Week 1 Recap of The Masked Singer (2021) – Who Was Eliminated?

| September 25, 2021 8:28 am PDT

If you haven’t heard of The Masked Singer, you might think it is just another singing show, but there’s so much more to it.

The singers are dressed in costumes and there are subtle hints throughout their performance. You are always dying to know who is under the costume. This show has been gaining big attention since its debut in 2019 and is already in its sixth season.

Let’s look at what happened in the first week of season six.

The Masked Singer 2021 Premiere

Nick Cannon welcomed us back as host of the show and the four judges included Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong, and Jenny McCarthy.

This season is going to have many kinds of costumes. The cast includes a singing group of Octopus, Mother Nature, Skunk, Pufferfish, Bull, Baby, Beach Ball, Mallard, Hamster, Cupcake, Dalmatian, Jester, Caterpillar, Banana Split, Pepper, and finally a Queen of Hearts.

There are so many new singers who will be revealed this season, so make sure you tune in on Wednesdays at 8 PM ET. The fall premiere was on Wednesday, but we had an extra episode this week on Thursday.

Who Was Revealed on the Premiere?

On the “2 Night Season Premiere, Part 1: Group A Premiere” there was a huge twist. The shocking reveal was that it was going to be a double elimination.

After learning there were two reveals, the two costumed singers that were going to be revealed were the Octopus and Mother Nature after both failed to win their rounds and get the safe pass for this episode.

The Octopus turned out to be none other than NBA star center, Dwight Howard.

Ken guessed correct when he thought it was him after his performance.

Dwight Howard revealed he brought his mother along with him as she was in the crowd. He said he did the show because it’s his mother’s favorite. The other judges guessed Shaquille O’Neal, Dennis Rodman, and Joel Embiid.

Mother Nature turned out to be Vivica A. Fox, which Nick Cannon said he found out before she was revealed.

2 Night Season Premiere, Part 2: Back to School

The second episode had a lot of new twists such as the buzzer in which the judges can press it and force someone to take off their mask. If they are wrong in guessing who it is, they will be “severely” punished.

Of course Ken Jeong slammed the buzzer immediately.

There have also been two wildcards added including a Hamster, who sang “Oh, Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison. The Hamster had a very nice singing voice and was a hit with the judges and audience.

The Skunk stunned the audience with a great performance in the first episode. Her second performance was another hit and she got a huge standing ovation.

Nick Cannon said that was one of the best performances he has been to in his life and the judges all put out some highly praised guesses as to who they think is behind the Skunk costume.

She sang “Man’s World” by The Residents and her hints kept hinting at school or education.

The Pufferfish followed the Skunk and sang “Levitating” by Dua Lipa and had a great performance, as well.

She threw in a great rap verse which threw the judges a loop.

Her “locker clue” revealed a spelling bee champion which Ken Jeong guessed was an artist with letters in their name such as “M.I.A.” Nick Cannon joked at the judges and made fun of them for not knowing who this is.

The Bull followed the Pufferfish with his second performance. He sang “What Hurts the Most”  by Rascal Flatts and showed off his range and pipes right at the beginning.

His performance was another great one as this season is proving to be one of the very best yet.

The next wild card was the Baby, who did not have a voice that was close to a baby. He had a rich mature voice and sang “You’re the First, The Last, My Everything” by Barry White and did an amazing job.

Unfortunately, one of the contestants had to go home and the vote came down to the Pufferfish.

The big reveal ended up being Toni Braxton.

She performed with two masks on due to her autoimmune disease called lupus, which highlights her performances even more.

What Will Happen Next in The Masked Singer?

This season has been full of amazing singers and there are sure to be some big surprises when they are all revealed. The Skunk and The Bull both have made strong cases for themselves and look to be battling for best singer heading into week 2 of season 6.

That leaves the Baby and the Hamster to be the two singers at the bottom of the barrel, but they both have impressive performances, it’s just that the Skunk and the Bull were that amazing.

There are still a good number of singers who haven’t made their debuts yet, which makes the rest of this season very exciting moving forward. Will there be anyone who can outperform the Bull and the Skunk?

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