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Best Online Casinos for India in 2022

Did you know that you can play popular Indian casino games online for real money? That includes games like Teen Patti and Andar Bahar.

But only a few online casinos in India offer them. You can find those games, as well as traditional casino games, at the best India online casinos that we recommend.

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There are lots of options for real money casino gambling online in India. But some sites force you to give up bonus options in order to enjoy the games you want.

Others may have decent bonuses, but they make you jump through hoops to process your transactions. That is because India has a few trade laws that affect online gambling transactions.

We don’t think you should have to make sacrifices to find the top online casinos in India. So, we want to give you all the information you need to find excellent casino apps and sites that work for you.

Keep reading to learn more about the features of the best Indian online casinos, your banking options, India’s online gambling laws, and our predictions about how casino gambling might change in the future.

Features of the Best Indian Casinos Online

We have a thorough process we use to rank and rate online casinos so that we can confidently recommend the best sites to you.

It would be easier to create a basic set of criteria and offer the same recommendations to everyone. But we know that people have different needs and preferences.

That’s why we considered the following features when we came up with our list of the top casinos online in India.

  • Banking Methods – FEMA is an Indian law that prohibits depositing money into an online casino account in a currency other than Indian rupees. Our recommended online casinos for India accept a variety of banking methods and currencies so that you can choose the method that works best for you.
  • Game Variety – Indian culture includes multiple betting games you might want to play online, such as Andar Bahar or Teen Patti. We recommend India casino apps and sites that offer these games for real money, as well as standard casino games like slots, blackjack, and video poker.
  • Language – We prefer to recommend casinos that support our reader’s native language – in your case, Hindi. They also support English, in case you prefer that, as well as many other languages.
  • Currency – It is a lot easier to gamble in your native currency. That is why we look for online casinos that accept Indian rupees.

You can trust our recommendations because we cultivated our list of the top India online casinos with Indian gamblers like you in mind.

Banking at Online Casinos in India

One of the most crucial aspects of online gambling is banking. It’s easier when you are able to bank and gamble in your local currency – Indian rupees.

You don’t have to gamble in Indian rupees, but here are a few challenges you might face if you don’t.

  • Managing your bankroll is more difficult when you use a different currency.
  • The minimum betting amount might be more than you are willing to spend once you exchange the currency.
  • You may also run into problems with the maximum betting amount.
  • Be prepared to pay additional transaction fees. Most real money online casinos charge transaction fees that depend on the banking method you choose. You will have to pay that transaction fee, PLUS the currency exchange fees.
  • Deposit and withdrawal limits may cause problems if the limit is in a different currency.
  • You need to be mindful of how currency exchanges will affect your bonuses and playthrough requirement. You might get a much smaller deposit bonus than you anticipated.

You might be able to avoid the currency exchange fees by using alternative banking methods, such as cryptocurrency or e-wallets.

The service you use might convert your rupees into another currency, such as crypto, dollars, or pounds. You can then deposit this currency at online casinos accepting Indian players.

But no matter which banking method you use, gambling in a currency other than rupees is going to be difficult because the value of rupees is so much smaller than other currencies.

Based on current exchange rates, 1,000 rupees is US$13.77. You could exchange those thousand rupees into Bitcoin instead, but you would only get 0.00026 BTC.

That amount of money will not go very far, as most India casino sites have a minimum bet of $1 or 0.0008 BTC. You might be able to enjoy a dozen or so hands before you run out of money.

You can choose whichever banking method works best for you, but you need to keep the currency in mind, no matter which method you choose.

Gambling in rupees is far easier for most Indian gamblers. When your currency matches the casino’s, banking limits, betting limits, and deposit bonuses and terms are much clearer.

Play Indian Games Online for Real Money

You already know that you can play traditional casino games like slots and blackjack at real money India online casinos.

But what you may not know is that some of these casinos also offer popular Indian card games; games that originated in India.

Here are a couple of examples of Indian casino games to look out for, and what you need to know about playing them online.

Teen Patti

Indian casino card game Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a form of three-card poker that is popular in India. The objective of Teen Patti poker is to have the best hand or to be the last player standing after the other’s have folded.

Many casinos in India online offer Teen Patti since that is where the game originated. But not all casinos have it, so you’ll want to read our casino reviews if that is a “must have” game for you.

It’s worth looking for, as the India casino apps with Teen Patti often have both digital and live dealer versions. Just bear in mind that their version might be different than the game you’re used to playing in person.

For example, when you play Teen Patti Rapid, you decide how much you want to bet between $1-$500. Then the computer deals three cards for you.

Your payout will depend on your hand. Here are the potential payouts you can earn in Teen Patti Rapid.

  • Pair 2:1
  • Flush 5:1
  • Straight 6:1
  • 3 of a kind 30:1
  • Straight flush 50:1

In this game, your objective is to get the best possible poker hand. However, if you don’t have anything better than a pair, you will automatically lose.

That’s a big difference from playing Teen Patti Poker in person. You don’t lose with anything less than a pair offline. That’s not the only difference, either.

Here are a couple more examples of how playing Teen Patti in person is different from playing it at an India casino online.

  • You will have the option to play blind or seen.
  • You can request a sideshow.

These options aren’t available at online casino apps for India. Not yet, anyway.

You can’t compete with other players, either, not unless you play the live dealer version of Teen Patti. The only way to figure out if that version, or any version, is right for you, is try them all out.

Our top-rated online casinos in India are a great place to find and test these variations.

Andar Bahar

India online casinos with Andar Bahar

Another popular casino game in India is Andar Bahar. This game is simple. All you do is bet on whether you think the Andar (inside) or Bahar (outside) card will match the trump (joker) card first.

This game is great because the odds of winning are practically 50-50. There are only two options, and one of them wins every round.

The Andar bet has a slightly higher chance of winning because it is the hand that gets a card first. For that reason, real money online India casinos offer a slightly smaller payout on the Andar bet – 0.90 to 1.

The live dealer Andar Bahar version uses a different strategy, though. The dealer deals the joker card first.

If the joker card is black, the first card will go to the Andar bet. When the joker card is red, the Bahar bet gets the first card.

That allows you to have equal odds, no matter which bet you choose. That being the case, both bets only pay 1.9x your stake instead of 2:1. This is much easier to remember than the digital variant.

The casino where you play Andar Bahar might make it even easier than that. Many online casino sites in India will display your potential winnings once you’ve placed your bet. You don’t have to remember odds or payouts.

Many of these casinos also have a road map with the results from the past 50 rounds. That way, you can look for patterns to determine your next bet.

You won’t have these features if you play Andar Bahar with your friends, or even at your local casino in India. But chances are you will if you join India casino sites online that offer this popular card game.

Indian Rummy

Online Indian Rummy

Some online casinos accepting Indians offer Indian Rummy, even though it is not technically a casino game.

Indian rummy is a variation of traditional rummy. Each player gets thirteen cards to play with, and jokers can be used as wilds.

The objective is to collect as many melds as possible. Melds can be made with three cards in sequential order or three cards of the same rank.

Traditionally, rummy games are played for fun. However, you can bet on who will win each round or who will win the whole game.

Some casinos choose not to offer Indian rummy because it is not a traditional casino game. Our casino reviews tell you which real money online casinos in India have it, and which ones don’t.

Skill-based Games

India gambling laws make a distinction between games of skill and games of chance. We explain this in more depth in the next section.

For now, you just need to know that you can legally participate in sports betting in India because it is defined as a skill-based game.

Many of our recommended India online casino apps also offer sports betting options. These are a good choice if you want to enjoy all your favorite gambling activities in one place.

Alternatively, you can join a site specifically for betting on sports in India.

Casino Gambling in India – Is it Legal?

You might be wondering whether India allows online casinos to operate or how India’s laws affect these casino corporations.

The answer depends on whether the state where you are playing has passed its own online gambling legislation.

We will give you a quick introduction to India online casino gambling laws, but check out this page if you are interested in more information.

State-Based Gambling Laws

India is similar to the United States in that gambling is a state-level governance issue. Each state gets to determine how they want to regulate gambling.

We can separate Indian states into two categories: those that have prohibited gambling and those that legalized casinos. Nagaland is an exception that offers some legal forms of gambling.

Anti-Gambling Pro-Gambling
Tamil Nadi Sikkim
Telangana Goa
Andhra Pradesh Daman

Tamil Nadi, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh are all states that have explicitly prohibited online gambling in any form.

However, they have never pressed charges against anyone for participating in online casino gambling in India.

Sikkim, Goa, and Daman are all states that have legalized brick-and-mortar casinos.

Their laws do not address online gambling in particular, but these states would be the ones most likely to regulate online gambling in the future.

Nagaland prohibits chance-based games but licenses skill-based games, including poker and rummy.

Other than those seven states, the rest choose to follow federal guidelines instead of creating their own laws.

Federal Gambling Guidelines

Federal gambling guidelines in India

State law overrides any federal laws about gambling in India, but the federal government has created a few guidelines to help in the absence of state laws.

The Public Gambling Act of 1867 prohibits casino gambling, but it allows for skill-based games. Unfortunately, the definition of skill games is not particularly clear.

You will notice that the Public Gambling Act was written in 1867, more than a century before the internet got invented. So, it does not mention online gambling in any way.

India has not created any new laws about gambling since then, either.

They passed the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) in 1999, but all that it says is that you cannot use an online casino to process foreign currency exchanges.

As long as you are using Indian rupees for your transactions, FEMA does not apply.

The only other law that could impact online casinos in India is the Information Technology Act of 2000. It doesn’t mention online casinos, but it does give the government the right to block citizens from accessing specific sites.

If India ever decided to crack down on online gambling, there is a possibility that you could lose access to your favorite online Indian casinos.

But because India’s federal laws are so vague, you are free to enjoy India online casinos for gambling with real money – for now.

You just need to be aware (and prepared) that this could change in the future.

The Future of Online Casino Gambling In India

Clearly, India’s federal gambling laws need an update. However, since the country has not addressed gambling issues since 1867, it is unlikely that they will do so any time soon.

But that doesn’t mean that things won’t change. Here are our predictions for what casino gambling online in India will look like in the (near) future.

  • Gambling is a state’s rights issue in India. So, any changes to Indian online casino gambling laws will most likely happen on a state-by-state basis.
  • If a state does choose to regulate online gambling, it would only be open to people within the state’s borders. They would likely require geo-location software, similar to what they use in New Jersey and other US states that have legalized online gambling.
  • This process will be prolonged and drawn out. It takes a long time for states to pass laws and implement the required technology. Most likely, it will be the 2030’s before most of the country has access to state-regulated sites.

All the online India casino sites we recommend are operated by corporations in other countries. They are licensed and legal in the country where they operate.

You can use these sites, and real money casino apps for India, without worrying about breaking any laws. They are available now, so you don’t have to wait for your state politicians to change the laws.

It is easy to get started using any of these casinos. All you have to do is pick one of our recommendations, create an account, and make a deposit using any of the banking methods we covered.

The best Indian online casinos are available to you now. Check out our recommendations and start playing today!

India Online Casinos FAQ

Are There Land-Based Casinos in India?

Yes. Sikkim, Goa, and Daman are three states that have land-based casinos. They are all operated in five-star hotels, so they are convenient for visitors.

What Are Other Forms of Legal Gambling in India?

You can also enjoy sports betting and lottery games in India.

How Does India Define Different Types of Gambling?

India’s laws make a distinction between games of skill and games of chance. Poker, rummy, and sports betting are all considered skill-based games because the game’s predominant element is skill.

Can I Use Mobile Casino Sites in India?
AYes! There are Indian mobile casinos that can be accessed through your device’s internet browser. Some sites also offer real money casino apps for Indians that you can download.
What Games Can I play at India Casinos Online?

In addition to the Indian casino games we mentioned, you can also play other casino games online in India, such as blackjack, poker, roulette, craps, and slot machines.

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