Playtech Live Set to Launch in Michigan and New Jersey

| December 30, 2021 7:18 am PDT

The world of gambling is growing more and more. Playtech Live, one of the best gambling technology companies, is launching two new locations in Michigan and New Jersey.

This company is mainly business to business, but their work will make it to the public down the line.

Gambling and casinos are popping up everywhere with the laws being changed across the world. Playtech’s new locations will be able to quickly start up more casinos for gambling across the states they are in.

Let’s find out some more details about his newsworthy event.

What Is Playtech Live?

Playtech was founded in 1999 and is the world leader in gambling and financial trading industries.

They have 6,400 employees reaching over 24 countries and are growing every day. They build gambling software, services, content, and technology that help build the world of gambling.

Playtech is going to help the functionality of numerous casinos, both online and in person. There will be tons of new features and accessibility coming to the world of gambling. This should be a groundbreaking move in the gambling world and in the United States.

Playtech has seen some major jumps in their revenue recently. Their great amount of success should be exciting to bring to the United States. It is even more impressive to see these amounts of success during a pandemic going on across the entire world.

What Does This Mean for Gambling?

Through Playtech, we have been able to see some exciting features. With the expansion to Michigan and New Jersey, we will start to see those features right here in the United States.

Here are some of the amazing features that Playtech brings to the table.

  • All games optimized to play on Mobile or Desktop devices
  • Blackjack can be played on European or Vegas rules. You can also find Surrender and Cashback
  • Both American and European roulette is offered with a live dealer or Auto Wheels
  • Tons of language availability including English, French, German, Turkish, Mandarin, Japanese, and more
  • Several one-handed poker games
  • Generally, no lag while streaming

Playtech Live Coming to Michigan and New Jersey

Playtech is a London company, but they are becoming more and more worldwide with this move. Michigan and New Jersey are the first states that they have chosen to move to, and they likely won’t be the last.

With the rapid growth of this company, there are a lot of interested buyers. There was a recent $4 billion bid for the company from Gopher Investments just a few months ago.

In the end, the gambling world took another step in the right direction. The development of gambling technologies is about to increase in speed and quality. Be sure to keep an eye out for more casinos near you.

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