What Will the Washington Football Team’s New Name Be? – Admirals Leads the List of Options

| January 11, 2022 7:22 am PDT

The Washington Football Team will unveil a new nickname and mascot on February 2. The team went by the Redskins from 1937-2019 but retired the name after persuasion from big companies like FedEx and PepsiCo.

Washington went by the Football Team for the 2020 and 2021 season. Now, they’ve had enough time to find a new permanent nickname. Fans have been speculating what that name will be, and now bettors can wager on it.

Here are the odds for Washington’s new name.

Odds for Washington’s New Name

Washington’s President Jason Wright announced Washington would have a new name on February 2.

The Admirals and Commanders stand out as the two favorites, but there are a ton of intriguing options. Redtails and Red Hogs would allow Washington to keep the same prefix of their previous team’s name. Red Hogs is also similar to “The Hogs.” That was the nickname given to Washington’s offensive line in the 1980s.

Defenders was the name of Washington’s XFL team in 2020, while the Generals are the basketball team that plays the Harlem Globetrotters.

Let’s do a quick breakdown of the top three candidates.

Admirals (-200)

The Admirals have been neck and neck with the Commanders as the favorite. We’ve already seen a few indications for Admirals being the next name.

Last week, the domain “WashingtonAdmirals.com” redirected to the Washington Football Team website. It no longer goes there, but that seems like an interesting coincidence.

We also have Boomer Esiason straight up saying the Admirals would be Washington’s new name. Who knows where Esiason gets his information from, but just remember he is the same person who said Aaron Rodgers would boycott the Super Bowl.

It’s worth noting there is a quidditch team in D.C. called the Washington Admirals. I doubt many people know that, but could that lead to a copyright issue?

Commanders (-150)

The Commanders has gained traction since the announcement of the new name. Like the Admirals, we’ve seen leaks that Commanders could be the choice.

Washington recently put a video on their YouTube channel with some paperwork blurred out. NBC Sports Washington aired the same video, but everything was in clear view. That’s when people noticed something interesting on Team President Jason Wright’s lap.

It’s possible Washington created multiple mock logos to see which one would work best. However, I’m not buying into that.

There’s also some speculation due to Washington’s jersey. One piece of their jersey revealed three stars, which lines up with an officer with a three-star rank.

Washington’s last name wasn’t exactly popular among most people. Commander could put them back in people’s good graces.

Red Hogs (+600)

I know there are a few other options ahead of Red Hogs, but I haven’t heard much about those names. The Red Hogs seem like the most likely option aside from Admirals and Commanders.

The Red Hogs would give Washington fans some nostalgia. The Hogs were a dominant offensive line that helped Washington win three Super Bowls in the 1980s and 1990s.

Washington fans would likely love this name. It would remind them of a much better time.

This could be a pure coincidence, but what about the date of the announcement? Washington will reveal their new name on Groundhog Day. That would be the perfect day to announce Red Hogs as their new name.

Predicting Washington’s Next Name

There’s no doubt this is a two-horse race between Admirals and Commanders. There has been a ton of speculation and multiple leaks with each name.

Ultimately, I think it’ll be Commanders. The military significance is something that everyone can get behind. Head coach Ron Rivera previously mentioned he wanted the new name to have military significance.

I’m sure his input played a big hand into the new name.

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