OBJ’s Impossible Catch Voted the Best Sunday Night Football Moment

| June 11, 2021 11:55 am PDT

NFL fans have spoken! The best moment on Sunday Night Football in the last ten years is the one-handed catch by Odell Beckham Jr.

It happened back in 2014 when OBJ’s Giants squared off against the Cowboys. The Giants QB, Eli Manning, threw a 43-yard pass, which didn’t seem likely to succeed.

But then, Odell Beckham threw himself in the air, catching the ball with one hand while falling on his back!

Where did he land? In the end zone, winning his team a touchdown!

OBJ’s Catch Wins “A Decade of Sunday N#1GHTS” Poll

More than 471,000 users took part in a poll organized by Sunday Night Football. The SNF team came up with this idea in order to celebrate the tenth consecutive year of being the #1 primetime show.

Named A Decade of Sunday N#1GHTS, the SNF poll let football fans cast their vote on the best moment broadcasted live on NBC over the past decade.

The organizers picked out what they believed were the 16 most memorable moments. Then, they left it all to the fans – they got to vote for the best moment on social media.

And they did! They voted Odell Beckham’s incredible catch the very best moment. However, it was very close, as a few other moments came near to winning the vote, most notably, the Philly Special.

Philly Special is the #2 Best NFL Moment of the Past 10 Years

It was 2018 when the Philadelphia Eagles won their first and (so far) only Super Bowl. It’s a great achievement on its own, but the way they won it is what got them in football history books.

The man of the moment was Nick Foles, a backup quarterback who stepped in as a replacement for Carson Wentz in the regular season.

The QB didn’t just do what’s expected from a player in that position – passing for touchdowns – he also scored a touchdown himself!

In what is considered one of the greatest trick plays in the history of the NFL, Foles was on the receiving end of a pass made by tight end Trey Burton.

This made Foles the only quarterback in the Super Bowl history to both score a touchdown and make a touchdown pass.

Other Notable Moments

The poll lasted several weeks, with the voters picking their favorites through a knockout system. Four moments made it to the final.

In addition to OBJ’s catch and Philly Special, football fans also had the option to vote for Malcolm Butler Super Bowl XLIX interception and Eli Manning’s over-the-shoulder throw at Super Bowl XLVI.

In case you don’t remember it, Butler’s interception practically won the Super Bowl for the Patriots. With just 20 seconds remaining in the game, the Seahawks QB Russell Wilson had a chance to get his team the victory, but Butler ruined the party.

Butler went flying in the air to intercept the pass, thus ensuring the score remained 28-24 for the Pats.

The last moment that reached the top four also involved the Patriots. This time, however, they weren’t on the winning end.

It happened in 2012 when the Giants were the Super Bowl XLVI, which broke the record at the time for the most-watched program on American TV.

The viewers got what they were after – one of the most memorable passes in the history of the game. With four minutes remaining and the Giants being two points behind the Pats, Manning threw a breathtaking 38-yard pass. And he did it over the shoulder!

The pass was just the beginning of something spectacular. It started off a nine-play 88-yard drive. How did it finish? With a touchdown that brought the Giants another Super Bowl win.

What About the Other 12 Moments?

Since the start of the vote, social media users seemed to favor the aforementioned four moments. At least that’s what one can conclude by browsing through the comments.

Nevertheless, the other 12 moments that were picked by the SNF on-air team also did get a nice share of the vote.

Cardinals Win the NFC Divisional on Larry Fitzgerald’s TD

It was January 2016 when the Cardinals won the NFC Division after a nerve-wracking clash with the Packers. After Aaron Rodgers’ 41-yard Hail Mary tied the score to 20-20, the game went to overtime.

That’s when Arizona’s WR Larry Fitzgerald sliced through the opposition defense to score the game-winning touchdown.

Seahawks Beat Vikings in 3rd-Coldest NFL Match in History

On January 10, 2016, Seattle won an NFC Wild Card game against Minnesota.

What makes the game so memorable is that the temperature at the kickoff was minus-six degrees.

Peyton Manning Throws Seven TD Passes Against Baltimore

The Broncos QB passed for seven touchdowns against the Ravens in September 2013.

By doing that, he tied a record for most TD passes in a game, which was set back in 1969.

Payton Manning Comes Back to Indianapolis

Before moving to Denver, the QB had spent 13 years in Indianapolis. In Week 7 of the 2013 NFL season, he came back there, sporting a different jersey this time.

With an average of almost 27 million viewers, the Broncos at Colts game became the most-watched October NFL primetime program in 21 years.

“Double Doink” in NFC Wild Card in 2019

The term was coined by Cris Collinsworth to describe what happened in the NFC Wild Card game between Philadelphia and Chicago.

What happened was that the unlucky Bears kicker Cody Parkey missed a field goal from 43 yards.

Nothing strange there, you might think, but the ball did hit the left post first before hitting the crossbar.

Brett Favre’s “Ring of Honor” Breaks Records

The 2015 Bears vs. Packers clash became the most-viewed NFL Thanksgiving game of all time, with 27.8 million viewers.

Why? Because of the halftime ceremony that featured the Packers legend, Brett Favre.

49ers Hold Off a 28-Point Comeback by the Pats

It was December 2012 when the 49ers were fighting it off with the Patriots for a playoff berth. It all started well for the 49ers, who got to a point in the third quarter when they had a 31-3 lead.

Then, the Pats decided to make things complicated, scoring another 28 points by the end. Luckily for the 49ers, they also scored some, so the game finished 41-34 in their favor.

Mahomes Leads the Chiefs to a Win Over the Raiders in 2020

The most recent NFL moment to be featured in the poll was the Mahomes-led drive against Las Vegas last November.

It saw seven plays that moved the ball for 75 yards in 75 seconds.

Brady vs. Mahomes Clash of 2018

The game between the Chiefs and the Pats saw each quarterback pulling off an impressive feat.

Mahomes passed for four touchdowns in that game, but it was Brady who broke an all-time NFL record, by recording his 200th career win.

Drew Brees Throws a TD Pass in 48th Straight Game

On October 7, 2012, Drew Brees broke a 52-year-old record set by Johnny Unitas.

By getting a touchdown pass against the Charges, the Saints QB became the only man in history with a TD pass in 48 consecutive matches.

Goal-Line Tackle Saves the 49ers in 2019

 San Francisco beat Seattle 26-21, but it could’ve been very different.

The 49ers defense pulled off a decisive defensive stop literally a few inches from the goal line.

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