Phoenix Suns Favored to Be Kevin Durant’s Next Team

By Nicholas Sterling in Sports
| July 2, 2022 6:59 am PDT

Thursday, June 30, 2022 marked the start of NBA free agency, but the biggest news of the day wasn’t a free agent signing. Kevin Durant shocked everyone by requesting a trade from the Brooklyn Nets.

Durant played for the Nets for the last two seasons, but the two-time Finals MVP wants to join his fourth different team. Who do you think Kevin Durant’s next team will be?

BetUS has the Phoenix Suns as the favorite to acquire Durant. Let’s take a look at the Kevin Durant trade odds.

Odds for Kevin Durant’s Next NBA Team

Phoenix Suns+175
Miami Heat+250
Toronto Raptors+600
New Orleans Pelicans+800
Memphis Grizzlies+900
Los Angeles Lakers+900
Portland Trail Blazers+900
Washington Wizards+900

Who will trade for Kevin Durant? The odds tell us the Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat have the upper hand.

It’s worth noting the Brooklyn Nets want a young star and at least three first-round picks. The Los Angeles Lakers are the only team on this list without a young star. However, we know they’re all-in on Kyrie Irving.

Durant’s trade request has over half the league looking to acquire the future Hall of Famer. Will he land with Phoenix or Miami?

Why are the Phoenix Suns the Favorite?

The Phoenix Suns are coming off their best season in franchise history. Phoenix went 64-18, holding the best record in the NBA. Unfortunately, they suffered a disappointing defeat in the Conference Semifinals.

With or without Durant, the Suns will be a top contender next season. The early 2023 NBA Finals odds have them among the top contenders. Being Kevin Durant’s new team would make them the favorite.

Not long after the trade request, the news emerged that Phoenix was his preferred destination. That likely has to do with their championship window and relationship with Devin Booker and Monty Williams.

Check out a potential package that could head to the Brooklyn Nets.

  • Deandre Ayton
  • Mikal Bridges
  • Cam Johnson
  • 3 First-Round Picks

Deandre Ayton is a free agent, so it’d make sense to do a sign-and-trade. The money would work if you added Mikal Bridges. Cam Johnson may not be in the package, but Brooklyn would love to have him.

We know Chris Paul is one of the most respected players in the league. Durant and Booker have a strong relationship from their time in the Olympics. The Suns remain at the forefront of the Durant sweepstakes.

Will Durant Head to South Beach?

We’re approaching the 12-year anniversary of LeBron James announcing his intent to play for the Miami Heat. Will Kevin Durant follow in his footsteps and head to South Beach?

Miami is the top destination for Kevin Durant’s next team if he wants to remain in the Eastern Conference. The Heat held the best record in the Eastern Conference before losing the Conference Finals in seven games.

The issue with the Heat is they can’t offer the same package as the Phoenix Suns. Bam Adebayo would be the most attractive piece, but the Brooklyn Nets can’t acquire him unless they trade Ben Simmons.

Durant would like to keep Miami’s roster intact.

Talk about having your cake and eating it too. Jimmy Butler likely wouldn’t be in the package either way, but the Nets could have interest in Kyle Lowry. Miami’s offer should center around Tyler Herro.

Herro fits the bill as a young star, but he and multiple first-round picks won’t be enough. People will suggest Duncan Robinson, but what’s his value?

Miami remains in the race for Kevin Durant’s new team, but they may have to part ways with Kyle Lowry. Will that be okay with Durant?

Kevin Durant Trade Prediction

It’s not often a player of Kevin Durant’s caliber is available on the trade market. He turns 24 in September, but he remains one of the best players in the league. Where will Kevin Durant get traded?

Phoenix has the upper hand. There’s mutual interest and they have a competitive package. We’re starting to hear about interest from the Toronto Raptors. They won the 2019 NBA Finals after acquiring Kawhi Leonard.

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