Best Bets for NFL Parlays in Week 13, 2020

| December 1, 2020 8:32 am PDT

Betting on the NFL in week 13 is going to be tricky. There is the constant presence of COVID-19, some injuries to monitor, and a whopping three games featured on Monday Night Football.

I mean, Monday will be fun, but the week itself is severely impacted by these wonky scheduling changes.

Luckily, you can always exploit these situations, or at least allow the schedule changes to clear things up for you on Sunday’s main betting slate.

One way to take advantage is to piece together a winning NFL parlay bet. My NFL parlay picks didn’t convert as a whole last week, but I did vouch for the Titans (+175), and they came through with a big win.

It’s onward and upward we go into week 13. With that, here’s a look at my favorite parlay picks for NFL week 13 betting.

Cleveland Browns (+5.5) -105

I actually love the Browns to win this game, so if you’re feeling extra saucy, you can aim high and make this your “risky” bet in this week’s NFL parlay.

The name of the game is to win, though, and we need all of these parlay picks to convert. I at least think the Browns can hang tight in their battle with the Titans, and this 5.5-point spread gives them a decent amount of wiggle room.

Cleveland has a solid run defense to combat the battering ram that is Derrick Henry, and they also have a very good rushing attack of their own. That, and this has to be one of the more disrespected 8-3 teams I’ve ever seen.

Baker Mayfield and co. feel like they have more work to do, and I won’t be shocked to see them win this one, or at least put up one heck of a fight.

Indianapolis Colts (-3) -110)

Initially, the Texans looked like a sneaky home underdog, but I’m not sure they can overcome some recent bad news.

The big issue is the loss of star wide receiver Will Fuller, who got hit with a six-game ban from the league due to PEDs.

Fuller isn’t alone, either, with Houston cover man Bradley Roby being handed a similar suspension of his own.

These are two massive losses, should the bans hold and these guys sit out week 13. Indianapolis is a fine bet to win at -160, but I think they win easily given the news, and you get a better price for them covering a mild 3-point spread.

Whether you plan on betting on this game individually or tossing it among your week 13 NFL parlay picks, you probably need to act fast.

Raiders vs. Jets Over 47 (-115)

This is a pretty tough game to project, seeing as the Jets are (probably) bound to get their first win at some point, and Las Vegas was horrific last week.

Do worlds collide here, and NFL bettors get the dream upset with the Jets sending Jon Gruden and company further into the abyss? 

It’s a gamble worth attacking in an isolated bet, but I won’t be attaching myself to anything Jets related in my NFL parlay for week 13.

Instead, let’s just target the Over. This game total feels really low, especially when you factor in poor defensive play on both sides of the ball.

There is some mild concern that Josh Jacobs could miss time with an ankle injury, but the Raiders should be able to put points on the board, no matter what.

Ditto for the Jets, as Las Vegas hasn’t really stopped anyone all year and is coming off a game where they allowed 43 points.

Nobody will feel great about any bet involving this matchup, but this total is low enough to get me to bite.

New England Patriots to Win (-110)

The Pats were actually mild underdogs earlier in the week, which is another reason why paying attention to the early week 13 NFL betting odds is so important.

You are losing value based on where their price was just a day ago, but this game is still set up as a pick ’em.

It makes sense, as the Chargers are at home and immensely talented. However, they can’t get out of their own way, and head coach Anthony Lynn is the master of poor game management.

This feels like a spot where superior coaching (i.e., Bill Belichick) wins out. It should be close, but I like New England to get the job done and get to .500.

Top Week 13 NFL Parlay Bet

  • Cleveland Browns (+5.5) -105
  • Indianapolis Colts (-3) -110)
  • Raiders vs. Jets Over 47 (-115)
  • New England Patriots to Win (-110)

This is actually probably one of the more stable NFL parlays I’ve pieced together this year. It’s been a rough ride, as I’ve had a lot of near-hits and just one epic parlay convert so far this season.

That’s never easy to admit, but it just goes to show you how volatile pro football betting can be.

Even so, the NFL parlay picks for week 13 listed above have a really good chance of winning someone money. There is always going to be risk involved when stringing together multiple bets, and anytime you’re betting on the Browns or Jets in any capacity, you’ll have your head in your hands.

Cleveland has the ability to play the Titans well, though, and Indy could jump to being a sizable favorite with this Houston suspension news. The Raider’s game total just feels a bit low, and I really think L.A.’s propensity to give games away benefits the Pats quite a bit.

As noted, you can get weird with it and adjust this parlay by favoring Cleveland or New York to win, and that’d increase the winning potential dramatically.

You also can cut this thing down by taking out wagers you don’t like, or just attack some of these parlay picks for NFL week 13 individually.

For a little more insight, hit up my other week 13 NFL betting advice columns.

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