Saints’ Ryan Ramczyk Becomes Highest Paid Right Tackle in NFL History

| July 7, 2021 10:25 am PDT

The Saints and offensive tackle Ryan Ramczyk agreed to an extension. This contract guarantees $60 million of the $96 million total.

He also gets a signing bonus worth $19 million. He becomes the 5th highest-paid offensive lineman in the league behind LT Trent Williams, LT David Bakhtiari, LT Laremy Tunsil, and LT Ronnie Staley.

Ramczyk will also earn an incentive of $1 million if he earns AP All-Pro First or Second team, with a maximum of $6 million if he reaches it six or more times.

There is a possibility the Saints signed Ramczyk just in case they are unable to retain their star Left Tackle in Terron Armstead. Ramczyk can be a solid backup plan, and they likely extended him before Armstead because Armstead may cost them more in the long run.

Ramczyk will be paid a base salary of $1,714,824 for the 2021 season, as that is his last year on his rookie contract. Once his rookie contract is over, his base salary is $10.5 million for 2022, $14 million for 2023, $17 million for 2024, $18 million for 2025, and $19 million for 2026.

Other Saints Contracts

Ramczyk also joins Andrus Peat as a previously extended offensive lineman for the Saints.

Peat’s extension also begins next season with his 5-year, $57 million contract. The Saints owe Ramczyk and Peat over $37 million between the two of them in 2022 and over $106 million through the next three seasons.

The Saints are currently over $11 past the cap and don’t seem to care. The fallout of Drew Brees’ retirement has them spending money throughout their entire lineup.

This season they have the 5th highest dead cap of $33,935,673, while their active cap is 2nd lowest in the league at $162,900,557 with their 85 signed players.

They have the third-highest active cap for 2022 at $224,144,722 and 3rd highest dead cap of $11,500,000 with 47 players signed. They have the 2nd highest active cap in 2023, with $176,948,389 with 37 players signed. They have the 2nd highest cap in 2024 at $108,017,440 with 17 players signed.

The Saints have committed to big spending in the coming years and intend to keep their Super Bowl hopes alive in the post-Brees era.

Top 10 Contracts for the New Orleans Saints

  • RT, Ryan Ramczyk, 5 years, $96,650,000, expires in 2027
  • WR, Michael Thomas, 5 years, $96,250,000, expires in 2025
  • RB, Alvin Kamara, 5 years, $75,000,000, expires in 2026
  • LT, Terron Armstead, 5 years, $65,000,000, expires in 2022
  • G, Andrus Peat, 5 years, $57,500,000, expires in 2025
  • DE, Cameron Jordan, 3 years, $52,500,000, expires in 2024
  • FS, Malcolm Jenkins, 4 years, $32,000,000, expires in 2024
  • LB, Demario Davis, 3 years, $27,000,000, expires in 2024
  • DT, David Onyemata, 3 years, $26,000,000, expires in 2023
  • K, Will Lutz, 5 years, $20,250,000, expires in 2024

New Orleans has a good chunk of their money invested in the ten players above. Ramczyk is the newest addition to this list, but he helps fortify a strong o-line.

One glaring omission is the quarterback position, as the Saints may have a big decision looming as far as which direction they go in after 2021.

For now, the Saints have forked over some major cash to ensure they have a star-wide receiver, one of the game’s best kickers, a stud offensive weapon, a stellar o-line, and a strong defense.

On paper, judging by these contracts alone, the Saints are in a good spot as they look to the future.

Key Upcoming Free Agents

  • 2022: Terron Armstead, Marshon Lattimore, Marcus Williams, Jameis Winston,
  • 2023: David Onyemata, Latavious Murray, Marcus Davenport, Sean Payton
  • 2024: Cameron Jordan, Malcolm Jenkins, Demario Davis, Will Lutz
  • 2025: Michael Thomas, Andrus Peat, Cesar Ruiz
  • 2026: Alvin Kamara, Payton Turner
  • 2027: Ryan Ramczyk

While the Ryan Ramczyk signing is huge, it could also be a safety measure if the Saints lost star tackle Terron Armstead, in 2022.

Armstead is easily the biggest name, potentially hitting free agency. Still, the Saints may also need to make a decision under center with Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston, both possible question marks.

The other names are mostly there for depth, while the Saints may prepare for potential departures of Marcus Davenport or even head coach Sean Payton come 2023.

Looking to 2021 and Beyond

Ryan Ramczyk now is the highest-paid Saint, along with being the player under contract the longest in the future.

The Saints essentially lock up their starting right tackle and potential replacement of Terron Armstead. Either way, the Saints now have a great tackle on either side of the line all the way until 2027.

New Orleans already figured to be in good shape as they look to remain competitive going into 2021 beyond. Locking up a star o-lineman like Ramczyk only aids them in that plight.

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