me, signals the end of their season before it has even got going. However, it does mean that they are taking a different approach and looking to the future by investing in youth.

The Pistons will be without Hayes for this game, and there are also doubts over Ellington, Griffin, and Okafor.

Nets vs. Pistons Betting Pick

With the Pistons improved showings at home as of late and the Nets poor form, I was tempted to opt to take Detroit with the handicap, but unjust can’t bring myself to back a team that is so poor. Therefore, I will stick to my original thoughts and go for under the points total.

The Nets will want to get back to winning ways, which may mean switching things up and slowing the pace of the game down to control possession better. They are also missing their top scorer Kevin Durrant which is a significant boost for this play.

  • Under 232.5 Points



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