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Online Video Poker

Video poker online is played in much the same manner as video poker in a land-based casino. In fact, since the game is played using a random number generator and a video screen, it’s probably the one casino game that ports over to Internet play better than any other. You will occasionally find some unique games that aren’t available in land-based casinos. You’ll also have trouble finding some of the more unusual games that are available in land-based casinos at an Internet casino.

What Else You’ll Find in this Guide

You’ll find a wide variety of information about video poker as it’s played online. We’ve included pages about apps where you can play on your phone (Android or iPhone), casinos that offer these games on the Internet, and which ones offer bonuses for VP players.

We’ve also provided commentary and analysis on video poker downloads as opposed to no download games. These are all generally in the software category, which includes iPad compatible games. Our directory of video poker websites includes blogs and news sites as well as to forums, including extensive observations about vpFREE.

Differences & Similarities with Land-Based Video Poker

Video poker has more similarities to the game as played in traditional casinos than it has differences. You still need to bet 5 coins on every hand. You still have a pay table that you can use to estimate the house edge and/or payback percentage. You still have better odds at video poker than you do at slot machines.

But you do have one big difference when you’re playing at an online casino:

You’re almost always eligible to get a signup bonus.

Almost all online casinos disallow wagering on video poker when playing through your signup bonus’s playthrough requirements.

Here’s how that works:

A casino might offer a $1000 on any deposit of $250, giving you a starting bankroll of $1250 on a $250 investment.

They’d be fool to let you play full pay Jacks or Better with that money, because the house edge is so low that you could easily bet the minimum wagering requirement and still be a mathematical favorite to walk away from the game a winner.

Even the casinos which do allow you to video poker with your bonus only count a tiny percentage of those wagers toward achieving your wagering requirement.

In some ways, getting an edge over the casino at video poker is harder online than it is in a brick and mortar gambling hall. Many online casino operators are savvy to how the games work, so they implement less-than-optimal pay tables to protect their money.

That’s a bummer if you’re trying parlay some casino bonuses into a jukebox or pool table, but it’s the reality of the business. Internet casinos used to allow all kinds of shenanigans which allowed for winners in the advantage gambling community, but those days are long gone.

Below we’ll examine some of the specific software packages used to power video poker games online. Where possible we’ve included details about which games are available and what kinds of pay tables they offer.


You can find a wide variety of video poker online, for real money or for free. In fact, you’ll probably find a more varied selection of games on the Internet than you could in a land-based, brick-and-mortar casino. Most of the games are powered by one of a couple dozen software providers.

If you do decide to play video poker online for real money, look for the best pay tables available at each site. Then use the best possible strategy for the game. You can find detailed strategy guides for the most common games in the appropriate sections of our site.

Of course, if you want to play on the Internet from the United States, you’re limited in your number of choices. RTG is probably the largest software provider that accepts real money players from the United States. We recommend starting there, but watch the pay tables.

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