Recapping Episode One of Survivor Season 41

| September 23, 2021 9:37 am PDT

The 41st season of Survivor is upon us. The latest season has been rumored to be its most exciting yet, as there are a couple of new twists.

Like host Jeff Probst said, you can drop the 4 and keep the 1 because this is an all new type of Survivor.

The brand new cast members have officially made their debuts as we scope out who is on the show and who we think is going to win.

With the show just beginning, there is still a lot left and a lot that could happen so make sure you catch every episode on CBS, Wednesdays at 8 P.M ET.

Off to a Fast Start

Survivor Season 41 Graphic

The show started on a cargo boat and the three tribes had to find six paddles then dive into the water and paddle around a buoy and back.

Team Yellow or “Yase” didn’t even get off the boat and didn’t even come close to the win.

The team who stepped up was Team Green or “Ua” and they earned flint, a pot, and an axe to start the show. The other two teams had to earn them another way.

The other way was a decision between two challenges. One was counting how many triangles are in an image or two tribe members lugging buckets of water along the beach.

Luvu (Blue) and Yase (Yellow) both decided that their confidence was at an all-time low performance wise, especially since Yase couldn’t find the last paddle on the boat.

The Team Drama Begins Already

During the lugging of water, Danny and Deshawn decided to look for an idol which would help them further in the game.

They didn’t end up finding one and Naseer noticed they weren’t doing the task and they were in a way hurting the team. Naseer notified the other group members, and Deshawn and Danny’s master plan didn’t come true so now they look like bad team members.

In the Yase tribe, Voce tried to convince the team to do the puzzle since he is a smart neurosurgeon and didn’t want to lift the heavy water back and forth and that ended up being blown up in his face.

They chose to lug the water and he ended up being the one of two tribe members to lug the water back and forth. It is safe to say that the neurosurgeon did not get off to a very strong start in the Yaze tribe.

The Yaze tribe drama didn’t end there as Abraham blamed Tiffany for their failure on the boat and tried to make her look like a bad teammate. Tiffany and Abraham are the targets at the bottom of the barrel for the yellow team.

The Ua tribe did a great job in the first challenge, but they weren’t so impressive after that.

J.D. came off too strong to his teammates and didn’t notice it, so he was on the wrong page off the bat.

Brad also called out Sara and Shantel and said they were options to be voted off when they weren’t able to win the challenge that could have won them immunity from the vote.

The First Twist

Going into Survivor season 41, there was a lot of talk about twists. The first twist arrived in episode one.

A boat shows up to each of the three tribes and one member from each tribe gets to go on an excursion. Xavier, J.D., and Danny make their way to a separate island, where they have a long trek ahead of them.

At the end of the journey, they are given the “Prisoner’s Dilemma” where they could either protect their vote or choose to risk their vote to earn an extra one.

The three men head back to camp where they tell their tribe what happened, or bending the truth about what happened.

Who Was Voted Off?

Eric Abraham and Sara Wilson

The biggest group challenge was the deciding factor in which tribe would be immune from the vote.

The Blue Team fell way behind in the beginning after a setback, but they came all the way back and won the challenge. It paid off big time and they didn’t have to worry about the vote, at least not this week.

Team Yellow all seemed to be on either Tiffany or Abraham’s side and the vote ended up being the deciding factor.

Abraham thought they were all on the same page and Tiffany was the vote, but the rest of the tribe decided that they prefer Tiffany and Abraham was the very first contestant voted off in season 41.

The Ua tribe didn’t seem to know that the vote was even happening, as they came into the vote bragging about their awesome chemistry and their family atmosphere. Not two seconds later their team chemistry was destroyed.

There was a ton of focus on everyone voting J.D. off, but then Brad was suddenly the focus. J.D. was answering one of Jeff Probst’s questions before the vote and there was a bunch of whispers going on at the time and shuffling of decisions.

To everyone’s surprise, Sara ended up being voted off while J.D. and Brad barely made it through the vote.

Looking Forward to the Rest of Season 41

The first episode of Survivor season 41 was amazing.

There was already a great amount of pressure on certain players as well as tons of drama. The vote at the end of the episode left a drama to continue into the next episode.

There is certainly going to be some huge challenges and decisions to be made moving forward and it is going to be very suspenseful.

This season still has a lot of twists to unfold in future episodes and the door is wide open. Make sure you catch the next episode on Wednesdays at 8 PM ET, or make your way back to our website for my weekly recap.

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