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The Best High Stakes Caribbean Stud Poker Sites in 2022

Let’s chat about Caribbean stud poker.

Caribbean stud is the easiest table game to learn – you either raise or fold. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Basic strategy is pretty easy to learn, too. We include a few basic strategy tips in our article below.

You know what is challenging, though? Playing Caribbean stud for high stakes online.

There just aren’t as many casinos that offer Caribbean stud for high stakes, or as high of stakes as some big-time players are used to. Not compared to high stakes blackjack, roulette or baccarat.

So, what do you do?

We’ll provide you with a little perspective, and several tips for how you can still have a good time online, later on in this guide.

But first, if you’re keen to get started now at one of the few casinos that do offer high stakes action, we recommend you choose one from the list below.

Beggars Can’t Be Choosers

The most common question we’re asked about high stakes games is,

How much can you play for?

Ha…well, when it comes to Caribbean stud poker, you don’t have many options – and nowhere near the options available to high stakes roulette, blackjack or slots players.

Now, Caribbean stud is available everywhere. You shouldn’t have a problem finding the game. It’s available at Canadian casinos, United Kingdom casinos, European casinos and, yes, even American casinos.

Where you start to run into a problem is the “high stakes” part.

You can find these games all day long for $1 to $100, $250 or $500 per hand. But high stakes players like to play for $5,000, $25,000 or even $100,000 per hand or round.

That’s not going to happen.

We have found a few examples of Caribbean stud tables with relatively high table stakes. You can play at an Evolution Gaming version where the table limits are as high as $3,000. Many casinos run their software, too, such as 888, PokerStars, Unibet, William Hill and Royal Panda.

Evolution Gaming’s stud game also offers a 5+1 bonus bet with a 1,000:1 payout as well as a progressive jackpot.

There are some exceptions, too. It looks like Betway and BetVictor also offer Caribbean stud from Evolution Gaming, but their top limits are $1,000 and $1,500.

That’s about as high stakes as it gets.


Don’t forget that the $1,500 to $3,000 table limit will be for your initial bet. If you choose to raise your hand, you’ll need to double your initial bet, which means you’ll have 3x the table limit on the table.

For example, say you make the $3,000 initial bet, and then decide to raise. You’ll need to put an extra $6,000 on the table for a grand total of $9,000.

Comprises You Might Have to Make When Selecting a Casino

Usually, when we write these pages, we include some information about how to select the “best” casino.

There’s usually more than enough casinos available, so that when you go through the process of weeding out the ones that won’t work (based on our tips and your preferences), there’s a handful left that do.

But since that’s not the case here, we think it makes a little more sense to look at this from the other direction – what you may have to give up or comprise if you’re determined to play Caribbean stud for high limits online.

With that in mind, here are a few of the many things you may have to sacrifice on your quest for high stakes stud action:

Specific Casino Brands

Because live dealer casinos will (probably) offer you the highest stakes online, and only Evolution Gaming appears to offer it, that means that you’ll have to cross Paddy Power, Bet365, Betfair and BetFred off your list.


This is less likely, as mobile is just too popular and widespread to ignore. Evolution does appear to offer live Caribbean stud for mobile, however, it may not be available everywhere.

AND if you manage to find a high stakes game from someone other than Evolution, they may not have it, either.

Licensed and Heavily Regulations

If there’s one thing we’ve repeated across most about our high stakes games, it’s the importance of playing at licensed and heavily regulated casinos. You’re just playing for too much money not to.

That said, Evolution Gaming-powered casinos shouldn’t be a problem. You’ll just want to do your due diligence for any casino not running their software.

Stakes Above $500

This is going to be the case for Americans. None of the more popular and recommendation U.S. casinos – 5Dimes, BetOnline or SportsBetting.ag – offer live dealer games from Evolution Gaming.

So, you’re going to have to stick to virtual Caribbean stud, and the highest those games tend to go is $500.

Legal-ish Casinos

This is another strike for Americans. There are several casinos offering live dealer games, even those offering Evolution Gaming Caribbean stud. However, they don’t appear to be offering them to their American player-base. Not yet, anyway.

That said, you CAN and SHOULD play their virtual Caribbean stud game, if possible.

Everyone else will have to play at offshore casinos. While still licensed and regulated, it’s nowhere near the same as playing at a UK-friendly casino. You just don’t have the same (legal) options if you get into a disagreement with the casino.

You can still make this work – it just may not be as easy, or the games you play may not have all the options you’d have if you were playing a different game for high stakes.

All this being said, you shouldn’t have to compromise in other areas that we regularly talk about in our high stakes pages.

For example, you should have no problem finding a casino with:

  • Banking options you can use, as well as reasonable deposit and cash out limits, fees and processing timeframes.
  • Bonuses and other incentives. All casinos offer public deals – welcome bonuses, cashback and VIP programs. But many casinos also cater to high limit players. Because you’re not playing as high as high stakes roulette players ($10,000 to $500,000), the perks you get might not be as good, but you should get much better offers compared to the guys playing for $5/hand.
  • Excellent support. You should have no problems getting help when you need it, especially if you’re a high spender.
  • Safe and secure. Americans may struggle in terms of having only offshore casinos, but outside of that, NO ONE should struggle with finding a safe, secure and honest casino that offers high stakes Caribbean stud.

Don’t compromise on these things – you don’t have to.

Now, let’s look at some tips to help you make the most of this less-than-stellar situation.

5 Tips to Help You Have the Best Time Playing Caribbean Stud Online

Even if you’re not playing for $10,000 or $500,000, there are still things you can do that will either save or make you money.

Here are a few tips to help you do that.

Find the Best Games

There aren’t many (if any) rule variations that affect the house edge. However, each casino may offer different payouts for winning hands which DOES change the house edge.

Your task is to find best payouts/house edge possible.

Now, this may not be doable depending on how stubborn you are about playing for the highest stakes possible.

But we’d rather play for $500 per hand if it means having a lower house edge, as that means we LOSE LESS in the long run.

The choice is yours, though.

Skip the Side Bets

The return-to-player – assuming optimal strategy – is 98.2%. That’s hard to beat for a casino game.

However, if you decide to play the 5+1 side bonus, you reduce the RTP from 98.2% to 91.44%.

You should skip the progressive jackpot, too, as this has a MASSIVE 24% house edge.

Get Comped

We prefer cashback as it doesn’t (always) have a playthrough, so you’re less likely to lose most or all of it back to the house. Fee free banking also works, as does expedited cash outs and gifts.

Use Optimal Strategy

WizardOfOdds.com says the following 2 strategies will apply to most hands:

  • Always raise with a pair or higher.
  • Always fold with less than the dealer’s qualifying hand (ace/king).

Do both of these things, and you’ll do alright.

Don’t Pay for Systems

Caribbean stud is far too simple a game, for one thing. Second, no betting system is capable of beating the house. Don’t pay for a system – use your money to play Caribbean stud instead.

Stick to these tips, and you’re more likely to have a fun time playing online.


There’s a good chance this article left a sour taste in your mouth. It sucks to find out that, while you can play Caribbean stud online for high stakes, the stakes just aren’t as high as they are for other games.

Unfortunately, not everyone will even be able to play those games, and for that, we’re sorry. It does suck.

But at least it’s possible to play for more than the standard $100-$500/hand.

That’s got to count for something.

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