Sportsbooks Favor the USFL Lawsuit to Not Affect the 2022 Season

| March 7, 2022 6:16 am PDT

This year, the USFL will make their return to football. However, this league is different from the USFL that operated from 1983 to 1985. That may draw some confusion for fans, but it has also brought on a lawsuit from the original USFL.

“The Real USFL, LLC,” led by Larry Csonka, has filed the lawsuit because they believe the new league is using their name and trademark. That has caught the sportsbooks’ attention, with BetUS releasing odds on the potential impact.

BetUS gives us multiple props, but we’ll go in order from preseason actions to 2023 props. Let’s check them out.

2022 Preseason USFL Props

Unfortunately, there’s a chance the USFL will undergo significant changes before their inaugural season. Here are the odds for the top props.

Will the League Name Change Before the Start of the Season? 


The USFL’s lawsuit stems from the new league using the same name as the league from the 1980s. It’s not too surprising to see this lawsuit because the name is the exact same. Most fans probably weren’t aware that the 2022 USFL was different from the original league.

FOX Sports is a big player in this lawsuit because they’ve claimed the league is a reboot of the original one.

There are reports that the new league registered its intellectual property right in 2011, so that could save them in the lawsuit.

Will Any USFL Team Name Change Before April 16, 2022?


April 16, 2022 is an important day for the USFL because they will kick off their season. The USFL league name isn’t the only reason the original league is filing a lawsuit.

The new league will feature eight teams. Every team has the identical city and mascot from the original league. If the new USFL wants to be independent of the original league, it seems odd they would use the same names. Of course people will associate the leagues together.

Before a potential team name change, make sure you check out the 2022 USFL championship odds.

Will the USFL Season Start on April 16, 2022? 


The lawsuit has some wondering if the USFL season will begin on April 16. It’s worth mentioning Fox Sports responded to the lawsuit by saying they were looking forward to games of April 16. They don’t believe it’ll impact the start date.

But what if both sides want to settle this issue before April 16? Unless they come to a settlement, there might not be a resolvement in the next month or two. A court date would likely stretch beyond April 16.

Future USFL Props

The lawsuit isn’t only focusing on the 2022 season. Let’s see how the sportsbooks view the future of the USFL.

Will the Original USFL Kill the New USFL? 


This would be ironic considering the original USFL shut down because of a lawsuit against the NFL. They tried to move their schedule to the fall, but it led to their demise. Now, they’re involved in another lawsuit.

The new USFL will come down to the trademarks and copyrights. If the courts find they violated these trademarks, it could mark the end. However, it doesn’t sound like that’s the case.

Fans would hate to see the end before the new USFL begins their league.

Will the New USFL Have a Complete Season in 2023?


Finally, we have a prop that gives you multiple options. We’ve been focusing on the 2022 season, but the sportsbooks are looking ahead to 2023.

It’s hard to predict what’ll happen in 2023 because 2022 has already faced obstacles. Even without the lawsuit, it’s tough to start a new football league. We’ve seen the AAF and XFL flame out after one season.

I’m not going to make an official prediction, but I encourage you to consider those leagues before making your pick.

Right now, everyone should focus on the inaugural season of the USFL. Hopefully, the lawsuit or anything else doesn’t delay the start of the season. Football fans would love to watch something in the Spring.

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