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Best Online Casinos for Germany in 2022

German casino players have it pretty good. Though, you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise, since at one point many forms of gambling were illegal in Germany.

Then the European Union swooped in to save the day. They made it so that gambling is legal in the country – to an extent. They also made it so that the country cannot punish Germans for playing at offshore casinos since the county has made it so hard for operators to obtain licenses.

Take advantage of this while you can. Join one of the recommended casinos in the list below, and you can be claiming bonuses and playing your favorite games within minutes.

Rank Online Casino Exclusive Bonus Get Started
#2 280% Up To $14,000 Visit Site Visit Site
#3 250% Up To $12,500 Visit Site Visit Site
#4 100% Up To $3,000 Visit Site Visit Site
#5 500% Up To $7,500 Visit Site Visit Site
#6 250% Up To $6,000 Visit Site Visit Site
#7 300% Up To $6,000 Visit Site Visit Site
#8 200% Up To $5,000 Visit Site Visit Site
#9 150% Up To $1,500 Visit Site Visit Site

You shouldn’t have any issues at any of the casinos listed above. We know that because our team has done extensive research on each one to make sure it meets our standards. This means that every casino we list has the following attributes.

  • A gaming license with a reputable gaming regulator or jurisdiction
  • A large selection of banking options with reasonable limits and fees
  • A positive reputation in the gambling community
  • A large variety of casino games available to play on your computer or mobile device
  • Several support options and fast response times

We only recommend casinos that we’d play at ourselves.

In fact, many of our team members have accounts at the casinos we recommend. We not only talk the talk, but we walk the walk, too. How many other gambling sites can say the same thing?

We’re also here if you have any questions. Our goal is to ensure that you have a great experience online. So, if you have questions about where to play, don’t hesitate to reach out.

We’ll do what we can to help you out.

5 Reasons Why German Casino Players Have It Made

If you’re a German casino gambler, and you’re not gambling – especially online – you’re missing out on so many opportunities that people in other countries don’t have.

You could even say that you’re taking the opportunities you have for granted.

Don’t get defensive, though. Hear us out instead. We’ll give you several reasons why German casino players have it made so that you can see where we’re coming from.

It’s Legal to Gamble Online

In 2008, the country passed the Interstate Gambling Treaty (IGT). This effectively banned online gambling country-wide.

Then the European Union intervened. They said that Germany’s laws were too strict, so the IGT was amended in 2012 to allow the lottery and sports betting. Schleswig-Holstein was an exception – poker games were also allowed.

Schleswig-Holstein also managed to issue 50-ish licenses to online sportsbooks and casinos. These licenses are valid until 2019.

The laws are expected to change again in 2018, but not to the detriment of German gamblers. The laws are expected to become even more liberal so that everyone can enjoy playing at online casinos.

That’s good news, right? We’re not done yet, either.

In 2016, the European Union told Germany that they couldn’t punish offshore operators for accepting German customers, nor could they punish Germans for playing at these sites.

This means that even though you might not have access to an online casino licensed in Germany, you can still legally play at an offshore casino.

Not everyone else can say the same thing. A great example of this is the United States.

Play Casino Games Not Available Anywhere Else

Another thing that Germans get to enjoy that not everyone else does is games from specific software providers.

Many software providers operate in certain countries, while – for one reason or another – they aren’t able to operate in others.

Take NetEnt, for example. They prohibit Canadians from playing their games. You’d be lucky if you could even see the thumbnails for their games or play them for free from Canada.

In our experience, this isn’t an issue for players in Germany.

We’ve found that most of the major software companies allow Germans to play their games.

This means you get to play games from Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, and other popular developers.

More importantly, this means that you’ll have access to hundreds if not more than a thousand unique casino games, while players in other regions might only have access to a fraction of that.

Play Live Dealer Games in German

What’s great about live dealer casinos for Germans is that you can find games where the German language is spoken.

This is great news if German is your primary and/or preferred language.

Not only will the dealers speak in German, but you should be able to chat with them, too. Most, if not all, live dealer casinos will also let you chat with the other players – all in German, of course.

Not every country will be allowed to play live dealer games. And even for those that can, there are no guarantees that you can read, speak, and play in your native language.

But Germans can.

Access to Reputable Casino Brands

Look at other countries and the options they have for offshore casinos.

The United States is an excellent example. Americans have some decent options for offshore casinos. They can play at sites such as Bovada, BetOnline.ag, and 5Dimes.

However, these casinos pale in comparison to the casinos that Germans can join. Some of the brands that accept Germans include Bet365, William Hill, and Ladbrokes.

These are all major brands. They advertise online as well as through TV commercials, billboards, sports teams, and more. Chances are you’ve heard of these companies even if you don’t gamble.

What’s more is that several of these companies are publicly traded. They’re in the public spotlight, day in and day out.

The point – these brands have reputations to protect. They have people to answer to when they screw up. That means they’re far more likely to be safe and offer fair games compared to some random no-name online casino.

Not everyone can join these sites. Americans can’t, for example.

Germans can, though, which is why this is another reason why they have it made.

Gambling Sites (May) Absorb Your Taxes

If you decide to hop from the casino to the sportsbook, you should know that Germany charges a 5% fee on every bet you make.

This is crazy high, and it’s on top of the vig you already pay to the sportsbook. This can make it incredibly difficult to make a profit.

That is, unless you join one of the sportsbooks that covers the fees for you.

Many sportsbooks cover this fee for their customers. One example is Bwin.

This is yet another reason why German gamblers shouldn’t take their circumstances for granted.

Not only can they join reputable sportsbooks, but these sportsbooks will help make it less expensive to use their sites.

We don’t know of another country or jurisdiction where players are taken care of like this. Maybe if they could join legit sites such as Bwin or Ladbrokes, this sort of thing might be available.

But as far as we know, it’s not – it’s one of the many things that Germans can take advantage of that no one else can.

Your Checklist for Choosing an Awesome Online Casino

Finding an online casino is easy. There’s more than one hundred of them out there for you to choose from. Choose any one of them, and you can be playing online in a matter of minutes.

But would you feel good about it? Would you feel safe?

We wouldn’t. Online gambling isn’t the same as it is offline. Brick-and-mortar casinos are subject to strict regulations and even harsher penalties when they screw up. You can play anywhere offline and feel okay about it.

Not online, though. In many ways, online gambling is still the Wild West. Operators can run online casinos with far fewer rules and few, if any, consequences if they take advantage of players.

This means that you should take your time when finding an online casino to join. We don’t want to join just any casino. We want to join an awesome one.

You want to know how to do that? Just follow this checklist.

Are They Licensed?

This is easy to check for. Look at the bottom of their website or on the casino’s “about” or “terms and conditions” page. Do they say which jurisdictions they’re licensed through? Do they provide you with a license number?

If so, you can check this box.

For extra credit, we recommend you try to verify their license. You can sometimes go to the gaming regulator and type in the casino’s information, and their license will come up. Then you can check that it’s still valid.

We also recommend you give them extra credit based on who the gaming regulator is. For example, give them brownie points if they have a license through the UKGC, MGA, or AGCC. You can learn more about each gambling jurisdiction and their roles by following the link provided.

Are Their Terms Fair?

Another important item to check is the casino’s terms and conditions. You want to make sure that they’re not predatory in any way. Predatory terms are hard to describe, so here’s an idea of what you want to look for.

  • That the bonus terms are reasonable. A 30x base playthrough for slot players is reasonable. A 100x base playthrough for slot players is not
  • That the cash-out limits are reasonable. Many casinos will have high minimums, such as $100 or $150. This isn’t reasonable for players who play $20 or $50 here and there. We prefer cash-out limits of less than $50
  • That progressive jackpots are paid in full. There’s almost no reason for casinos not to pay these out in full since the money doesn’t even come from them. However, a short-term payment plan – a year or less – is okay if the casino is reputable
  • That the casino doesn’t charge maintenance fees for dormant accounts
  • That you’re not punished for talking negatively about the casino online

Those are a couple of ideas of what to look for.

Every online casino is going to have terms. Some will be better than others. You just want to make sure that the terms are as player-friendly as possible.

Do They Have a Positive Reputation?

A gaming license doesn’t guarantee that an online casino is worthy of your business. There are many casinos that have gone as far as to scam players but still had gaming licenses.

So, another thing you want to look at is their reputation. Check out casino and gambling-related forums for answers to the following questions.

  • Is the casino paying their customers? Are they sending cash-outs in a reasonable timeframe?
  • Are they engaging in shady behavior, such as retroactively changing terms or locking players into bonuses?
  • Do they work with players when there’s an issue? Does the casino work with third-party mediation sites when an issue arises?
  • Are customers happy playing here? Do they recommend that others check them out?

Think about this sort of like reading customer reviews on Amazon. You want to make sure that people enjoy doing business with the casino you’re thinking about joining.

Do They Have Banking Options You Can Use?

Another important item you want to look at is the casino’s banking options. You need to ask if they accept banking options that you currently have access to or are willing to get.

The good news is that many of the larger casinos that are available to Germans accept common banking options such as credit/debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and more.

Beyond banking options, you also want to look at fees. You should expect to pay a couple percentage points on credit/debit card withdrawals and roughly $40 for a bank wire. If a casino charges much more than that, we recommend seeing if you can have a similar experience but pay cheaper fees elsewhere.

You don’t want a casino’s banking fees to cut into your winnings too badly.

Do They Have the Games You Want to Play?

The whole point of this gambling thing is to play games you enjoy. So, it’s important that you make sure the casino has the games you want to play.

Everyone is different when it comes to games. Some people prefer games from a specific software provider, such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Betsoft, or Playtech.

Others want to play variants of popular games, such as blackjack or video poker. They want to play similar games that have unique rules or twists.

Then there are people who just want variety. They want a good selection of slots, table games, video poker machines, and more so that they can bounce around when they get bored.

We can’t tell you what’s right or wrong for you. Only you know what you want to play.

The best way to get an idea of the games a casino offers is to read our reviews. We also tell you the software providers they work with.

If all else fails, you can also browse the games at most casinos for free without creating an account.

Do They Have Plenty of Support Options? Do They Offer Good Support?

The last thing on your main checklist should be the casino’s customer support. The first thing you want to check for are the options available to you.

The casino should offer email support at the very least, but we prefer casinos that also have live chat.

We give casinos brownie points if they offer phone support since this can be hard to offer when you have hundreds or thousands of customers.

Then we look at the support response times and how helpful the support is. If we can receive an email response in as little as a few hours and our issues are squared away, we’re happy. Our rating goes down the longer the response takes and the more back and forth that’s required.

You can also check to see if they have an FAQ or help section. These sections often answer the more common questions casinos receive so that you can find an answer on your own instead of waiting for the casino to get back to you.

And that’s it – those are the items on our checklist.

Any casino you want to have an awesome time at should check every single box above. You could skimp on the games or banking options, but why would you want to?

Since there are several top-notch casinos that offer a variety of games and banking options and also happen to run legit and reputable companies, you should really shouldn’t have to skimp on anything.

Additional Items Germans Should Check For

The checklist above is more or less a list of must-have items if you want to have a great time gambling online.

That said, there are a few additional items that you might want to look for that apply specifically to German casino players.

  • Can you play in German? Can you speak in German?
  • Does the casino offer support in German?
  • Can you play in euros, the currency now used in Germany? Or will your deposits be converted to a different currency?
  • Are bonuses offered in euros?

The more of these options in your favor – the more German options that exist – the better the experience you’re likely to have. You won’t have to worry about wrestling with a different language, currency exchange rates or fees, or other frustrating issues.

That sounds like an awesome experience to us.

Don’t Play This, Play That Instead for Casino Gamblers

Have you ever seen the series, Eat This, Not That? It’s a book series and website that shows you healthier alternatives to unhealthy dishes that people like to eat.

Casino games are similar to foods in that there are some games that are healthier for your wallet than others. We thought it’d be fun if we took a similar approach to some of the casino’s most popular games.

So, what you’ll find below are games that people like to play most and what we feel are better alternatives.

Don’t Play This – Slots

Slots are loads of fun. They’re based on all kinds of themes, including animals, music, money, cars, and more. You can even play slots based on your favorite TV show or movie.

Then there are the features. Slot machines have features such as free spins, wilds, cascading wilds, bonus rounds, and multipliers.

These themes and features make it feel like you’re playing video games that pay out money when you win.

In fact, these games are so much fun that it makes it easy to ignore the house edge – which is often as high as 15%. This house edge makes slots one of the worst games in the entire casino.

Play That Instead – Video Poker

If you’re willing to give up slots but don’t want to trade a solitary machine for a socially active gaming table, then we recommend you try video poker instead.

Video poker has a far better house edge. You can find machines that offer a house edge as low as 0.50%. You can find machines that have an RTP as high as 99% or 100% – and some that are even higher than that.

We also like how video poker gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Since slots are all about getting lucky, it’s common to experience a negative bout of variance and burn through $20 in a matter of minutes.

However, you can make $20 last much longer playing video poker, even at $0.50 per hand. It’s common to make $20 or $40 last for 30-60 minutes. That’s because it’s common to break even for long stretches at a time.

The one tradeoff is that video poker isn’t as exciting as slots in terms of mini-games and colorful characters.

That said, oatmeal isn’t as fun as a doughnut, either, but it’s better for your waistline. And video poker is far better than slots is for your wallet.

Don’t Play This – Keno

It’s hard to say what draws people to keno. Maybe it’s the fact that’s it’s pure gambling. Or maybe people like how you can give the casino money, and then sit back and do nothing. You don’t even have to choose your numbers – the casino can do that for you.

It could also be that you can win more than 150 to 1 if you hit all your numbers. This can be a nice payout for a relatively small wager.

The problem, though, is the house edge. Keno has a house edge of 25% to 30%. This makes keno one of the worst games you’ll find in the casino.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other games that offer gambling and decent payouts but with a much lower house edge.

Play That Instead – Single-Zero Roulette

A much better alternative to keno is single-zero roulette. It offers nearly all the same perks that keno does.

  • You can receive relatively high payouts. You can receive payouts as high as 17 to 1 and 35 to 1 for splitting two numbers or picking one number.
  • This is pure gambling. There is no strategy. Just pick a number, and then sit back and see what happens.

There are additional benefits, too. For example, you’ll find more roulette variants than you will keno variants. You can play live dealer roulette, too.

What’s ideal about single-zero roulette, though, is the house edge. The single-zero variant has a 2.70% house edge. The house edge is the same, no matter what bet you choose to make.

That’s why we recommend you play this instead of keno.

Don’t Play This – Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is a fun table game. It’s almost like playing Five Card Draw, minus drawing new cards. You have to decide if your hand is good enough right then and there to raise with.

It’s also a reasonable game for your bankroll. There’s a lot of back and forth in terms of winning and losing – or breaking even. This helps your bankroll to last longer.

The problem is that – for a table game – it has a relatively high house edge. The house edge sits at 5.22%.

This isn’t bad for a casino game, especially when you compare it to games like slots or keno or some of the bets you can make in craps.

But you can do better.

Play That Instead – Blackjack

Blackjack is far and away a much better game to play than Caribbean Stud. Here are just a few of the many reasons why.

  • You have more decisions to make as far as how to play your hand. You have more control over whether you win or lose.
  • There are 15+ blackjack variants that you can play. The house edge for each one varies, but you shouldn’t have a problem beating the 5.22% house edge for Caribbean Stud.
  • You can (eventually) learn how to count cards to overcome the house edge. In fact, you can have a 0.50% to 1% edge over the casino if you develop your card counting skills.
  • You can play live dealer blackjack (in German).

Those are all great perks. However, we didn’t mention the house edge, which totally blows Caribbean Stud out of the water.

The house edge for blackjack can be as low as 0.28%. This house edge applies to games using liberal rules, so the game you play might have a higher edge. Even then, though, it should still beat Caribbean Stud.

This is why we opt to play blackjack instead and recommend that you do, too.


It’s clear to us now and hopefully you too that Germans have it pretty good as far as online gambling is concerned. While Germany’s gambling laws are currently in flux, some Germans still have options within the country to gamble online.

And if you don’t, you can gamble online at offshore casinos without worrying about legal trouble. You have the European Union to thank for that.

We recommend you take advantage of this while you can. Who knows what the future will look like? All we can tell you is what things look like now, and things look pretty good. You can join any casino right now and have access to hundreds of games.

The fastest (not to mention safest) way to get started is to choose a casino from our list of recommended casinos. Just scroll up to the top of this page and choose a casino now.

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