Previewing the 2022 MLB Draft Number One Overall Picks

| October 12, 2021 2:00 pm PDT

Brooks Lee, the shortstop prospect, is the heavy favorite to be selected number one overall by the Baltimore Orioles in the 2022 MLB Draft.

Bovada is offering bets on who is going to be the first overall draft pick, with Lee’s odds at -300.

The 2022 MLB Draft date has yet to be set, but that doesn’t mean you can’t place your bets now. Since they are offered this early, that just means you get the first chance to place your bets before any official news has been released.

If the Orioles announce they are selecting Lee early, you could miss your chance to hit this bet.

Odds for No. 1 Overall Pick in the 2022 MLB Draft

As you already know, Lee is at the top of the leaderboard for this bet, but let’s break down the rest of the options at this point in the year.

Here are the odds for potential players that could be selected number one overall in the draft.

Brooks Lee-300
Druw Jones+325
Jace Jung+850
Elijah Green+950
Termarr Johnson+950
Dylan Lesko+1000
Kevin Parada+2800

With Brooks Lee being such a heavy favorite, the other choices have very profitable odds.

A recent article on had Elijiah Green being selected first, while Lee fell all the way to ninth.

If they were to be right about that, it would be a golden opportunity to bet on Elijiah Green.

Will the Orioles Take Brooks Lee?

Brooks Lee does make a strong case to be selected first overall in the 2022 MLB Draft. The switch-hitting shortstop has been praised for a great arm, athleticism, and instincts.

He also has quick hands to get the bat on the ball, indicating a high batting average in his future.

His power should get better as his career goes on, but don’t expect tons of home runs too early in his career.

The Orioles could 100% take Brooks Lee, but with so much time between the draft and now, a lot can change.

Other Potential Options for No. 1 Overall Pick

There are other options that could be taken instead of Lee by the Orioles.

Green looks to be the best value pick here, while Jace Jung, Dylan Lesko, and Druw Jones are all decent options directly behind him in the odds list.

Druw Jones comes right behind Lee in the odds order and he is another possibility here. He is a great defensive outfield prospect, who could also do some damage at the plate, if he develops properly.

His speed is a big reason why he is such a great outfield defender, which could mean a lot of steals in his future as well.

Dylan Lesko is the only pitcher on the list so far, which could make it interesting if the Orioles want to make sure they take the top pitcher in the class.

Lesko already throws four pitches and has a nice, repeatable, and fluid motion to his pitches which means that he should be able to avoid serious injuries in his career.

Betting on the No. 1 Overall Pick in the 2022 MLB Draft

It is still very early and there aren’t many rumors going around about who the Orioles are for sure going to take.

A lot of decision making and analyzing could change the odds leaderboard in the meantime.

Brooks Lee was expected to hear his name called in the 2019 Draft, but he went to play baseball for his dad at Cal Poly. That could have been a great thing to happen to him.

He is now projected to be the first name taken off the draft board.

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