Ex PokerStars and Full Tilt Executives to Unite for New NFT-AI Poker Site

By Adam Haynes in Casino
| July 27, 2022 12:31 pm PDT
  • John Caldwell, former director of PokerStars has linked up with ex-Full Tilt Poker executive Bob Williams ahead of the launch of a new NFT poker site.
  • The new site, PokerAces, will see humans play on a site based on non-fungible tokens (NFT) and artificial intelligence.
  • Caldwell and Williams hope the new platform will appeal to players disillusioned with the presence of bots and professional players on some poker sites.

It’s a rarity in the world of business for two rival executives to join forces.

In this case, those former rivals are now business partners. Their new product? PokerAces. A brand-new site that will combine NFTs and AI to deliver an experience they hope will rival what you can already get on the top online poker sites.

John Caldwell and Bob Williams, formerly of PokerStars Full Tilt, respectively, are confident that their new dedicated platform will resonate with players of a certain mold. They are targeting the more casual participant, who they believe will enjoy an environment free of pros, bots, and other gaming assistance software that some of the worst sites can often be hindered by. 

Ironically, Caldwell and Williams’ vision for a warmer and more interactive experience will be assisted by “friendly bots.” But is there more to PokerAces than meets the eye?

What is PokerAces Aiming to Achieve?

Anything novel in the casino or poker world is always going to catch the eye. Especially when backed by the likes of Caldwell and Williams. 

Needless to say, this one has caught the imagination of the more futuristic-minded observers. As anything involving NFTs and AI would. As a small-fry poker player, it might be easy to feel somewhat aggrieved at coughing up money and losing games. Especially when some of the major sites are admitting to finding bot accounts cleaning up at the tables.

It’s never been more apt to stress the importance of using sites that don’t have such problems.

If you are new to the game, a succession of bad experiences could be enough to deter you from partaking in games or tournaments online.

We know that the best poker sites for beginners, for example, cater to those looking to progressively build up their experience at the tables. There are many sites, however, that are simply not doing enough to prevent lopsided results and technologically assisted players from scooping prize money from those who are not equipped to match their expertise. 

While the likelihood of 2022 World Series of Poker winner Espen Jorstad popping up in small stakes tournaments is seriously low, there are plenty of sharks munching fish for a living. And that is something that needs to be addressed. The only problem is that, well, how does the human mind pick up on data that infers there is a massive gulf in skill level?

They can’t. But perhaps artificial intelligence can.

What are Benevolent Poker Bots?

Well, that’s an eye-catching subheading, at the very least.

While there is no official title for these “good bots,” their collective efforts are hoped to make PokerAces a safe space for players disenfranchised by the presence of sharks and “bad bots.” What the minds behind this new site are hoping to achieve is a level playing field with fair balance. 

According to reports, your average tournament with 1,000 bot players will see the final stages reached in approximately three minutes. Compare that with poker rooms containing human players, and there is a discrepancy of up to three hours at a time. 

PokerAces is driving a mission statement that includes respecting “the time and money of recreational players”. The first of many games they expect to release will be a Texas Hold’em variant which is based on AI.

PokerStars has already secured a poker license for Ontario and it won’t be long until they launch a full assault on the rest of North America. Then, the world. 

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