Marco Piemonte on Final Leg to Win Over One Million Dollars

By Dan Vasta in Sports
| January 4, 2022 7:18 am PDT

Marco Piemonte, a Chicago native, enjoys his sports as much as anybody. After winning a parlay worth over a million dollars back in October, Piemonte is looking for another monumental victory.

He has been able to make waves in recent months after connecting on a few parlays that rewarded heavy sums of money. It is a new year, but we could be witnessing another victory for this bettor.

Piemonte’s October Parlay Earnings

Let’s rewind all the way back to the October wager. Piemonte wagered $30,000 on a four-team parlay that featured three different sports.

Three underdogs won outright across the NBA and College Football. The final leg was the Cleveland Browns knocking off the Denver Broncos on October 21st.

Bet Line Results
Nuggets ML vs. Suns +195 Win
Appalachian State ML vs. Coastal Carolina +180 Win
Kings ML vs. Blazers +205 Win
Browns ML vs. Broncos -130 Win

The payout was $1,337,166.92 including the $30,000 that he risked on those four teams.

The parlay was impressive in October, but there is an opportunity to pull off another win. Fast forward to January and he is one final game away from hitting another major payout.

New Year but Is it the Same Story?

The current 5-leg parlay has four victories thus far and has $1,206,956.58 coming down to the Georgia and Alabama national championship on January 10th.

Piemonte has hit on four teams, two of which were underdogs. Four of the five selections were moneyline picks, and it is coming down to Georgia winning outright (-145).

The Bulldogs are looking for their first national title since 1980. The game in Indianapolis should be electric, but here is the parlay that is sitting pretty at the moment.

Bet Line Results
Rams (+9.5) vs. Ravens -375 Win
Bengals ML vs. Chiefs +330 Win
Chargers ML vs. Broncos -351 Win
Cardinals ML vs. Cowboys +240 Win
Georgia ML vs. Alabama -145 Pending

Piemonte wagered live on the Rams when they were trailing by 9 points to the Ravens, and he did the same with the Bengals when they trailed 28-17 against the Chiefs in the second half.

The crazy parlay is one game away and it has flooded social media across different platforms with all the sportsbooks attempting to get some of the spotlight.

Many have asked whether he is going to hedge the bet, cash out, or ride it out. Well, we have seen him already win over a million dollars before and he has made it clear that he is going to ride it out on his social media pages.

Marco enjoys giving back to the community and all his followers show support. He believes in good karma and plans on giving away a Jeep if he were to win another monster parlay.

The national title game between Alabama and Georgia has plenty of money riding on it. For those looking to wager on the upcoming big games, check out the best college football betting sites.



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