Odds for the Next NFL Head Coach To Be Fired – Matt Rhule Leads The Pack

By Anthony Haage in Sports
| July 12, 2022 12:55 pm PDT

The betting odds for the next NFL head coach to be fired or to resign are live. Being a head coach of an NFL team is one of the most criticized jobs in all of sports. If your team is underperforming, the first person everyone looks at is the man in charge.

Fans will become very agitated if their favorite team puts out a lazy effort, putting a lot of pressure on the coach and front office to make some changes. The coach will be on the hot seat if the team is underperforming consistently.

Let’s look at the NFL head coach odds of being fired or resigning next to see who is already under the microscope.

Next NFL Head Coach to be Fired Odds

Here are the top 15 options for the next coach to resign or be fired. All 32 head coaches are available on BetOnline, not just these.

Leading the pack is the Carolina Panthers’ head coach Matt Rhule. The Panthers will be in for an interesting season, recently acquiring Baker Mayfield in a trade with the Browns. If Mayfield can’t help their cause, the Rhule could be canned before any other coach.

Next on the list is the head coach of “America’s Team” in the Dallas Cowboys, Mike McCarthy. Of course, being the Cowboys’ head coach comes with a ton of responsibility, so McCarthy needs to hold up to that standard.

Dallas went 12-5 in the regular season but lost in the first round of the playoffs to the San Francisco 49ers. They could have had a chance to win if it wasn’t for a QB scramble by Dak Prescott that kept the clock running too long.

If only the Cowboys were coached up enough to avoid a devastating blow to their season and Super Bowl hopes.

Following McCarthy is Seahawks’ Pete Carroll. Carroll has been Seattle’s head coach ever since 2010, but trading Russell Wilson away is a sign of a culture reset. It’s unclear how long Carroll will want to participate in the rebuild, making him a strong candidate to resign rather than be fired at the age of 70.

Why Matt Rhule is on the Hottest Seat

So what is the reasoning behind sportsbooks making Rhule the favorite to be fired or resign first? A couple of things come to mind, but performance is the leading cause.

Carolina last made the playoffs in 2017, when they went 11-5 under Ron Rivera, who was leading the team. They lost to the Saints in the Wild Card round and haven’t sniffed the playoffs since. Rivera went on to coach the Panthers the following season (2018) and in 2019 but finished with losing records in each season.

Matt Rhule was named the head coach for the 2020 season, leading the Panthers to just 10 wins and 23 losses over the next two years.

The Panthers have had a solid enough roster over the last two seasons, but Rhule has failed to take them to the next level. As a result, their offense ranked 24th and 29th in points per game, while their defense ranked 18th and 21st.

That said, the Panthers have had trouble staying healthy in the last two seasons. Sam Darnold was looking to have a colossal bounce-back season after averaging nearly 300 yards per game in their first four but only surpassed 200 yards in two games the rest of the year.

Christian McCaffrey’s injuries have played a significant role in their offensive struggles, but giving him the ball an absurd amount over the last several years didn’t seem to help.

You could argue that Rhule’s performance is hard to gauge because of injuries to his best player, but your team shouldn’t be so reliant on just one person.

The Panthers’ payroll also jumps nearly $60 million from 2022 to 2023. That means they won’t be able to afford high-end free agents. As a result, more pressure will be applied to Rhule, making him the leading candidate to be fired next.



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