Recapping Week Two of The Voice Season 21

| September 29, 2021 10:56 am PDT

Blind auditions have continued in the second week of The Voice and the teams are getting close to full.

The singers in the recent episodes are really starting to round out the teams, as the coaches try to fill in their final roster spots.

Let’s look at what happened in the last two episodes and what is going to happen moving forward.

The Voice Episode 3

The first episode in the second week was another group of talented singers, and they all seemed to love going to Team Ariana.

Her team was already very strong heading into this episode, and she continues to be the most popular coach. Blake tried helping her out as part of his master plan, but that didn’t go so well.

Ariana didn’t need the help as she got the first person (Raquel Trinidad, age 23) who kicked off Week 2. She also got Hailey Mia who had an incredible voice for a 13-year-old.

Team Legend made some big moves and got some quality singers added to his resume. He continues to battle Team Ariana for best team.

He was surprisingly able to convince Keilah Grace, a 15-year-old to join his team. The younger girls typically go for Team Ariana, but Legend was able to pull it off.

He also added Samara Brown, a 32-year-old woman, who had a great performance and has a really great voice.

Blake didn’t make a ton of moves in this one, but The Joy Reunion and Carson Peters look to be a great fit on his team.

Team Kelly was able to grab Jeremy Rosado, but her biggest grab was on the second episode of the week.

The Voice Episode 4

Holly Forbes had a great performance of “Rocket Man” by Elton John and there was a cliffhanger into the next episode regarding which team she chose.

She did end up choosing Team Kelly despite her daughter being a big fan of Ariana.

Maybe Blake convinced her when he said some kids like eating too much sugar and playing with fire. She is a great singer and made Kelly’s team better.

Ariana used her Block on John, but it couldn’t block Team Kelly. Team Kelly was able to grab The Cunningham Sisters at the end of the show as well.

Team Ariana grew some more again after the performance from Bella DeNapoli. David Vogel also joined her team after he performed her song, “Breathin’” which could have been the biggest selling point for her. She also liked the fact that he played an instrument.

She has no trouble selling to each singer and seems to grab them at will. Her one singer added in the fourth episode should not be a damper on her already strong team.

Team Blake caught fire in the second episode this week. He nabbed Kaitlyn Velez, Berritt Haynes, and Clint Sherman which all happened in a row and he started to gain some serious steam moving forward.

Berritt Haynes has an amazing story and was actually a “Make-A-Wish” kid and was granted a wish to sing on The Voice.

Who Has the Best Team After Week 2?

I am going to give this one to John again.

He was able to grab some singers that looked fit for some other coaches, but he really rounded out his team because of it.

Given his strong Week 1 and even better Week 2, that gives him the lead for me.

What Will Happen Next Week on The Voice?

The blind auditions are more than halfway finished, which means the teams are coming close to full.

We will likely have at least one more blind audition and then we will be getting into the real work. The coaches will begin working their magic on their singers and trying to amplify their voices.

The audition parts of singing shows are always the most memorable, but for this one has a special twist to it.

You get to work with one of the biggest music industry icons in either of the four teams and really grow as a singer. The other singing shows don’t really offer that, which is another reason why The Voice has been one of the most popular singing shows.

Next week will likely solidify the best team moving forward, so make sure you catch it on Monday at 8 PM ET, or wait for my weekly recap on the news section of our website!

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