Why the Odds for Kanye West to Buy the Denver Broncos are Unconvincing

| March 1, 2022 10:01 am PDT
  • Kanye West is among a list of potential celebrity buyers.
  • The NFL franchise is currently valued at just under $4 Billion.
  • West is unlikely to have the funds necessary to buy the Broncos.

Kanye West’s odds to become the next owner of the Denver Broncos are in the public domain.

But surely this would be a bridge too far for one of the most unpredictable celebrities of our time. 

Indeed, the legendary producer and hip-hop artist has never shied away from challenges that others would deem to be outside of their wheelhouse. From running for president of the United States in 2020 to gearing up for a boxing match with Pete Davidson, West’s can-do attitude is there for all to see. 

Of course, West never came close to making it to the Oval Office. Nor have those betting on Kanye vs. Davidson’s boxing match seen any action from their wagers. 

So, would it be safe to bet on Kanye West’s Denver Broncos interest also ending up as a big old nothingburger? Or is there more to this story than meets the eye?

Odds for Kanye West to Buy the Denver Broncos

Some of the best online sportsbooks are offering odds on Kanye West becoming the next majority owner of the Denver Broncos. MyBookie, for example, has provided intriguing odds. 


The odds for Kanye to buy the Broncos come in at +900, which means a successful $100 bet will land you a profit of $900.

They are some seriously attractive odds on paper. Especially when you consider that West’s interest in buying the Broncos is almost common knowledge. But showing an interest in something and then coughing up the dough to make it happen are two very different things.

The bookies understand this. Hence, why odds for Ye to buy the Broncos are much higher than the -2000 for him not to make the purchase.  

Is it safe to write Ye off? Or could we be in for a surprise?

Will Kanye West Purchase The Denver Broncos?

It appears that the oddsmakers don’t feel too optimistic about it happening. And I can’t say I am. 

While West’s volatile nature means that you can never write him off, it’s the financial constraints of any potential deal that should be the deciding factor at play here.

First, the Broncos will almost surely set a record for the sale of a major sports franchise. It’s looking likely that the cost will be around the $4 billion mark, following the decision of the late Pat Bowlen’s family to put the three-time Super Bowl champions on the market.

The team is currently valued at just under $4 billion, according to reports. West’s net worth is said to be circa $1.8 billion, per Forbes, despite claims that he is worth a lot more.

While he would not be required to put up the full price, it’s doubtful that he could afford the 30% ($1.2 billion) required to become a majority owner of the franchise. 

Odds to Buy the Denver Broncos – Who Else is Interested?

NFL wide receiver and free agent, Antonio Brown, has urged West to buy the Broncos.

Brown operates as the president of Donda Sports, working alongside West. Again, it seems unlikely that West and his business associates will have the funds required to purchase, and run, the franchise.

Other big names are rumored to be interested. Alongside West, Jeff Bezos and Howard Buffet have been linked with the purchase.

The top football betting sites have also provided odds for the next owner of the Denver Broncos to be a former NFL player with +150 for yes and -200 for no. A consortium led by the legendary Peyton Manning is a strong link to this market.

Ultimately, it’s unclear who leads the way. What we do know, at least at this point, is that betting on Kanye West to purchase the Denver Broncos would be a bad move. 

You can stay on top of developments of this story, as well as the NFL in general, by following our football betting blog.

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