6 Best Prop Bets for the 2020 NBA Draft

| November 13, 2020 10:51 am PDT

The 2020 NBA Draft is almost here, which means time is running out to profit from the madness.

There is true hysteria this year, too, as there is not a locked-in consensus pick for the top spot, and a lot of teams will be looking to move players and draft choices.

This could be one of the more unpredictable drafts in recent memory. That does mean that betting on the NBA Draft isn’t exactly the safest way to make money, but it also could give way to loads of value.

One such way is betting on NBA Draft props, and there’s a lot to choose from. Some aren’t really worth your time, as the pricing is just super tilted, and only pays off if something unexpected goes down.

You can bet that way, but for the most part, it may make sense to just go with the best props to bet on for the 2020 NBA Draft.

With that, here are my NBA Draft prop bet picks for 2020, featuring the best options to target online.

LaMelo Ball to Go 1st Overall (-130)

One of the first things you’ll want to do before betting on any of my favorite NBA Draft prop bet picks for 2020 is to find the very best odds.

I broke down some of the big wagers in my 2020 NBA Draft odds comparison, but you’ll want to do that at a high level across any sportsbooks you regularly use (and even ones that you don’t).

A second thing to do is make sure you’re attacking the right type of bet. In this case, these two ideas go perfectly together. For instance, you can’t find a better price for LaMelo Ball going first overall than his -130 odds at MyBookie right now, and it’s also the preferred wager to attack.

This is somewhat wild, since it’s inching toward being cemented.

Others may fall in love with the safety net provided from the LaMelo Ball draft position bet. Yeah, you get some wiggle room if he goes second instead of first, but you lose in the odds department.

Ball is the top prospect in this draft, and unless the Timberwolves make a wild trade, he has to be the pick here. To get him at -130 at this point feels like highway robbery.

Of course, it’s good to hear every side of the story. For a detailed look at this exact wager, check out our 2020 NBA Draft #1 Pick Prediction.

James Wiseman Under 2.5 Picks (+140)

I’m pointing this bet out because it’s a classic example of how verbiage can get you a better price. This bet asks you if Wiseman will be picked within the first two picks (+140), or if he’ll go beyond the first two picks (-180).

The former is our target, and yet it aligns with the wager asking if he’ll be the second pick in the draft.

That prop only pays out at a +110 clip, so you’re getting essentially the same price, but you get the added wiggle room in the event he actually goes second or first.

Of course, this is only an eye-opening revelation if you believe Wiseman is a top-two pick. At this point, I’ve bought in. He’s a potential generational big, Ball is going first, and the Warriors need a center.

It’s the trend in recent mocks, and I couldn’t agree more. Ipso facto, Wiseman is going 2nd overall to the Dubs.

Anthony Edwards to Be Drafted 3rd Overall (+200) 

You can also bet on who will be the first pick in the draft, as well as who will follow him at the two spot. However, this prop offers the same idea, but with a far better price.

LaMelo Ball is currently projected to be the top pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, with big man James Wiseman overtaking Anthony Edwards as the likely pick at second overall.

If those things happen, the Charlotte Hornets hopefully face the no-brainer task of landing a bit of a steal with Anthony Edwards falling into their lap.

Edwards truly has the talent and physical ability to be the top pick, but the way things are going, it sure sounds like a mini slide is in the cards. New Orleans doesn’t have any players they should be cautious about upgrading over, so landing the best remaining prospect is the way to go.

The fact that we can get Edwards to the three spot at +200 feels like a pretty great value. You can target this exact wager (and all other props dealing with exact draft position) at BetOnline.

Over 5.5 Pac-12 Players Drafted in 1st Round (-115)

This is another fun 2020 NBA Draft prop bet pick to be found at Bovada. A lot of these NBA Draft props hinge on your personal opinion, but it’s not all that subjective that the Pac-12 has a lot of great prospects this year.

It starts up top, as USC big man Onyeka Okongwu has forced his way into the top-5 discussion, while Stanford alum Tyrell Terry is also in the mix for the middle of the first round.

There’s also a slew of Arizona prospects (three, to be exact) that I’ll go into further detail over, plus two Washington players that really stand out. I have just about all of them sneaking into the first round, with perhaps one of the Cougars not making the cut.

Even if that ends up being true, there should be just enough to make the Over a winning bet.

Over 1.5 Big 10 Players Drafted in 1st Round (+150)

This one isn’t the easiest to make happen. There are a few international prospects that will go in round one, and most of the top players in the 2020 NBA Draft admittedly are not from the Big 10.

However, it only takes two to make a thing go right.

You have to ask yourself, are there at least two players in all of the Big 10 that have a chance of being selected in the draft? The answer is an emphatic “absolutely”.

Then ponder to yourself if they could go in the first round.

I think there is enough optimism to make this bet, especially since the two guys I have my eye on are rock solid prospects. One already feels like a lock to be taken in round one, if not the lottery.

That’s none other than Maryland’s Jalen Smith, who is a total monster.

Smith is projected as a lottery pick, and even if he isn’t, it’d be somewhat shocking if he slid completely out of the first round. Bettors probably just need one other Big 10 prospect to crack the first 30 selections.

That’s probably going to be Minnesota big man Daniel Oturu, who was a double-double monster last year, and even offers upside as a floor spacer.

I think that’s your two right there, with Smith going inside the top half of the first round, and Oturu going in the final few picks of round one. That’s still leaving out the tried and true Cassius Winston, and even Penn State’s Lamar Stevens.

Needing just two Big 10 players to get this bet at a nice price over at MyBookie.ag, I like the odds.

Over 1.5 University of Arizona Players Take in 1st Round (-130)

This feels like one of the easiest NBA Draft picks to make for bettors, and you can find it over at Bovada. You’ll be sweating it out until the second half of round one, to be sure, but I think this one easily converts.

Easily, as in, you have the numbers working in your favor.

It’s true that Arizona disappointed per their talent level last year, but that doesn’t make those prospects any less enticing for GMs at the next level.

Quality perimeter scorer Josh Green gets things going as a fringe lottery pick, but guys like Nico Mannion and Zeke Nnaji are also pretty good bets to hear their name called in round one.

All of these guys have slid a bit in recent months, but they’re all first round prospects with high ceilings. I can see one of them sliding out of the first round, but two? I doubt it. That’s why the Over is such a good bet at -130.

Deni Avdija’s Draft Position to Be Over 4.5 (+110)

Ask me where Deni Avdija was being selected a few months ago, and I’d tell you he’s a top-five lock.

Most experts would have agreed.

Now, I’m not so sure.

This is a smooth perimeter scorer with excellent shooting and playmaking ability, yet the recent buzz around the 2020 NBA Draft could have him sliding a bit.

James Wiseman and LaMelo Ball are back to being strong bets to be selected early, and then Avdija still has to contend with the rising Onyeka Okongwu, Killian Hayes, and Obi Toppin.

Golden State was reportedly the team most enamored with him, but they’re now projected to take Wiseman at second overall. That, or they could trade the pick.

Regardless, Avdija inside the top four picks is no longer something we can hang our hat on.

The possibility of him sliding a bit is very real, which makes his +110 odds to be taken beyond the first four picks one of the best 2020 NBA Draft bets to attack.


You’re not getting insane upside with these 2020 NBA Draft props, but I still think they’re some of the best options out there. They should give you a solid floor in terms of safety, while some even offer a little bit of value.

I’ve gone through a bunch of ways to make money betting on the 2020 NBA Draft, and the best way is arguably to throw caution to the wind. Via props, that often means taking on a little risk and seeing if something crazy can pan out for you.

When you’re not doing that, consider targeting the NBA Draft prop bet picks for 2020 seen above. Some carry a little risk, some are seemingly very safe, but they all feel like some of the best props to bet on this year.

For more 2020 NBA Draft content, hit some of our links below.

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