Potential Early Fight Odds for Logan Paul vs. Mike Tyson

| November 18, 2021 7:18 am PDT

The infamous Logan Paul is continuing his streak of calling out big names to box. Following his split decision with Floyd Mayweather, he has been rumored to fight “Iron” Mike Tyson.

This fight has a small chance of happening, but if I told you Floyd Mayweather would have fought Logan Paul a couple years ago, would you have believed it?

Mike Tyson has been seen in clips of boxing practices, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to fight. Will Logan Paul keep trying to push his buttons, or will Tyson stick to his Legends Only League exclusively?

Early Odds for a Potential Paul and Tyson Fight

The odds for this potential fight on BetUS only feature the outright winner. Here are how the odds are for now but are subject to change.

If this fight becomes closer to being real than a rumor, then we should have more props coming as well.

Mike Tyson Outright Winner-300
Logan Paul Outright Winner+200

Tyson is the heavy favorite to win this matchup. He is nowhere near your average 54-year-old. Tyson has his “Legends Only League” where he recently fought Roy Jones Jr. in 2020.

He officially retired in 2005, but it’s not like he has been out of practice since then.

In the above video, Paul is making his comments regarding Tyson’s age and that will be his key to victory. In the clips of Tyson training shortly after that, it does not look like age his slowing down Iron Mike.

Mike Tyson Is Favored to Win

Tyson has already entrenched himself into boxing history as one of the most dominant boxers of all time. When talking about boxers in their prime, it is tough to say if anyone can beat Mike Tyson.

With 44 of his career 50 wins being via knockout, any boxer would be lucky enough to not be knocked out in a ring with Tyson.

Paul is a bit of an odd story, as he thrives in being a trash talker rather than a boxer. Yes, he went the distance in a draw with Floyd Mayweather, but there were multiple moments in that fight that seemed to be in Mayweather’s favor.

If Paul allows Tyson to get some solid shots on him, we could have ourselves a good old fashioned Mike Tyson KO victory.

Any Chance for a Paul Upset?

Paul made it through an entire fight with a retired Mayweather, but Mike Tyson and Mayweather are two completely different fighters.

Mayweather is a defensive magician, while Tyson is a knockout machine. Paul may have survived those rounds with Mayweather, but he is going to have to be immensely better on defense and offense to get the upper hand on Tyson.

He isn’t the worst boxer in the world and Tyson is 54. If he can just survive the first couple rounds, his age can play a major role in the fight.

Tyson is more than double Paul’s age (54 vs. 26) and he will have to use endurance to get to Tyson.

Is There a Chance Logan Paul vs. Mike Tyson Could Happen?

I would say this fight does have a slight chance to happen. Floyd Mayweather was retired before his fight with Logan Paul and that happened. Tyson recently fought in the Legends Only League, so he isn’t exactly the definition of retired either.

Paul is going to have to up his trash talk game because just calling Tyson “old” probably isn’t enough to call for the fight. Tyson also stated that he was not interested in fighting Logan or his brother, so he is going to need some convincing for this fight to have a chance.

Maybe Paul can get under Tyson’s skin and that could be enough for the fight. Maybe Paul will jump on the cryptocurrency frenzy with Tyson if Tyson wins in exchange for the fight.

Overall, the Paul brothers are good at getting on people’s nerves. Tyson could give him a chance because he is a fighter and is still training currently.

Stay tuned for more boxing updates on a potential Tyson vs. Paul fight.

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