Best Horse Racing Bets for Thursday, January 21, 2021

| January 20, 2021 2:00 pm PDT

I found underdogs and long-odds moneymakers galore at all three of the tracks I reviewed for Thursday: Aqueduct Race Track, Fair Ground Race Course, and Gulfstream Park.

I even discovered some mid-range sleepers in a few of the races, and who doesn’t like a relatively sure thing at 8/1 odds?

In any case, read on for the summary of my horse racing picks for Thursday, January 21, 2021.

Good luck!

Aqueduct Racetrack Picks for Thursday

  • Race 6: Just Right 7/2 (win)
  • Race 6: Charlie McCoy 8/1 (sleeper)
  • Race 7: Bustin Shout 5/2 (win)
  • Race 7: Morning Breez 8/1 (show)
  • Race 8: Big Brown Shoes 7/2 (win)

Aqueduct had plenty of low-end show tickets for us to consider, as well as some second-favored underdogs to fancy. I found those underdogs in races 7 and 8 (I stuck by the morning line for race 6).

There was an 8/1 entry in race 7 that was only worth a show ticket, but I found a different, more ambitious 8/1 in race 6 that could be worth an across the board wager.

Get all the details behind my choices for Thursday’s races at Aqueduct Racetrack.

Thursday’s Predictions for Fair Grounds Race Course

  • Race 5: Love Bound 6/1 (win)
  • Race 5: Mandoline Star 15/1 (show)
  • Race 7: Boyfriend Material 5/2 (win)
  • Race 9: Taking Notes 6/1 (win)
  • Race 9: Baquero’s Bind 8/1 (sleeper)

I found a fourth-favored entry in race 5 and a third favored in race 9, so already we have some good odds to our win bets. I also found a 15/1 long-odds show ticket in race 5, as well as an 8/1 sleeper to think about in race 9.

I went with the morning line’s choice in race 7 because there really was no question which horse would be the winner of that run.

Discover the stats behind my predictions for Thursday’s matches at Fair Grounds Race Course.

My Thursday Picks for Gulfstream Park

  • Race 3: Wicked Mercury 5/1 (win)
  • Race 5: Gear Jockey 3/1 (win)
  • Race 5: Carmichael 20/1 (show)
  • Race 9: Richiesgotgame 9/2 (win)
  • Race 9: Yes This Time 20/1 (show)

As with the other two tracks, my win picks at Gulfstream were much more underdog and much less morning line than usual. I found a fourth-favored entry in race 3 to tout and a third-favored entry in race 9, but I found myself agreeing with the morning line in race 5.

Learn the numbers behind the touting for Thursday’s three richest races at Gulfstream Park.

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