United States Casinos Enjoy Record Setting 2021 with $53 Billion Won

| February 17, 2022 3:53 pm PDT

The gambling industry has been very happy over the course of the past year, and with good reason. US casinos have seen record highs in many categories and $53 billion overall from this past year.

With the rapid growth by the gambling industry, these new records may not even last long. There have been more and more countries legalizing gambling and mobile gambling, so we won’t see the true potential unless all 50 states have legalized it.

The $53 billion figure was more than a 20% increase from the previous high in 2019. It is truly remarkable how the gambling industry was not only able to survive the pandemic, but thrive through it.

Tracking Casino Success Across America in 2021

The President and CEO of the American Gaming Association (Bill Miller) held a press conference this past Tuesday. He said that 2021 was a “remarkable year.”

He also said that “The success of 2021 reflects our commitment to health and safety, and how Americans have welcomed gaming’s expansion across the country. Today’s industry is effectively meeting customers how and where they want to engage, whether at a casino or through mobile gaming.”

Miller was excited about the future and all of the possibilities that the gaming industry beholds. The $50 billion mark was exceeded for the first time in 2021 and it likely won’t be the last.

The three largest cities for gambling are Las Vegas, New Jersey, and Chicago. The Las Vegas Strip brought in more than $7 billion in gross gaming revenue last year. Atlantic City (New Jersey) brought in $2.6 billion in gross revenue. Chicago finished behind those two at a little over $2 billion.

There are 34 gaming jurisdictions throughout the country and 23 of them (65.6%) of them reached new records in revenue for 2021.

The casinos weren’t the only big winners though. $45 billion was won from in-person gamblers at casinos this year. That is more than a 6% increase from the previous high in 2019.

The growth in gambling has been helped by new commercial sports betting markets in 7 states. Connecticut, Maryland, Arizona, Louisiana, South Dakota, Virginia, and Wyoming. Mobile gambling markets opened in Connecticut and Michigan as well.

Biggest Contributors to Casino Success

In-person gambling still is the heavy majority contributor to the revenue in total. Slot, table, and physical sportsbook revenue was a combined $45.62 billion of the total $53 billion. That equals around 86% of the total revenue, making it still the majority leader.

That doesn’t mean mobile gaming didn’t see some major increases in revenue as well.

They also saw new records in online gambling, generating $3.71 billion in revenue. That figure is more than double from 2020 for a total of 139% increase.

New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan all generated $1 billion in gaming revenue in 2021. That is the first time ever that a single state has done that, which makes this even more remarkable.

Sports betting is another major contributor to the success for US casinos. Americans bet $57.22 billion on sports bringing in a new record in revenue at $4.29 billion. With the law changes and new markets opening up, more than 100 million US citizens can bet legally on sports across 30 states.

New Jersey is big in sports betting as well, making $815 million in sports betting revenue.

Projected Casino Revenue for 2022 and Beyond

Bill Miller made great points to why legalizing sports betting should be seriously considered for all states that currently don’t allow it.

Miller stated, “Americans have been betting on sports as long as they’ve been sports to bet on, they just haven’t had the legal opportunity to do it before… Raising awareness and attracting players to legal sportsbooks is how we protect consumers, generate needed tax revenue and stamp out the illegal market.”

The insane growth of sports betting is going to be the main reason why the states are open to discussions on it. Currently 7 more states are in discussions for sports betting. 4 states are also considering iGaming as well.

The 7 states in talks for sports betting include Hawaii, Kansas, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, California, Georgia, and Missouri. The 4 states discussing iGaming include Massachusetts and Missouri as well, with Indiana and New York joining in.

With the discussions happening right now, being early 2022, the decisions could be made rather quickly. That means we can see new highs being set for the second year in a row. If COVID-19 is not a limiting factor as well, the growth could be even more substantial.

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