Next Taylor Swift Album to Be Re-Released Favored to be 1989

| November 18, 2021 8:51 am PDT

Taylor Swift’s battle to reclaim her music continues, and music fans can bet on which album she refurbishes next.

Swift had a very public legal battle with Scooter Braun, who purchased the rights to six of her albums. She lost, but her response was to re-release those albums in her own image, effectively reclaiming the content and taking back the power.

Her road to redemption isn’t over, but it’s more than started, with Fearless and Red already pushed out for the world to see. Looking ahead, Swift fans and bettors alike can try to predict (and bet on) which album Taylor Swift will re-release next.

With whispers growing louder, the iconic 1989 stands in as the most likely Taylor Swift album to be re-released next.

Odds for Taylor Swift’s Next Re-Release

Speak Now+200
Taylor Swift+400

Two down, and four to go. Taylor Swift is going to get back the upper hand once the dust settles, and she’s also using this album re-release tour to correct any wrongs along the way.

Didn’t think regurgitated Taylor Swift albums could be just as good as the originals? Think again, as some are saying they’re even better.

While there’s no getting around Swift’s impact in country music or as a pop icon, she’s distanced herself from any type of carbon copy cut-out since debuting back in 2004.

The 31-year-old is more nuanced and wiser than when she first started, which has allowed for more introspective work in recent years.

That seasoning is rubbing off on her re-released albums, with Red specifically shining a new light on what some call Swift’s defining album.

Regardless of what you think about Swift’s original work, she’s cleaning things up, adding some tweaks, and taking back what’s hers.

Why 1989 Could Be the Next Taylor Swift Album

Next up? Supposedly 1989, which BetUS has listed as a -110-betting favorite.

The logic is sound. It’s without a doubt one of Swift’s most influential albums. Named after her birth year,

Swift has already started dropping hints that she’s hard at work on her next album re-release, too, and 1989 is front and center amidst the speculation.

Swift herself stirred up the drama in that regard when she released a new version of “Wildest Dreams.”

That’s undeniably one of her most iconic singles, but 1989 is littered with tortured-love anthems and public lashings. Instant classics like “Bad Blood,” “How You Get the Girl,” “Blank Space,” “Style,” and “Shake it Off” all live rent free in our heads for their own separate reasons.

The value looks good for every option as fans and bettors try to gauge which Taylor Swift album re-release comes next, but 1989 stands out as the likely choice.

If you have a good feel for which Taylor Swift album will be re-released next, you can consider placing a bet at the top entertainment betting sites.

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