Three Cities Favored to Be the Grand Theft Auto 6 Location

| May 3, 2022 7:28 am PDT

GTA 6 has been in the news for years, but not for a good reason. Fans have been outraged that the popular video game hasn’t been released. As of now, there’s little information about the game or its release date.

One of the biggest speculations surrounding the game is where it will take place. The Grand Theft Auto 6 location has many options, but three stand out as the favorite.

Bovada gives us the odds for the GTA 6 location. Let’s see where will GTA 6 be located.

GTA 6 Location Odds

There isn’t much information on GTA 6, but a recent report suggests GTA 6 could have multiple locations. That could be interesting for this betting prediction, but Los Angeles, Miami, and New York stand out as the early favorites.

An international location could be intriguing. London leads the way, but Paris, Tokyo, and Beijing offer value. That might not be bad considering we don’t know much about the Grand Theft Auto 6 location.

Let’s break down the co-favorites for the GTA 6 location.

Los Angeles (+150)

A big reason GTA 6 hasn’t been released is that players continue to play the ever-popular GTA 5. GTA 5 takes place in the fictional Los Santos, a spin-off of Los Angeles. It features popular destinations like Venice Beach, Staples Center, and the Observatory.

Considering the game is taking forever to release, Rockstar Games might be wise to keep the same location. That’ll help push out the game faster.

Honestly, we haven’t heard many rumors of Los Angeles being the Grand Theft Auto 6 location. Obviously, things can change over the next year, but Los Angeles doesn’t seem like a great value pick.

I don’t believe Rockstar Games would have GTA in the same location in back-to-back games. After all, I’m sure fans would love to see them switch it up.

Miami (+150)

Will Rockstar Games take their talent to South Beach for the GTA 6 location? It wouldn’t be the first time, as Grand Theft Auto Vice City was in Miami. That game came out in 2002, so it could use an update.

Many people playing GTA in the 2020s probably never played GTA Vice City. For those who did, nostalgia would be a big selling point.

Unlike Los Angeles, Miami has a significant rumor of being the Grand Theft Auto 6 location. Last year, a Reddit user posted a leaked screenshot of the GTA 6 map. The image showed multiple landmarks in Miami.

Can we trust Reddit? Maybe or maybe not, but this is more information than other locations. Hopefully, we’ll see Rockstar Games confirm or deny this report in the near future.

New York (+150) 

We’ll continue the theme of former locations returning for GTA 6. In the late 2000s, Rockstar Games released GTA 4. That game was in Liberty City, a fictional city based on New York.

The GTA 4 map didn’t take advantage of everything New York has to offer. They could correct that mistake by making it the GTA 6 location. We saw how much detail they can put in their map with GTA 5.

Not to mention, they could branch out by including surrounding cities like Long Island. That’d help it from being another version of the GTA 4 map.

There have been some rumors about GTA 6 returning to New York, but nothing’s concrete. Still, it seems like fans are favoring this option. Will that have a say in Rockstar Games’ decision?

Where Will GTA 6 Be Located?

I wish I could give a concrete answer to this question, but I have no idea. There hasn’t been anything more than questionable rumors and leaks about the GTA 6 location.

Miami appears to be the early front runner, but it wouldn’t surprise me if GTA 6 explored a new city. I wouldn’t mind an international location, as it would give the franchise a different feel. Tokyo at (+2500) looks like the value play.

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